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The Obama Morning News || March 11, 2014

Emails suggest HHS lied about fundraising . . . Examiner
Election today a test of Obamacare
. . . Daily Caller
Sharyl Atkisson quits CBS . . . Politico
FCC targets black conservative . . . Washington Times
Obama ditches Medicare drug rule . . . The Hill
A president blinded by righteousness . . . Ron Fournier
Inhofe: Obama blew $120B on global warming . . . CNS News
Paul: Cruz “mischaracterized my views . . . Politico
Carville: It will be Cruz or Perry
. . . Newsmax
Clinton campaign got illicit funds . . . Washington Times
Christie’s Bridgegate an issue in Iowa . . . Politico

33 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 11, 2014

    • If MSNBC wanted to be a serious news organization, they’d replace Mika with Sharyl.

      If CBS wants to be a serious news organization, they’d fire that news director, such blatant conflict of interest with the O administration. Worse than MSNBC.

      • I agree DeniseVB.
        When everyone fussed about what happened to Duck Dynasty, the station backed off.
        If everyone would call the news stations at one time, or called the advertizers at one time to tell them we would never use or buy their product, it would possibly help the stations to cover the news correctly.

      • Why would Atkinson go to NBC or MSNBC ?? They are the same as CBS. Look at how Lisa Meyers and her investigative pieces were continuously knocked down by NBC. She had a story that Obama Admin knew for three years of all the cancellation and NBC gave her 21 seconds to air her story.

        Regarding Mika…..she is not a Journalist. She is a news reader and observer. She is just another political hack who acts like she is objective while her Brother works for the Obama Administration as the US Ambassador to Sweden. At least, he knows where Sweden is located.

        • I would miss Mika’s comical frowny-face and mock indignation at the perpetually baffled Joe. Also, she has hives at the moment and I sort of like the scarves she is using to cover them up.

  1. FCC targets black conservative

    “My suspicion is that liberals at the FCC who claim to be interested in promoting diverse broadcast ownership lose interest if the owner is a conservative like Armstrong Williams,” Juan Williams wrote. “They want diversity — but not of the political kind.”

    Juan is spot-on. Armstrong Williams has the temerity to step off the Progressive Plantation and is being punished for it. I wonder when the IRS will come knocking.

  2. Obama ditches Medicare drug rule – note the caveat and translation below:
    “We will engage in further stakeholder input before advancing some or all of the changes in these areas in future years,” Tavenner wrote in a letter to lawmakers announcing the administration was backing off.
    We will screw you following: the 2014 elections and/or the 2016 elections.

  3. Obama ditches Medicare Drug Rule:

    Obama decides not to throw Granny off the cliff after scathing criticism from Congress and K Street. His illegal (cost-cutting)l move to allow insurers to relax the CMS stringent rules for three of the six classes of prescription drugs covered by Medicare D was a death warrant for seniors.

    If he could commit such a dastardly deed BEFORE the election, what will he do AFTER the election! This should scare the living daylights out of seniors…and everyone else, for that matter. He is maniacal!

    ***If the change had gone forward, only three classes of drugs — cancer, HIV and anti-seizure medications — would have been subject to those rules.

  4. I read Mitch McConnell has targeted all Tea Party candidates for complete destruction in the coming elections. Is it just me or is his focus completely wrong. Shouldn’t he be focused on the opposition party, the Democrats. He brings into clear focus why the Republicans are losing touch with their base and reality.

    • Were any of the other Governors upset by this? Did any of the others mentions this? This represents exactly what he is, was, and continues to be…a Chicago thug!

    • ‘If I hear any of you pushing back, making statements about Washington spends too much money, you’ll hear from me,”


      He was just following his own advice to get in other people’s faces.

    • Denise Thanks for the clip. I heard of the meeting. I heard nothing on the news of what was disussed untill I pulled up White House Dossier, and saw your clip of Gov. Perry.
      I took notes on what he said, and will that info.
      That is the Governers he is telling to be quiet. What are we going to do, when we are told to be quiet?

  5. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised–but the POLITICO coverage was so slanted–almost calling her the right’s pet, etc. Snide. Is it the doing of that guy with the too-open eyes–Mike Allen?

    • I don’t even bother reading their articles anymore. I used to think they were fairly balanced, but not anymore. And their commenters are awful.

  6. Off subject! I just ordered Scott Walker’s book. The comments on the book via Amazon were interesting. Union members were encouraging their members on Facebook to write negative reviews, even tho they had not read the book! Guess they are still worried about him. Think he is a really good candidate…he has been thru the political fire from the left and survived!

    • Agree about Walker having walked through the fire and survived.. Don’t expect Costco to carry the book as it would have in the past. It’s firmly in the Democrats pocket now.

      • Isn’t the title Unintimidated? I haven’t read it yet, but heard a good interview with Walker about it a while back. One thing in that interview that stood out for me was that he said after all the threats and appearances at and violations of his home and his family — not only was not intimidated but also his family was not.

        Unintimidated to me speaks volumes. It acknowledges from the get go the thug tactics, dirty tricks and threats that permeate our political system.

  7. McConnell is really fighting dirty. I am uncomfortable with Rand Paul’s continuing support of him. Understand Kentucky, but these elections,perhaps moreso than others, are very important and character and truth will be challenged at every step.

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