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Video Parody || Obama’s on Vacation!

Instant classic by theronniebus. Love the music too.

16 thoughts on “Video Parody || Obama’s on Vacation!”

  1. Keith, Thanks for the clip.
    He should have been behind a desk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know my fellow readers are getting tired of that comment.
    We were told he made phone calls in the morning, than played golf.
    I am sure all the people he talked to had very high respect for him doing that while on vacation. sarc.
    He should have become a movie star. I have respect for movie stars more power to them. They make money, therefore have the time for a lot of fun. However they are not responible for taking care of the Country. As Pres. you work for us.

  2. Thanks for all the kind words…..and the smack on the hand for profanity. ;-) I usually do not include profanity in my videos, but this morning I am in a REALLY bad mood. Our dishwasher leaked for months, or maybe years…we don’t know. During a minor project to our home, we discovered the wet underlay for our laminate flooring in the Kitchen. The laminate is a special water resistant variety and did not show any damage on the top, but was damaged beyond repair underneath. we had to take up all the flooring including the moldings. We found that all the cabinetry had mold and mildew and water damage where they meet the floor, so they had to be removed so as to fix the damage and kill the mold. We have custom ceramic tile counters that had to be busted off and destroyed in order to remove the cabinets. AND, Erie is refusing to pay a claim because the water had been leaking for so long. GRRRR! Obama is my favorite whipping boy to begin with, and when I heard he was STILL traveling while this crisis unfolds, I went berserk!

    1. Ah–this is home repair-related profanity. That’s very different. All is fine curse-wise. Believe me, I feel your pain as I sit in my own little money pit.

        1. Hey, JBH–where have ya been? Yes, thanks for asking. After that guy Reason Shipley (same name as Lincoln’s something or other, he informed me) completely hosed me, I called my plumber Jesus and he seems to be a master of all and fixed it. I am still waiting for fate to circulate good old Reason into my sights. It will happen. What goes around…etc.

    2. Ouch, that sounds like an expensive and long-term fix, sorry about that.
      It’s no consolation but there are many of us who could tell tales of woe………..our first house, built before indoor plumbing. The owners at the time who wanted to update installed the newfangled plumbing upstairs by cutting a wedge in all the ceiling joists instead of drilling holes………..
      Need I tell the resulting failure after a half century?
      Good luck.

    3. Ronniebuss, Take a deep breath. Do one thing at a time. If you have to throw cheap mats on the cement for a while, so be it.
      Keep your can items, pots, dishes in another place in your home. That way you may be able to relax a bit as you plan, budget and choose the new stuff needed.
      Sorry you had the mess to deal with.

  3. Too bad they felt the need to include bad language.

    I completely missed the rest of the clip after I was shocked and disgusted by the obscenities.

    1. Oh, lighten up! Sometimes only a profanity can express the disgust and anger this faux president evokes. We’re all adults here and I assume we’ve all heard the words before.

      1. That’s the problem–we have heard those words so many times before they just form a meaingless scummy film over ideas. The maker of the video explains above where his mind was doing this particular video–and he did it graciously.

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