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Harry Reid Still Bashing Koch Brothers

Where do our most powerful politicians get off attacking specific private citizens engaged in lawful conduct?

Reid is continuing his personal assault on the conservative Koch brothers, calling them “oil barons” today.

He recently described them as liars. For Democrats, surely, “oil barons” is worse.

I suppose this was from the all-night Democrat effusion of hot air on global warming.

How much oil does Reid consume flying back and forth to Nevada? Maybe he should try getting there on solar energy.

Or foot energy.

And BTW, why do Jews let Democrats get away with calling those who disagree with them on global warming “deniers”? The only other context in which the term is used is with the Holocaust – as in “Holocaust deniers”.

Use of this term with respect to global warming is an insult. It suggests denying the existence – or merely the extent or danger – of global warming is on a par with denying the holocaust. It’s not even close.

It both trivializes the Holocaust and inappropriately demonizes those who question global warming. I suspect that if Republicans were making willy-nilly use of the term “deniers” we’d be hearing a lot more about it.

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  1. Yes. Climate Change is here, Mr. Reid. The climate of accepting liberal spin is meeting a cold front.

    True. There ARE overwhelming evidence and overwhelming public opinion. I note you didn’t mention on which side. I also note that when it comes to lies, you didn’t mention YOURS regarding Romney.

    It’s apparent that you are receiving daily emails from all those Democratic operatives, desperate for money (for the latest fundraising “deadline”), appalled at all that “shady” money from the evil Koch Brothers whose “distorted ads” must be overcome — and how the insane $28 Million from the GOP must be repulsed by that poor little $60 Million the Democrats will be spending.

    Hypocrisy. Much?

    • Looks like Reid is getting his talking points from ActBlue (that would be THE LARGEST group in political funding since 1989 — their $97 Million led second place AFSCME by $37 Million — and none of the top 10 were Republican leaning.)
      ( )

      Today’s money plea from ActBlue includes this:

      “We’re urgently fighting back with our Koch Accountability Project — and launching new ads to turn this around and win. AP reports that our new campaign exposes the Kochs as “self-serving oil barons who pay huge sums to try to ‘buy’ elections and advance their agenda.” These ads WILL set the record straight!

      But we need your urgent help: our projections indicate that we need 7,500 committed Democrats to step up and help fund these anti-Koch ads by our FRIDAY DEADLINE, or we won’t be able to fight back. We have just 72 hours.”

      Harry Reid. Statesman, or paid shill?

  2. And the worst part is, Reid gets to hide behind the Speech and Debate clause in all this, even though he’s pretty much slandering private citizens.

    I think it’s time for the courts to take a look at the limitations of that clause.

    • We also NEED “term limits” for all of the 535 Liars, Morons & Criminals that are in the cesspool called the ‘US Congress’.

  3. Long after the election was over, the Dems, the loud voices on TV political programs and even the print media continued their attacks on MrsPalin. Today, six years later, there are still those who find her a perfect target for her outspoken support,as a private citizen, for conservative issues.
    The “Koch Bros” are less known, hardly recognizable by anyone outside the inner circles of politics, but still find themselves, as private citizens, the object of harsh and unfair criticism from the lefty Dems. Their crimes, or reasons to be villified seems to be that they have donated their own fortune to politcal issues that are imprortant to them.
    SenReid is an offensive, lying, little twerp who should be taken into the cloakroom by his fellow Dems and given the word to shut up. He’s not helping them, but rather is making the Senate look like a mean, partisan offender of fairness.

  4. Keith, Most Jews are liberals and Democrats.
    They don’t know being a liberal and Democrat means they are also anti-Israel. It means that they are against opportunity for all.
    It means they back people who think FDR was a god and Bill Clinton was helpful.

    Liberal Jews are the worst thing. I know…they are spread out in my family.

  5. Scottso made a similar point as what I was about to: Why in the world do Jews vote en masse for Democrats year after year? This is especially puzzling when you look at the Democrat position on Israel.

    I’m not Jewish, but the vast majority of the Jewish folks I know have values more in line with Conservatives/Republicans than they do with Liberals/Democrats. One of the great mysteries of life….

  6. Oh those evil Koch Bros! Imagine! They pocketed $1 Billion in 1992 on Black Wednesday after bringing down the Pound Sterling and Bank of England in the biggest currency gamble in history!
    Wait a minute…that was George Soros – Obama’s guardian angel.

    • Harry really is a vile sub-human creep.

      AND in other news David Koch donated $100 million to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital,the largest donation ever in the hospital’s history.

