As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

113 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || March 9, 2014

    • DrCarson is certainly a force to be reckoned, and a man of such strong convictions that he fears no one. There aren’t many like him out there in the political arena.
      His manner of speaking, his cadence or phrasing, makes what he says sound so reasonable. It’s a compliment, of course. Compared to the shouting, strident or commanding tone of other political figures, he stands alone with his calm, sensible approach to our problems.

      • The only thing that bothers me, well, three things, is his being a paid Fox guy, being consulted in Obamacare though he probably as a neurosurgeon had people for that, and his occasional demurrer that Jesus will govern his future life course, including his political future. Jesus works in the lives of Christians, but his harking to this bothers me–it bothered me when Bush did it, too.

        • I think it is a trend today that people believe they are to smart to believe in a higher power and I think It is wonderful that Ben Carson believes strongly — that he realizes that he is not too smart to believe in someone other than himself. The trend is also conceit, only believing in yourself and it will be our country’s undoing, along side with Obama being president.

  1. The missing Malayasian plane saga is starting to sound like that of “flight 93” on 9/11.
    What’s surprising is that the nations that operate the “eyes in the sky” that can follow me as I take out the trash, don’t have any imagery available to follow a commerical jet supposedly flying into China’s airspace.

    • EgyptAir Flight 990 didn’t have a lot of debris after one of its pilots invoked the name of allah before he shut off the engines.

    • What surprises me, given the abilities of computers today, is that the airline didn’t know that two of the passports before the flight were not kosher. At least one of the stolen passports went missing a year and a half ago and had been reported to authorities.

  2. Flash! The Souza Key Largo photo-op the world has been waiting for! Barky sits on small frou-frou upholstered occasional chair next to a small occasonal lamp table with barely enough room to accommodate his Obamaphone. He has stretched the phone cord to reach his ear while both of his fists are clenched. Uh oh! Putin better run for the Urals if he knows what’s good for him, lol. ]]

    Obama has his phone. Whoopie! But just how much did it cost taxpayers to install the elaborate security system needed for the Obamaphone’s calls to Russia and the EU?

    • Well……..Obama IS taking the Army back to pre-WWII levels so it only makes sense that we just fold the Air Force back into the old Army Air Corps.
      And the left would love the size. I think there’s only 1 B-29 left flying, a handful of B-17s and a few P-51s and F4-UCorsairs so in their mind that’s planes a plenty to deal with the “new peace” that the great Barrack Obama has spread across the globe.

    • @AFVet, without any more information or logistical plans, folding the existing airforce branch of the military into the other units sounds reasonable.
      There might even be a sensible plan to make our military one big unit with off shoots like we have with the Navy and the Marines.

      Just a cilvilian opinion here. So….

      • Reasonable ?
        “sensible plan to make our military one big unit” ?
        Who takes over the bases in Nebraska where the B-2 is based ?
        How is that going to save money,….unless the B-2 is mothballed ?
        one big unit,….I see just like the communistic collective ideology that is rampant in this administration.

        Sorry, I like the branches separated.
        Would you like to see only one branch of government ?

        • Whoa…I’m not military oriented, don’t have any facts.
          All I know is that every existing branch of the military has a air force unit, right? navy pilots, etc…………….
          If we’re going to have separate units then the AirForce should be tasked with all air defense.
          I repeat, “just a civilian opinion here”..

          No, I don’t want one branch of government running everything. Please, don’t go there.

          • I know that you do not want one branch srdem.
            You can’t land a B-1 or a B-2 on an aircraft carrier.
            The Marines are a division of the Navy.
            All of the branches have specific functions that they are required and trained to do.
            Specialization is a good thing.

          • The marines and navy have sep air capabilities–this is above my pay grade, but I think a certain amt of redundancy, if that is what this is, should be tolerated to keep these forces free standing.

          • PS–OT, sort of, but a friend of mine–retired naval intelligence–said on a recent epi of NCIS, they addressed an officer as major–not a naval rank–and had the wrong hat shown for the rank the guy was. You’d think they would get TV right.

