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SNL Video || Obama Shows Who’s Boss

7 thoughts on “SNL Video || Obama Shows Who’s Boss”

  1. They can poke fun at Putin sitting on a horse while shirtless or wrestling with a bear, but the Russians get the message, even if the lefties don’t.
    Putin’s PR image that he can control a beast larger and more powerful than he is pretty impressive.

    On the other hand, we have MrObama riding a bike while helmeted, and prancing like a little ballerina while deplaning from AF1. Photos of him in baggy shorts and saddle shoes at the golf course don’t help his image either.
    If any of the national polling concerns dared to ask “who’s the most impressive and stronger leader…Putin or Obama?” they would never be allowed to publish the results.

    1. Putin has that upper body, but Obama has his skeeny Chihuahua legs in the baggy shorts. When he goes on The View he crosses them to go in the same direction as the ladies’.

    1. I have no interest in watching anything by SNL when it comes to Obama.
      In years past they would have created an exaggerated caricature of the President. But its 5 years in and they still haven’t.

      It’d be easy to do, but impossible for Loren Michaels’ to approve.

      1. SNL is as guilty of propagandizing this man as every other left-wing media source. There’s enough fodder in Obama for years worth of shows but they ignore it.

        So I ignore them.

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