  7. Off Topic:
    Senator Dianne Fienstein stated:
    She said on the Senate floor that such activities “may have undermined the Constitutional framework” of government oversight.
    How dare her whine about her privacy, when citizens of the U.S. have brought up their rights being overlooked.
    Why hasn’t she stood up on the floor for each and every issue we have been concerned with? The Long List!!!
    As far as Reid: Ugh!

  8. Yep, it’s Double Standard City. I’m still going to question global warming and I’m still going to question evolution. Has anyone ever proven it yet? It’s easier to believe in God than evolution or global warming. At least His son is coming back and we’ll all see Him.

    • um…evolution and religion are completely compatible. the former Pope even wrote an encyclical about it. I don’t see much real evidence of manmade global warming, but I do see a whole bunch of evidence for evolution.

      after all, it’s our own small human brains that think “6 days” to G-d is the same as 6 days to us. maybe His “day” was 2 million years long.

  9. Harry Reid takes his ‘talking points’ from POTUS! They speak to the ‘lowest information’ citizens while insulting the rest of Americans!
    That is exactly WHY everyone MUST get involved at every level of gov’t now! Their GOAL is to continue to DIVIDE us into classes based on income – mid&poor&wealthy, working moms/stay-at-home moms, skilled/non-skilled labor, LEGAL American who are natural-born/naturalized workers/illegals, & they will continue to spread ‘racial divide’!

    Some extreme liberal social networks/websites are sending out the most disgusting and vile character assignation pieces on every Conservative, Independent, and Republicans. Their appeal is to others who will join them in defeating any kind of UNITY between various political groups and continue the ‘blame game’ and allow Reid to stop the Senate from dealing with any of the numerous House jobs bills and tax reform bills!

    Plus, our TAXES are paying millions of $ for OamaCare TV ads that are telecast twice or more in every hour of every day! So very frustrating that the thousands of heartbreaking stories (including my son with kidney cancer) are not televised by the MSM. News networks are nothing more than ‘entertainment’ programs to distract citizens from the BHO Adm Socialist & coming costly Energy Control bills to come from the bogus ‘climate change’ rhetoric. The EPA is out-of-control! jb

  10. If no one minds, let’s go back to the missing airplane.

    Wolf on CNN asks “why in the world would the plane make a u-turn and shut off their transponder?” begging the question if he is an extraterrestial being. It seems that Malaysian officials knew the plane went off course two days ago, but let everyone keep looking in the wrong waters until today.
    CNN reports that a million or more amateur spotters are scanning satallite images for debris or any sign of the missing plane, causing the website that is publishing the images to falter many times.
    How is it that we can keep track of the Voyager space probe millions of miles from earth, but can’t track an airplane a hundred of so miles offland?

  11. being Jewish myself, Keith, I will answer your question with another question: why are our fellow co-religionists ok with ANYTHING the Democrats do? this is the party, remember, that took the word “G-d” out of their platform at the 2012 convention, and also tried to take out the statement that Jerusalem was Israel’s capital. (when that statement was added back in, the crowd booed.)

    the answer, I think, is that “liberal Jews” are liberals first, and Jews a very distant second. by continuing to support the most anti-Israel president we’ve ever had (far worse than even the openly pro-Palestinian Carter), they prove that they are suckers for the progressive agenda, no matter what.

    and there’s no way they want to disbelieve the first black president.

    liberal Jews are more interested in a woman’s right to choose than in Israel’s right to exist. they are the same suicidal people who join organizations like J-Street and suggest Israel “stop occupying Palestine” and think the Islamists will love them for their tolerance. they have a higher opinion of Mahmoud Abbas than they do of the Koch Brothers, although they couldn’t name a Koch-funded charity if their lives depended upon it.

    ahhh…sometimes it’s good to rant.

    • rulierose: It’s always healthy to rant and rave. I get weary from trying to answer “why do Jews vote democrat” (btw, I think Scottso raised the question – not Keith). It’s too broad of a topic to cover in a post such as this and many others. I am more curious as to who defines themselves as Jewish as opposed to being born to Jewish parents, who themselves never really observed Judaism. These are the Jews lost to assimilation and wouldn’t know the difference between an “aleph” and a ‘bet’.

  12. Reid goes after the Koch Brothers, but completely ignores Soros and Syers and their monetary and political influence with Democrat policies.

    Nor does he mention that Nancy Pelosi hired Joseph Onek as her Chief Counsel in 2007. Mr. Onek is also a chief policy advisor for the Open Society Institute, funded by none other than George Soros. He was hired just about the time Pelosi and company were gearing up big time for the passage of ObamaCare.

  13. Breaking News: David Jolly declared winner of FLA District race!!!
    Yay! Obama shoulda stayed home – he’s a jinx for DEMs.
    AND this race is the bellweather for Nov.! Obama is between two palms and a hard place.