          • You are correct.
            There are no Majors in the Navy.
            Navy rank is confusing.
            A Captain in the Navy is a Colonel in the Air Force or the Army.
            The enlisted personnel rank gets even more into the weeds.
            For instance, when I was in there were no corporals in the Air Force.
            The Army and the Marines have corporals.
            The Navy does not have corporals although the Marines are a division of the Navy.
            Confused yet ?

          • My friend was not confused–you’d think they would have technical consultants… I always kind of liked the ambiance of that show–often you could hear a siren in the background–in DC, you can always hear one, but not in AZ.

          • I didn’t say your friend was confused Star.
            I said that the rank designations between the branches can be confusing.
            I agree that they should have someone who gets the facts right before they broadcast the program.

          • In fact, there are thousands, maybe more, servicemembers who will see what my friend saw and catch it. I told him a story about the year I wrote the Jane’s catalog–one million print run. It ended up with three women doing it that year–supervised by the grayhairs in the warrens of Jane’s in London. We put a picture of the HMS Southampton on the cover, steaming toward the viewer. It looked a little static, so we enhanced the bow wave a little–a tiny white curl…And boy did Jane’s get letters! “The Southampton never went over x knots” etc etc. Sooo…people notice.

          • I have no experience regarding the military either, but this really concerns me. I believe the different divisions and specialties are necessary, just as specialties are necessary in other fields such as health care.

    • AFVet, you don’t have to apologize about your posts. They’re very interesting. As a woman from earlier generations, I don’t have military experience, but my gut reaction is that putting all branches of the military under one–which is where we seem to be headed– would be primarily a cost cutting measure, maybe cutting personnel and replacing them with mechanization. I also don’t like the idea of just one command. Too much concentration of power in one person’s hands. That is where we are going with the imperial presidency.

      • I agree with you Julie.
        There has always been a rivalry between the branches.
        That is healthy.
        But when it comes down to supporting troops from different branches in a fight, it doesn’t matter what branch you are serving under.
        We are Americans first,….
        And we support our brothers and sisters in arms,…always.

    • I pulled it up this morning. Tks for the article and the film.
      Some people on this site may not understand the different postions of people in the service, so I DOUGHT O has any idea.
      I agree their should be a separation of the different branches.

      As far as taking our Army back to pre WWII leves as Georff mention, the same time as Keith noted the other day: China anounnced 12.2% in their Military budget.

  3. Cold and rainy all day yesterday and a fog draped dawn this morning.

    Oh how I wish I had born to single mom who would take me to Indonesia, gracious grandparents who let me be surrounded by avowed communists in Hawaii, a wonderful college quota system that let me pass through one after another with no written record of any accomplishment, being lucky enough to be picked by a domestic terrorist to start a political career, and from that point on knowing the color of my skin and a complicit media would be all I would need to become President of these United States, I could be playing golf at one of the most private of private country clubs and paying not a penny out of my own pocket.

    But then again, if that wish did come true, I’d be stuck living life as an unprincipled, anti-American, vacuous shell of a man with a sponge spine and an angry, entitlement minded wife.

    All of a sudden I see such beauty in the fog out my window!

    On a more serious discussion note, Andrew McCarthy and Victor Davis Hanson each have absolutely stellar posts over at The National Review.
    McCarthy leads off with:
    At PJM, my buddy Patrick Poole breaks important news: It turns out that while the tax agency was targeting conservative groups for special investigative scrutiny, it was also giving a pass to a terrorism facilitator: The IRS hired, and is reportedly to this day still employing as a “financial-management analyst,” a former police officer who had been convicted by the Justice Department for tipping off a terrorism suspect — a close associate of top al-Qaeda operative Anwar al-Awlaki — to the FBI’s surveillance of the suspect.
    And the brilliant V.D.H. notes:
    President Obama entered office promising to restore the sanctity of science. Instead, a fresh war against science, statistics, and reason is being waged on behalf of politically correct politics.

    Probably a good thing Obama’s off on another vacation. The truth is really kicking his a$$ right now.

    • I wonder if Obama ever surfs the net during his abundant leisure time….just one click on the Drudge Report would send him into a frenzy.

    • Cold and rainy with fog sounds really nice to us here in flyover Arizona.
      Yes, you can get sick and tired of another sunny, cloudless day. Hard to believe, but true.

