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Another Mediocre Jobs Report

The Labor Department this morning reported that the nation added 175,000 jobs in February, a middling number that will do nothing to address joblessness in the nation.

In fact, the unemployment rate in February rose to 6.7 percent from 6.6 percent in January.

The latest numbers put job increases at 129,000 jobs in January and only 84,000 in December, suggesting a trend of mediocre to poor job creation that continues.

Calls to former President George W. Bush demanding an apology for the pathetic shape of the job market were not returned.

30 thoughts on “Another Mediocre Jobs Report”

  1. Is anyone shocked that jobs aren’t returning? I guess the golfer/fundraiser/vacation taker in chief has other things to worry about.

    1. I thought through tax credits, repatriating corp income, etc they could encourage job growth–somehow–but this isn’t of interest over there is all I can conclude. Income is down 7%–where is the money to buy anything more people would be making or offering?

  2. And what I resent is the constant implication that it’s the workers who need to keep retraining (loans, time) for this or that job, which then morphs into something else or disappears. If they don’t or can’t pick up their lives and move to someplace like SD where jobs are (for now) available, then they are branded as “takers,” slugs. And in the meantime, whatever support system they have cobbled together–some kind of insurance, maybe EBT, etc. is attacked and changed–more time, more loans. Lose lose lose.

  3. Would you like a real jobs report from the real world? Of course, this is March, and those numbers are for February, but here it is.
    Two years ago locally, several very large hospitals in the Louisville KY area merged to form Kentucky One Health. The intent was to streamline, gather the wagons, provide stability for everyone for the coming healthcare changes. Last week, they laid off 500 people. They even got rid of the respiratory therapists in the ER. Nurses will now be required to perform those duties.

    This week, at another hospital company, the entire staff of 30+ medical transcriptionists were told their jobs were being done away with. I was one of those people. We are being offered lower paying positions with the company they will be outsourcing the work to. That company has an office in the UK (presumably for taxes, legal issues, etc), and they outsource half their work to India. Needless to say, there are no Florida vacations in my future, or even a trip to Wendy’s.

    1. I know two people that lost their job before O Care kicked in.
      It was for no other reason, other to lesson the amount of workers.
      The out sourcing has been happening for years. The people that answer the phone speak perfect grammer, however you can’t understand them.
      One other thing people have not paid much attention to, is the small famly owned gas stations that hava closed up. At least in my state, due to the EXPENSIVE new tanks that are demanded to have.

    2. You have my best wishes to come through this thing, Artcat. Now I too know someone who has been harmed by Obamacare. It’s not just the patients. I am really galled by the outsourcing.

    3. Thanks so much you guys. I know people here have each others’ backs! I really didn’t mean to make this too much about me, but Americans all over need to pay attention to what is happening in healthcare. What started out as good intentions to fix health insurance problems for a few is having such far-reaching consequences. It is a drip-drip-drip of doctors retiring, companies limiting number of employees, clinics closing. There was a chart of healthcare jobs lost in the paper. Just between 2010 and 2013, it was 144,280 healthcare jobs. And we are early in the year with almost 3,000 this year.

      Sadly, it’s not just me. It’s not just my state. It’s not just my industry. Any time I see all the gloating over the latest “positive” job numbers I want to throw up!

      But, having vented all that (thank you!), I’m still a positive person, and I always land on my feet. That’s what Americans do!! Yay us!!

      1. Sorry to hear about your job loss. Hopefully this will be a when one door closes, another door opens opportunity for you.

        And you can hang with us!

    4. I’m sorry to hear about your job loss but admire your positive attitude. I was a medical transcriber and it’s really disturbing to see all the outsourcing in health care.

  4. What happened to the fixed target of 250K jobs to keep up with the growing number of people entering the work force?

    The Labor force participation remains the same: 63% – lowest on record.

    Payrolls grew an average of 129,000 a month in December, January and February, slower than the average for the last year of 189,000 a month.

    The number of Americans who have been out of work for 27 weeks or longer rose 6 % in February by 203,000.

    Lastly, what about those who are forced to take a second job? Are they included in the monthly reports?

  5. The company that employs me outsources do much of the product that used to be made here in the U.S. that its shameful. Why is it that corporate tax rates are so high here, but other countries are slashed to the bare bones? My situation has been turned into a 3rd choice manufacturing site due to being made out of the country. You want jobs to return, tax rates the same for everybody.

    1. Bingo.
      If a large Company hires only American citizens. Buys only American products. It would be a trickle effect, and American could grow once again. Yes I understand buying products here in America is very difficult.
      However if that is the only way they get the tax break, it will cause a SUPPLY AND DEMAND.
      Hate to close this comment with a negative. However once the O Care really kicks in. We will than have people going to other Countries for Health Care. Solution: Get rid of O Care.

      1. It’s already being felt on this end due to the medical device tax. My employer estimates $160 million alone. They have to make that up somewhere.

  6. 175,000 isn’t much when you consider 10,000 Baby Boomers reach the age of 65 every day. That is 300,000 a month leaving or soon to be leaving if they can afford to retire.

    1. Maybe between the ones retiring & if we can get a few thousand to just drop dead everyday, we will be alright. If you’re one of the unlucky ones not to die.

  7. But…..but….but…the summer of recovery……the recession has ended…..

    Meanwhile in the real world….Had a discussion with a VP of a very large construction company in my area last night. He heads the health care division at his company. He indicated that things have been very tight for the past few years. Very little contracts being signed as people in charge of medical facilities are wary due to the uncertainty of how the ACA is going to fully impact them. He also told me a story about one facility they have a contract with that may have to pull out due the low receivables. Hmmm… wonder where I’ve heard that. Reimbursements from the government are cut and people can’t afford to pay in this kind of economy. It’s hurting his company alright. Interestingly enough, their biggest contracts are now with companies building data centers. Go figure.

    Love the laser focus and the pivoting. It’s working so well. I wonder what empty words and promises will be proffered next.

    1. If the ACA is so great & going to save us all, why is it keep getting pushed back? It couldn’t be so the presidents party won’t get thrown out. Maybe we need another trillion in stimulus. That way the highway in my town can get repaved again that didn’t need it the last time.

      1. Why would the uninsureds sign up–with even a $150 payment, that’s $1800 a year, then some outlandish deductible–they will never get anything but a “free” colon reaming maybe or thousands off the tab in the event they get hospitalized–there will still be tab left over up to those “caps.” They may be uninsured because they don’t have money. Why can’t these deadheads see that people are lacking in money out here? I remember a few yrs back, the IRS was worried because people filed their taxes but did not include a check for money owed. They speculated that the print needed to be larger–ATTACH CHECK HERE. It never dawned that people could not pay.

        1. Unlike the federal govt, ppl can’t just print their on $ like is being done now. It only dilutes what my $ is worth. Something I see with the ACA is that its dependent $ wise on young ppl signing up. Yet the law allows you to stay on your parents insurance till they are 26. That has to be a lost opportunity for $ there alone. I must be really dumb not to see the logic in that.

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