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Obamacare Continues to Flop

Obamacare continued its massive belly flop last month, with only 940,000 people signing up, making for a grand total of 4.2 million, well short of the 7 million the administration said it was shooting for by March 31.

Ain’t gonna make it.

The administration forecast that 1.27 million would sign up in February. Now in serious jeopardy is the revised March 31 goal of 6 million, predicted by the Congressional Budget Office.

March 31 is the last day to sign up.

But this sad story gets even worse. Please, children and emotionally sensitive adults – read no further.

Estimates are that about 20 percent of those who have signed up haven’t paid. As an any good McDonald’s drive-thru attendant will tell you, if you haven’t paid, you haven’t bought anything. Or in this case, enrolled. So the real number is closer to 3 million.

What’s more, young adults comprise only about 25 percent of the signups. The goal, which is necessary to keep this project as much out of the red as possible, was 40 percent.

Another strike against the presumption of pretentious left wing geniuses that they can convince the simpletons in the proletariat that THEY KNOW WHAT’S BEST. They being the geniuses.

Actually, the proletariat knows what’s best for it, because the proletariat has to live its own life, and Harvard graduates don’t know anything about it.

That is, they are in a position to know a bad deal when they see it, no matter how many taxpayer-funded infomercials Obama’s health team produces trying to convince them otherwise. They know about the bills that are due at the end of the month that they can’t pay. They weigh the risks and rewards. And they are deciding that Obamacare isn’t worth it.

19 Responses to Obamacare Continues to Flop

  1. I would think and expect by now that SOMETHING would be done to fix this mess, and I am not talking about another advertising campaign.

    What’s wrong with the political class?

  2. If there’s any silver lining, it’s this.

    If the risk pools are older and sicker, insurance rates are going to skyrocket for everyone, and no amount of pen or phone is going to change that. Those higher rates will cause a rate shock…not too long before November.

    Now, if Obama tries to mandate that insurance companies take a loss, the entire health care system will collapse well ahead of the mid-terms, and there’s no way Obama gets single-payer out of Congress. Any chaos which results will be on him.

    If he tries to decree single-payer, the mask will be gone, the game will be on, and the tree of liberty is going to get quite a watering before it’s all over.

    Paradoxically, the only way this was going to work was for the employer mandate to go forward as scheduled. But since that’s not going to happen now, a death spiral is almost a certainty, and it won’t take seven or eight months to develop.

    I’d say the rout is already set for the mid-terms, and we’re not even out of Spring Training yet.

    Hang in there, folks. The end of an error will be here soon enough.

  3. He’ll have another extension and pay more folks to go out and enroll folks. It wouldn’t surprise me if people are hired to go door to door enrolling new members.
    This is pathetic! A fiasco to be forever remembered. Is this why Mochelle is flying off to China with her mom and kids in order to get away from the mess her husband has created?
    I’d like to know how much money this man and his group have spent in promoting this garbage.

    • Unless you have a heart defibrillator close by, asking how much has been spent/will be spent/has yet to be spent are not heart healthy questions.

  4. And how many people lost their insurance? With around 4 million signed up and wasn’t it 6 million losing coverage cause of the ACA, seems these results are even worse than they seem at first blush.

  5. This is what the GOP, and specifically, Conservatives, have to run on this year. This and this only, should be their focus.
    Hopefully they won’t screw it up. And hopefully, they can manage to terminate the incumbant RINO’s with it too.

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  7. A tale of two people.

    #1. 20 yr old college student who makes $700 p/mo. Tried to apply for Medicaid, due to the insurance mandate, was denied. Went to apply for coverage through the Obamacare web site. Cost was going to be $120 p/mo, she is not eligible for some kind of assistance because she makes TO MUCH MONEY! Decided to pay the fine and say the hell with it until next year.

    #2. 40 yr old single mom who is in college. Has coverage through a local program at the local county hospital. They stopped the program as a primary coverage, and are now required to have people have some other form of insurance before they can qualify for the hospitals coverage. She applied for Medicaid – denied. Makes too much money, is currently unemployed and going to school. She received several scholarships and that was counted against her I guess. She can’t afford the Obamacare coverage, and is going to pay the fine also. BTW, she is a cancer survivor, 3 years now, but need to have her follow up in the fall to make sure everything is still okay. She told me that she’ll probably skip it this year and hope for the best.

    This program is so fercockted it is not even funny. And now its got all the other programs designed to help people just as screwed up.

    • What totally an unnecessary hardship this has put on so many people; how dare they tout this as affordable! The special election in FL is an indicator of what is to come. People are speaking thru the ballot box…thank goodness!