      • I actually do enjoy those days. I lived one year in the 80’s on a contract job 70 miles north of Mobile, Alabama and still haven’t recovered from having to turn on the air conditioning Christmas Day!
        Growing up in Kansas and now living in southwest Missouri the 4 seasons are real and pronounced.
        And it does have it’s advantages. Every 3 months you get to take a trip with Mother Nature and never leave the farm! lol

        • I agree Geoff.
          I love to watch thunderstorms, mother natures’ greatest video.
          I’m in Ohio and we do get the four seasons here too, but I would rather have spring last longer, the summer shorter, and the fall cut well into the winter.

          • Oh the thunderstorms. I would spend hours on the tractor in southern Kansas watching from morning to evening as those thunderheads grew from pin points on the horizon to towering monsters bringing with them who knew what.
            Of course that also meant many a nights in the cellar as the rage blew over, but watching those fronts form is a fond memory for sure.

      • Sometimes we get so sick of the sun in L.A., we drive to nearby SantaMonica to enjoy the marine layer/fog. It’s like a different world.

    • Andrew McCarthy and Victor Davis Hanson are my two favorites on NRO too. McCarthy used to be part of the law circle in NY which included Patrick Fitzgerald and James Comey. The latter two have sold out to the establishment, imho, but McCarthy has stayed true to his conservative beliefs and will be the one to stand the test of time. Hanson–what can I say?–is just brilliant. I read everything those two post on NRO.

      And I too love a good storm!

    • This was the coldest winter for us down south since the 70’s.
      I am certainly not use to having the four seasons per say.
      I used a Hat, gloves an scarf this winter, and have not done so since I was a kid. Most winters it is warm one day and slightly cold another. I would rather be hot in humid weather than freezing in low digits. I can always grab water and wet just the top of my head if it is real hot.
      I have never taken a fall or winter vacation up north. I would love to be in the mountains once with the changing of the leaves.

      • Lee said,….
        “I would love to be in the mountains once with the changing of the leaves.”
        It is one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see Lee.
        No painting or photograph even comes close.
        I hope you get to see it one day.

    • Many have mentioned…why now? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the principled stand and I don’t know how long she worked there. But why now? Why take that job ever? Just the same TOTALLY AGREE another under reported story by the LSM.

    • RT, previously Russia Today, is entirely Putin controlled – just as NBC and MSNBC (and others) are entirely controlled by Obama.
      Why now …is the question. She has worked there for 2 years.
      Who knows, maybe she is angling for a job at CNN.

      It would be big news if one of the Obama shills at NBC would follow in Ms. Wahl’s footsteps – never gonna happen.

      I recently started reading RT and find myself agreeing with much of the commentary….but never lose sight of the fact that it is the Russian propaganda outlet designed to put Putin in a good light.

      WaPo followed up with the other side of the story:

      • I saw thiw woman interviewed and she came off as a simpering idiot. Cavuto asked did she have offers coming in–and she blushed fetchingly and said it was all too much, she never expected all this attention…yak yak. Of course, she did! Why was she even fronting for Russian state media anyhow? What a dope!

  4. OMG, a test went through. It’s been days.

    My question of the day: why do you think Governor of WI Scott Walker opted out of attending CPAC? Was he not invited? Is he more like Christie, a moderate? I’m a fan of his style of politics, think he’d be an awesome candidate for president, yet the media today is all over Rand Paul who won the straw poll at CPAC.

    • We’re two years out from the next presidential election, and the GOP might be keeping him from being overexposed too soon. I have read that he would be a candidate acceptable to both the conservatives and the establishment. He is also working on re-election to governor, and the opposition has been trying to encumber him with petty, fake scandals. The media doesn’t like him because he’s not a celebrity, just slow and steady.

      Going on what he has done in Wisconsin, I think he would be just the president we need for our times, and I have also read that he doesn’t favor amnesty. (Come to think of it, maybe the GOP establishment is trying to keep him down because of that!).

      So I’m just talking out of my hat, 65, and don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes, but I agree with you that he is awesome and hope he will end up being a dark horse. (Disclaimer: this doesn’t mean I don’t like Paul or Cruz.)

