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Another Obama Vacation?

Updated 8:52 pm ET

Yes, the battlers for the struggling middle class were planning to go on vacation AGAIN this weekend, but the happy idyll may be RUINED by world events.

It would be the Obamas’ – each of them – third vacation of the year. And it’s only March.

But alas, it may not come to pass. Get out your handkerchiefs or find a good shoulder to cry on, because this is a sad story.

President Obama – and according to likely plans, Mrs. Obama – are headed to Miami Friday for an event about education and the economy. At a high school – you know, the type of place where Obama’s numbers are still through the roof.

Now, not one to waste an opportunity, a Florida vacation is – or was – in the works too. “Word in the Florida Keys is” that the president, Michelle and the girls might finish out the weekend at the Ocean Reef Club in north Key Largo, writes the Miami Herald.

Yeah baby, the Ocean Reef Club. Just look at this little slice of paradise.

Ocean's Reef

And it ain’t just oceans and reefs. We’re talkin’ two 18-hole championship golf courses!

But Politico is reporting that events in the Ukraine may wash the Reef Club plans away with the surf. Just might not look too great if you’re trying to stare down the Russians from the beach!

“The president had planned to stay in South Florida with his family for the remainder of the weekend,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said. “However, it is possible the president may return to the White House on Friday as events unfold in Ukraine.”

Obama isn’t expected to head to Kiev or anywhere else if the weekend in Florida gets scrapped, but more likely have a repeat of last weekend, which he spent in briefings and on the phone with foreign leaders after Putin began moving troops into Crimea.

Such drudgery. Oh well, we all have day jobs.

UPDATE: The vacation has not been cancelled.

140 thoughts on “Another Obama Vacation?”

    1. Why couldn’t she have coordinated her trip with BO’s, so that we’re not paying for all these flights back and forth? Of course they don’t care, it’s not on their $.

  1. What better place for Beyonce’s ugly step sister to show off her new blonde highlights? She can work on her tan, play some tennis, and stuff her botoxed face with gobs of specialty foods prepared by her personal chef, Sam Kass. She never leaves home without him.
    The rest of us have to ‘eat our peas’

    1. Not to be catty, but :

      Looking fashionable in a black and purple striped wrap dress, Mrs Obama showed off her lighter locks, which were styled in chic flowing waves.

      Fashionable? I thought she looked horrible. I mean, she usually looks better than that.

      1. The new ‘do’ would have looked great with that outfit she wore to church one time. Remember? The hooker boots, the mini-skirt? VERY Beyonce!

    2. How sad and depressing that the first Black FLOTUS is denying her African genes and heritage by trying to look like a White woman.

        1. It is a wig. She must own at least a dozen of them. We’ve seen her real hair a few times – it’s short, nappy and she wears it pulled into a teeny, tiny tail. All her other styles – with bangs, no bangs, straight, wavy, streaked – are all wigs.

    3. I couldn’t get that article up either from you or going to the Daily Mail site, but I saw a small photo. It does appear as if she’s working toward the Beyonce look. It’s a wig of course.

  2. IF he gets to go. He will be golfing in Key Largo, and I am sure everyone else will not be watching him. They would want to go to Key West.
    Can you imagine being in beautiful Key West and your told to sit still for a weekend while his Family gets to walk around.
    He did not give up his Rally last Friday along with his foul comment, so I would bet they will be going on vacation no matter what.

      1. I am sure it is.
        Next year they may plan to go to the Mardi Gras and demand everyone to skip the parade expect them.
        As well they can tell the people on the Floats/Trucks they can’t ride, and to give their costumes to the secret service to wear and throw beads to no one in the crowd, except O and M and the girls. What a party! sarc.

    1. The people in Key West are not going to give up doing their weekly Duval Crawl just because POTUS is there. If he did go, he could take over the La Te Da Hotel on Duval, and be right in the heart of all the action.

      Lord I miss Key West, especially because of all the freaking snow and cold we’ve had due to global warming.

    2. The Queen will stay all weekend, regardless. She has her own fleet of back-up jets. I feel so sorry for the locals. They need to put up the “Obama is sub-par” signs. Mockery is the best anti-dote, as Obama is well aware.

  3. I was in Ocean Reef in October for a wedding. My grandma lives there. If he’s there, I’ll get the skinny on how he interrupted their life. I can only IMAGINE how it would suck. There are not a lot of ways to get around there. If he closes down the one road … oh it’s going to suck.

    1. Please let me know. I am curious if the the whole bridge to Key West will be shut down as well. If not if they are going to have to stop each car coming or going.

