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Obama Completes Fun-in-the-Sun Weekend

President Obama Sunday returned from yet another golf vacation, this one a two-day excursion to Key Largo with First Lady Michelle Obama.

The Obamas stayed at the ritzy Ocean Reef Club, requiring a major security operation to ensure their safety and happiness.

Obama Michelle ValJar“The White House rented several houses in Ocean Reef and security in the community was tight,” according to KeysInfoNet, which said F-16s had to be scrambled a couple of times to escort private planes out of the area.

It’s the third vacation of the year for the Obamas, following their annual sojourn in Hawaii in January and separate trips last month, his to California for golf and hers to Colorado for skiing.

Obama played golf Saturday and Sunday, each time with former basketball players Cyrus Walker and Alonzo Mourning and and former football star Ahmad Rashad. Walker is a cousin of Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett, who came along for the trip, and Rashad is her current squeeze.

The rounds were Obamas seventh and eighth of the year and 164th and 165th of his presidency.

The White House was careful to note that Obama spoke to world leaders about the Ukraine crisis Saturday, saying he “made individual telephone calls to British Prime Minister Cameron, Italian Prime Minister Renzi, French President Hollande” and assembled the Baltic leaders on a conference call.

But such distractions aside, is was fun in the sun with lots of cool people.

30 thoughts on “Obama Completes Fun-in-the-Sun Weekend”

  1. Don’t forget, Michelle and the girls will jet off to China later this month for spring break making it 4 vacations for the first lady in less than 12 weeks.

    It has been a busy year for Michelle with her 50th birthday party, a $12,000+ dress for the state dinner and a White House concert this past week highlighting the contributions of women in soul.

    Who wouldn’t want to vacation in Hawaii, ski in Aspen, relax by the pool in the Florida keys and tour the great wall of China ? Compliments of the working American taxpayer.

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  3. The three helicopters flew to the WH around 5pm yesterday, so he should have gotten a good night’s rest and be ready to get some work done today. Maybe. Or did he have to change all the clocks in The Peoples House?

    1. Someone messed with this photo; ValJar isn’t wearing a white&black jacket…the black jacket and part of a pants leg belongs to someone else.
      MrsO seems to be carefully placing her foot in front of her while MrO holds her wrist. Hmmm.

      1. She was wasted when she stumbled off Marine One upon their arrival at Key Largo. Valjar was not with them, neither were the kids.
        BTW, there are no photos of the daughters anywhere although all reports say they were on that trip. Another hmmm….

        1. The spoiled, latch-key ‘daughters’ are just props. (along with those poor dogs. I care more about the dogs than the so-called daughters)
          I am curious what will happen to them post-2016 when Dear Leader Obama & The First Witch are no longer ruling and they ‘split up’ like the Clintons did…

      2. It’s no wonder we can’t trust / believe anything that comes from this admin. Everything is smoke, mirrors and chom. BTW, they’re probably all high, including the sprog.

  4. Where are the obamas getting all of this jack to rent very expensive houses at the height of the season in South Florida. Supposedly they are living on his goverment salary. Inquiring taxpayers would like a full explanation. The excrable Valarie Jarrett seems to go everywhere that Dictator Obama goes and seems to be fulfilling the role of handler for the not very bright Dictator Obama. Trouble is she is dumber than a box of rocks too. What a bunch of greedheads.

    1. BINGO!

      Where are the Obama’s getting all this money to live like the cursed “1%” (that ‘Pres.’ Obama hates…)

      1. Great Point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I think he is getting a pass, because their being told by preachers, etc. they are doing it for us.

    1. That’s funny. And some folks think Eric Holder looks like a sloth. Maybe we have it all pegged wrong: it’s a zoo administration (H/T Animal Farm) – and they’re all protected species.

  5. Would love to know how the chief adversary of capitalism was allowed on the fairways of this exclusive, tony country club where the membership is $250K and the members are predominantly Republican. I doubt that the conservative Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, CA where the ‘Obama is Sub Par’ signs originated and the membership is $500K/yr would ever allow him to play on their turf.
    The members must have been steamed!

  6. Junius, these two clowns (Moochell, and his highness [that would be King Nobama] are doing all this vacationing on OUR dime. This halfwit president and his scareceow wife makes my posterior want to take a dip of snuff.

    Semper Fi

  7. Grifters. This includes their “guests”. As for Obama, as I said before, unjust rewards for dereliction of duty.

    Further, even though we all know citing words of the man who is in full liar mode as soon as his feet hit the floor is a futile exercise here is Senator Barack Obama in 2006.

    ” Essentially the bargain that any president, I think, strikes with the American people is: “you give me this office and in turn my fears, doubts, insecurities, foibles, need for sleep, family life, vacations, leisure is gone. I am giving myself to you.” And the American people should have no patience for whatever is going through your head because you’ve got a job to do.

    And so how I think about it is that you don’t make that decision unless you are prepared to make that sacrifice, that trade off, that bargain and I think that what’s difficult and important for somebody like myself who has a wonderful forbearing wife and two gorgeous young children is that they end up having to make some of those sacrifices with you,” he continued. “And that is a profound decision that you don’t make lightly.

    Grifter and Liar.

    Also, I hear the Dims are having a “talkathon” tonight about climate change. Attire: PJs. BYO Hot Cocoa.

    1. That same site had a quote from Josh Earnest that was unintentionally amusing: But Earnest downplayed the suggestion, saying deputy national security adviser Tony Blinken is traveling to Florida with Obama, along with the “regular assortment of communication tools…”
      Why, that would be Earnest himself, along with Jay Carney. :-)

    2. “Grifters” – still my favorite perjorative.

      Just watching the video makes my skin crawl. Who talks like that? You give yourself to me and I, in turn. will give my self to you. Obama – The ‘Begotten Son’.

      These affirmative action parasites have every amenity known to man at their fingertips inside of the WH and at Camp David. But it’s not good enough for the patient-dumping angry black woman and her community organizing con artist husband. They won’t stop until the US Treasury goes broke. They make Papa Doc and Baby Doc look like pikers.

      1. Looking forward, (and I hope to be totally wrong about this) if say Hillary were to be elected (hey no throwing shoes at me!), would they vacation at their NY home ??

        I’m surprised that BO has not yielded his “magic pen and phone” and directed DOD to find a permanent “Western WH” . We know DOD and GSA has unused property all over the U.S. Just as long as it has a large airfield and at least 3-4 golf courses near by, it could work :-)

        Suggestions on where they should look??

    3. IF………………..he was doing anything proper here in the States, and regarding Foreign affairs I would still not appreciate him using the Tax payer money for their trips
      There are many people rich, middle class and poor and for many different reasons do not take trips. They have other things that need to be tended to.

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