      • It’s early. I am hoping he is flying under the radar.

        I was thinking I like a Walker/Rand ticket. Walker, the adult and executive. Rand for freedom and liberty protection.

        I want Gowdy in DOJ or maybe Cruz — but Cruz somewhere. And West — DOD and Carson HHS. Abolish EPA and Dpt of Edu.

        My wish list so far.

    • Yes, I too wondered why he was not there. I think he is more conservative than moderate..thats why I wondered why he was not there!

  5. It’s funny to be concerned about people you don’t know in reality, but I’ve missed seeing comments from cincycinco and Susan. Cincycinco has been missing for quite a while. Does anyone know about them?

  6. he two people who travelled using passports belonging to an Italian and Austrian on the missing Malaysian Airlines (MAS) MH370 seemed to have bought their tickets together.


  7. State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki… to the PA-based Arabic-language Al-Quds newspaper, said, “The American position is clear, Israel is a Jewish state. However, we do not see

    I saw this is the comment thread at AOS so I don’t have a link to Psaki. But as someone else commented does the lovely Jen think this won’t get out to media beyond Al-Quds? Ok, the state media will ignore it, but someone else will pick it up.

    There are so many little things here and there that indicate this nation is of course. Like the ignoring of the rocks and drug dealers at the borders that was mentioned earlier, to terrorist linked Muslims in the Administration, to public servants like Lois Lerner refusing to be accountable to the American public.

    And if we had a free working press that reported news and facts more people would know about it. Maybe not care, but they wouldn’t have to uncover rocks to get it. There’s not enough social media or concerned Americans to fight this effectively.

    Ukraine is just one more big public announcement to the world, that America is leaderless. It will be a slow go to recover from this near complete undermining of America at every level.

    • Here I am complaining about the media and I don’ t even include the full quote:

      State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki… to the PA-based Arabic-language Al-Quds newspaper, said, “The American position is clear, Israel is a Jewish state. However, we do not see a need that both sides recognize this position as part of the final agreement.

      And hopefully this is a working link

      • That’s as clear as muddy water. How can Israel deal with the side that doesn’t even acknowledge its very existence?

        BTW, Al-Quds is Arabic for Jerusalem. The newspaper is anti-semitic to the Nth degree, going so far as to claim The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are authentic. I’m not surprised she was interviewed for the paper because DCI John Brennan has referred to Jerusalem as Al-Quds.

  8. Been out of the loop with the Texas primaries and internet connectivity problems, so hopefully I’m not repeating something. Yesterday, Ted Cruz gave an excellent national security speech; without a teleprompter in sight. After seeing the staged “clenched fists” photo on Girly1’s link to the Obama cult site, I couldn’t resist posting this.

    “The Russian invasion of Ukraine was euphemistically designated by the White House “an uncontested arrival”. These are the words of fools.” – Ted Cruz

  9. Russian Troops take their 11th Border Patrol Post in Crimea,
    Journalist and outsiders refused to enter.
    As far as the female journalist who came out against what is going on Ukraine. I fear for her and no matter how long she has been a newscaster she had guts to speak now.
    Here in America, Look what the brave people in the Tea Party have gone though.

  10. Leave it to the Brits to report on this…

    As a U.S. senator, Barack Obama won $48 million in federal funding to help Ukraine destroy thousands of tons of guns and ammunition – weapons which are now unavailable to the Ukrainian army as it faces down Russian President Vladimir Putin during his invasion of Crimea.

      • Iowahawk had a zinger tweet today about the President and his buddies.

        David Burge @iowahawkblog

        How many friends and/or business associates do you have in federal prison? Compare your answer to the president of the United States.
        10:23 AM – 9 Mar 2014

        • How many of his friends and associates should have been imprisoned is another point. Or, should BE the way things have turned out.

        • Why isn’t the person who highjacked the entire U.S. Healthcare system under false pretenses not sharing a prison cell with his buddies? if that isn’t bad enough – he is still re-writing the law and trying to cover his royal posterior by kicking the can down the road until he is out of office and, most likely, ensconced in some foreign country with no extradition law.

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