  4. This is starting to have all the makings of a Crimean War Part II, 161 years later.

    Russia vs. England, France, the Ottoman Empire, excuse me, Turkey, and in place of Sardinia, the USA, or as it is known now, NATO.

    The original Crimean War lasted two and a half years, with over a half million troops dead on both sides. It was the war that Alfred, Lord Tennyson, immortalized in the poem, The Charge of the Light Brigade. A folly brought on by a lack of communication on the part of the Brits, and poor command decisions by the generals in the field.

    Unfortunately I can something similar happening with our troops, if this turns into a shooting war. Obama and his half-wit staff will try and micro-manage this conflict from DC, and US and NATO troops will end up being cannon fodder for the Russians.

    I can also see him doing as he did in Libya, and using his pen to place US troops in harms way, in violation of the War Powers Act. Unless there is some quick diplomatic end to this situation, be prepared ladies and gentlemen for an illegal war in Crimea, the loss of US military lives, and the president playing 36 holes with Tiger Woods or some other celeb who can teach him how to hit the green in two.

    1. I keep thinking of all the elderly people of EU, who are shaking their heads of this.
      I keep thinking as well of all the younger people who know their history, and appreciate the freedom they have in Crimean, and Ukraine as a whole.
      They are watching how O has handled this so far, and to find out about this wonderful trip.

    2. With the Crimea Parliament voting to be a part of Russia, the crisis is over.
      “Democracy” (at the end of a barrel of a tank) wins again.

      So, no issues Prez. Obamacare is fine till 2016. Europe is fine till later this month (or the next).
      And when China goes after Taiwan…well, not issues there either since their golf courses aren’t the best in the world.

    3. On the green, Obama will take 6 foot GIMMEES on the putts; Saves embarrassment for not being able to hit an over size hole in the ground.

  5. Don’t kid yourself if there’s a golf course ovomit is going to go. And moochelle and her sprogs will spend our money every chance they get. Living large off whitey.

  6. Reminds me of when CBS’ biggest mistake ever was snapped on the beach with her boy toy of the time while every other “news” anchor was reporting from the unrest in Cairo as Egypt was imploding.

    There is a certain class of liberals that just never get it.

  7. Another planned vacation for the Obamas …………….
    (I have placed the rest of my rude, butt honest, comment in moderation)

    1. Fascinating srdem65 !
      I did not realize that we could place ourselves in moderation, thereby eliminating the frustration we have all experienced.
      Thank you for the insight.

  8. I hope his lecture in miami is about income inequality. That will make his stay at Ocean Reef all the more ridiculous. It is about as exclusive as you get here in the United states. you can’t buy a condo there unless you are sponsored by two members and can drop $180,000 for a membership.

  9. Are Mooch and the girls staying the rest of the week?
    And then going to China still in March?
    These people are tone deaf.

  10. “Grand Seafood Buffet
    Saturday, March 8 • 6-8:30pm
    The Ocean Room
    Indulge in an array of seafood from
    Salmon and Lobster to Caviar and
    Sushi, along with delicious Prime
    Rib and other offerings. We’re sure
    to have something for every family
    member to enjoy. $62++ per person.”

    There’s no way Michelle is missing this!

    If I was paying $500 and up a night somewhere I’d be PISSED if the Secret Service showed up and blocked access to anything.

    1. Moe, Do you think all the videos we have watched though the last five years catching him in all his BROKEN promises will be combined for future students to watch in history class. sarc

  11. I’m so fed up with these two…She’s flying off to China with her daughter to talk about education with a singer. What a crock! Let’s squeeze the most on this job while can attitude. Forget about how many millions are w/o jobs…

    Kevin, have we had FLOTUS flying off here and there like this lady?

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  13. Do you mean the audience is going to be made up of high school students like the grade school audience the other day? I hate the exploitation of children and other captive audiences?

  14. Off topic. O is really going to make a comment before his trip this weekend about crisis in Ukraine.

    We can always pick straws to see who has to watch him.

  15. Obummer on tv about Ukraine. Usually I change the channel to music when he appears. This time I just have him muted to hear recap afterwards. I glanced up and noticed this.

    Maybe because of TOTUS he’s constantly swinging his head left to right. Never stands straight and look straight into camera, with some gravitas. Ok, the gravitas might be asking for a little much. But is standing still and looking directly into the camera too much?

    Ukraine — he is a too little too late. Political opportunism with that stupid aid package — it is once again a big nothing. And, of course, no mention of energy resource response or anything with START. Of course, we are in the process of downsizing our military so what should we expect.

