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Obamacare is a Prisoner Rehabilitation Program Too!

Oh boy, when has a more truthful statement than this been made?

I mean, there’s so much we didn’t know about Obamacare. Including, of course, the things we were deceived about. It’s just an endless adventure of discovery.

Thanks for your honesty Nancy.

The latest revelation comes courtesy of the New York Times. It turns out that up to 35 percent of those getting insurance through Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion are in – or have been through – prison.

Here’s how it works:

In a little-noticed outcome of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, jails and prisons around the country are beginning to sign up inmates for health insurance under the law, taking advantage of the expansion of Medicaid that allows states to extend coverage to single and childless adults — a major part of the prison population.

State and counties are enrolling inmates for two main reasons. Although Medicaid does not cover standard health care for inmates, it can pay for their hospital stays beyond 24 hours — meaning states can transfer millions of dollars of obligations to the federal government.

But the most important benefit of the program, corrections officials say, is that inmates who are enrolled in Medicaid while in jail or prison can have coverage after they get out. People coming out of jail or prison have disproportionately high rates of chronic diseases, especially mental illness and addictive disorders.

Some think this is just great – that Obamacare will help treat these people’s problems and they’ll wind up staying out of jail:

“For those newly covered, it will open up treatment doors for them” and potentially save money in the long run by reducing recidivism, said Dr. Fred Osher, director of health systems and services policy for the Council of State Governments Justice Center.

This is so neat. Who knew Obamacare was also welfare for convicts? In fact, in a certain president’s hometown, a good way to get health insurance is to simply get arrested!

In Chicago, inmates at the Cook County Jail are being enrolled in Medicaid under the health care law as part of the intake process after they are arrested; the county has submitted more than 4,000 applications for inmates since Jan. 1.

They are rewarding people with health insurance at the door . . . to jail. So now when you’re taken downtown you get one phone call – and lifetime health coverage courtesy of U.S. taxpayers!

I guess it would be kind of ironic if whomever they knocked over the head DIDN’T HAVE INSURANCE.

Well, I for one am not tempted by all this to break the law. I still believe crime doesn’t pay. But it does pick up your medical bills.

12 thoughts on “Obamacare is a Prisoner Rehabilitation Program Too!”

  1. 4,000 people have graced the jail system in Cook County, IL since Jan 1!?? And none of them were previous health insurance beneficiaries?
    (donning cynic hat)
    Right. The word went out to all Dems that they needed more signups for Obamacare, so off they went to the jails, the streets, to the illegal aliens, looking for names and warm bodies.
    Save Obamacare! Save the President’s legacy! Sign up anyone, everyone, anywhere you find them.
    So they did, and they are.
    It’s just too bad that while the numbers look good, they need paying customers for Obamacare, not drugged out or criminal freeloaders on Medicaid, to keep this abomination from completely collapsing before MrObama has a chance to delay the “individual mandate”.
    When, not if, the individual mandate is delayed for a year, or two years, all that will be left is for the Dems to announce that they are reworking the law and the Repubs to declare victory. ..

  2. And while the New York Times is reporting on this “revolving door” policy for health care, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that Dolores Huerta, she of the Obama Medal of Freedom, is paying back her benefactor by urging Latinos to sign up for Obamacare. It would be hard to find a better flack for PPACA to this target audience

  3. Over 60% of the prison/jail population is Black or Hispanic. In CA over 27% of all inmates are illegal aliens. Over 80% of those incarcerated suffer from some form of mental illness – drug addiction, depression, psychosis…whatever.
    The expansion of Medicaid to cover literally millions of ex-convicts for anything and everything under the sun that falls under the category of ‘mental illness’ is going to bankrupt this country – big time.
    Heck, unemployed workers can collect permanent disability now if they simply are ‘depressed’ b/c they don’t have a job!

    Here’s another little tidbit pertaining to the care and coddling of Hispanics with mental problems. The ACA provides resources to build Spanish-speaking mental health facilities in predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods. 16% of Hispanics self-admit to having mental problems, i.e. ‘depression’ b/c their jobs are so physically demanding (construction/janitorial, etc) and result in low self-esteem.
    La Raza demands that they receive mental health services.
    (My suggestion: Go back to Mexico!)

  4. Welcome to Cook County jail. On your way in, please collect your healthcare insurance card for your FREE medical care, plus the names & social security numbers of some people you can use to begin collecting unemployment insurance, disability insurance, and social security benefits. After your release, please remember who gave you all these benefits – remember, vote and vote often.

    And if you want a tuition-FREE college education, please enroll in our exchange program with the state of New York.

  5. We already pay for prisoners to have 3 hots and a cot, (or as in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s case, 2 hots and a cot). Providing them with lifetime health insurance simply because they’re arrested (on purpose) is wrong. The govt keeps squeezing the middle class but what’s going to happen when the middle class has nothing left to give?

  6. People are not speaking of the people who lost there job, due to O Mess. Some Company’s may not be announcing it as the reason. Just before O Mess kicked in and afterwoods, many people lost there job and there insurance. Now Criminals are being offered O Mess.

  7. This is all a part of making prison time into just a part of the normal adult experience. Like fixing it so felons can vote. “Don’t judge” means “many people in my family, neighborhood, friendships are involved in illegal stuff and go to prison once in a while and I willfully ignore what this means about them.” Ex-cons are just you and me. We just haven’t chosen a life of crime yet.

    I am glad that those prisoners with mental illness, etc., will get help. But what they need is incarceration in long-term residential mental asylulms as used to be the case, not rotated in and out of short-term fix-it programs and then returned to the streets because they have the “right to be as mainstreamed as possible.”

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