    1. I recommended this article on another thread. Henry Kissinger has a sober post and sober recommendations in an op-ed in the WaPo today. Unlike John Kerry, he was a real diplomat. Anyway, I found a comment from a reader which I thought very interesting. He brought up the amenable divorce between the Czechs and the Slovaks as a paradigm which I would contrast with the not amenable ones in former Yugoslavia. Could it happen?

      1. My family is from Slovakia, and there is good nt of traveling between those of here and there. I was in Czechoslovakia during the time of the dissolution. It went remarkably well.

        And although it sounds good, I do not think it would work as well in Ukraine. And perhaps even worse than Yugoslavia, if that is possible. In Czechoslovakia there were no outside country involvement. And even if there was a similar dissolution in Ukraine I can’t see it as anything but a delay to an ultimate Russian takeover. But one can hope, and of all the options on the table, perhaps this is the best.

        What a bad time to have a vacancy in the Oval Office.

          1. Indeed. East or West, do you know. I have relatives in both, but all originated in the East — small village about 45 minutes from Ukraine.

      2. Julie, Just read Dr. K’s article. Good one. I noticed this:

        For the West, the demonization of Vladimir Putin is not a policy; it is an alibi for the absence of one.

        And also I thought his last comment — essentially ultimately there will be a time for confrontation. Not now.

        In truth, I did not see him advocate for a split but for reconciliation. But perhaps I did not read closely. I thought his comments on Finland were interesting, not noting however, that that country had to battle to get to its place today,

        Anyway thanks for the link.

  16. Vote by Parliament would be a violation of International law.
    If this continues we will remain firm. Did not give detail of how firm.
    I noted quick note of what O just stated.

    Keith, If you have time. I would love to hear your thoughts on what O just stated.

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  18. get it while you can… if we had a president that cared about anyone or anything else than himself then there is no way they could spend our money as if they could wipe their a@@.

    This man is gross and so is his wife. they belong together and I hope king Obama and queen mooch live happy ever after in hell.

  19. The Obamas are at Ocean Reef. Apparently all guests & residents were informed that the pool is closed, the beach restaurants are closed, the airport is closed and they’ve rented out 5 mansions for their security! I feel sorry for all those people who shelled out big bucks for a nice vacation & cannot use the facilities! I guess it’s good to be da king!

    1. It’s ridiculous they shut down everything for the Obama’s. They should be the ones to do without, not the people that have already paid for a vacation and now can’t use the facilities.

  20. They are doing everything possible to accomplish his goal. That goal would be to destroy our country. He has no understanding of economics and will continue to waste as much as possible.

  21. I wonder if the two little brats are getting paid as “Senior Advisors” again when they go this “vacation”.
    This Chicago thug and crooked politician has to be the LOWEST form of life on the planet.

    1. Let’s see…

      Pond scum…
      Third-generation welfare recipients who illegally vote five times…

      Hmm. You might be on to something.

  22. Why not reward themselves for knocking more citizens off their health insurance and their jobs? Tonight they have another party disguised as music celebration.

  23. Has anyone ever tabulated the total vacation time (and cost to the tax payers) for all the presidential families?
    I wonder how much more of the good life the Obamas have claimed at the taxpayers expense while asking the people to sacrifice.

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  27. How I wish I could write to these a$$clowns without getting a visit from some government goons..
    There are many of us out there that cannot afford a trip every month let alone once or twice a year..
    They use the money that they steal from us so we can’t ..
    Sure would be nice if congress could stop this theft..

  28. Ive been to the Ocean reef Club,Its beautiful,IF obozo and MOOCHELLE go there,they will have to close the place down to clean it up.and get rid of the smell…………

  29. “Just might not look too great if you’re trying to stare down the Russians from the beach!”

    Yep, especially with THOSE legs. Last time I saw legs like that, they were hanging out of a nest.

  30. I am so sick of these two I honestly want to puke whenever he shows up on the tv screen. 3 mores yrs of these two? God help us. What has he accomplished besides dividing everyone, stopping job growth, growing the govt to ridiculous levels. Why cant these 2 use Camp David for vacations. We are all suffering out here as inflation is killing us. The world more a mess than ever and his two Sec of State have been useless tools. The loyal lefties will stick by his crap ’til the bitter end but those not on the dole or employed by the govt are so sick of them I rarely even comment about them anymore. Just pray they and their devotees just Go Away forever and that some real leaders show up on the scene ASAP. We are doomed on the path these ppl have led us. Was once a Dem. The Clinton garbage and filth woke me up. I’m now a nothing. Trust next to no one in DC. Term limits only answer as these career politicians have destroyed this once great country. May God help us, your politicians will not. They are in this for themselves only. Power,greed,scum….that is DC.

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