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The Obama Vacation is ON

The world can wait.

Despite the momentous events in Eastern Europe, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have decided not to cancel their scheduled vacation in the Florida Keys.

According to the White House Schedule, the Obamas will travel to Miami Friday for an official event, which will be done by mid afternoon, and then proceed to Key Largo for the weekend.

There,they are set to relax at the ritzy Ocean Reef Club, which has two championship golf courses.

The Obamas have already vacationed this year in Hawaii, where they rang in the New Year. On Presidents Day Weekend, he traveled to California for a golf extravaganza while she skied Aspen.

This sends exactly the wrong signal to everyone involved in the current crisis and to the jackals around the world watching to gauge American resolve and seriousness. I think the criticism of this will extend well beyond White House Dossier and the handful of others who routinely track Obama’s frivolousness.

But, what the heck – it’s golf, and I’m sure Michelle really wants to go.

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  1. oh gosh, I’m so relieved to hear this! I know the folks over at Politico were especially concerned that O might not get in vacation in. good to know he’ll be able to go after all.

    show of hands: does anyone think Vladimir Putin has any vacation time scheduled in the near future?

  2. How nice for them. I hear the Keys are really nice this time of year.

    I was thinking about taking a short vacation in the Food Court at our local mall tomorrow. Lots of food choices, happy people and controlled temperatures will make for a pleasant day.
    Cost: @$2 for fuel, $8 for food & drink. I can do this. .

    1. Spendthrift! LOL
      You’re not the only one with big plans. Rumor has it that temps should go above freezing around here. I need a loaf of bread and some cheese – I am going with a crispy $5.00 bill – Let the good times roll.

  3. I knew the “in your face”, “middle finger salute” would be bad in his second term. But I never dreamed it could be this blatant.

  4. What is that official event? Will he be whining about the evil republicans, or haranguing businesses to pay a living wage, or will Michelle be taking food out of kids mouths? Maybe he can rail on about the evil 1%? And then after that he can go hang around a private resort that probably has tons of minimum wage workers and costs more per night than some people make in a week. Do you think he’ll leave a tip for all those poor workers?

    1. A tip for the minions? Hahahhaha. I imagine Barry is like royalty, and never actually carries anything so mundane as cash in his pocket. Barry’s tip? “Vote Democrat”.

  5. So, if we count the separate his-and-hers junkets in February as 2 vacations, that puts them at 4 so far this year. So as of tomorrow, they’ll be on pace for 22 vacations this year, at the rate they’re going.

    And that does NOT count Mooch’s extended stay in Hawaii. If that’s counted as #5, they’d be on pace for 27.

    1. LOL

      The Obamas know that 80% of Americans won’t notice or won’t care.
      They can change laws, do nothing, insult people, and spy on people.
      Americans don’t care.

      Take away their favorite TV show…and they’ll notice.

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  7. What a great weekend! Party with celebs at the White House last night, then off to Key West today…not like anything is going on with Russia.

  8. Let’s be real. What Obama is doing this weekend will not be mentioned at all and criticism of it will be non-existent. He can be president no matter where he is, after.

  9. I’m curious if any of you were bitching and moaning when George W. Bush took 879 vacation days (most by any modern President), including 77 trips to his ranch in Crawford, Texas. One trip to Texas was 5 weeks long, in 2005, while we were fighting two simultaneous wars.

    Seriously, complain about that.

    1. Ahhhhh we finally get our very own troll, welcome!

      1. The Texas trips didn’t cost near as much
      2. Regarding the 5 weeks long, well, that actually made it cheaper didn’t it? One trip out, 5 weeks of work from the ranch with some relaxation mixed in (you do recall how both Bush’s and Reagan’s ranches were set up with all the tools for Presidential work don’t you?) and then one trip back.
      Tell me again how many time Obama uses Air Force One as a private taxi from one photo op and vacation to the next? And yet not a word about his carbon footprint.
      3. Bush didn’t have real unemployment in the double digits, food and energy inflation at historic highs, economic growth at stagnation levels and Russian troops in the Crimea.
      4. As for the wars, I would much rather have a Commander in Chief that listen to his military rather than used it as the front lines of social engineering. Hell, Obama couldn’t even find his way to the situation room at the White House the night Americans were dying in Benghazi.
      Troll away but consider yourself warned, while your right to free speech will be acknowledge by myself and fellow posters, dragging up the Blame Bush and parroting the WH talking points will get you nothing but facts and truth countering every one of em.

      1. DC, DC–so predictable. I probably would not care if Obama cleared brush on the South Side or swept the streets or drove a pickup. It’s the scarfing of overpriced food and prancing around the golf course that grates.

  10. When are the people around and affected in the areas he does this crap going to hit the streets w/ some signs and protest?

    If you want to force Obama to stay in Washington and actually WORK for the money he’s being paid then the pain of travel has to be more than the pain of doing his job.

  11. Remember when presidents would go to a place grounded in their past that help to shape the kind of person they were? Bush at the Texas ranch clearing brush, working with his hands to keep it real? Sure he went golfing and fishing, but I always had the sense that he was in touch with actual people. Our current president seems to only look at vacations as an opportunity for more lavish spending like he is some kind of royalty. Under current circumstances it is reprehensible.

    1. Obama doesn’t care about current circumstances. In his mind he’s done all he can, it’s not his fault the people revolted in 2010 and sent the Republicans to stop him.
      BUT there may be hope. Even after Harry Reid blew up the Senate filibuster in hopes of ramming through every radical Obama sent up even a few Democrats had enough yesterday and stopped the convicted cop killer cheer leader Debo Adegbile from being allowed to further corrupt the DOJ civil rights division.

  12. Here I only hope to work some ot to get a little ahead. While these ppl think its their God given right to go somewhere every month. What a crock. Thank His he’s “looking out” for us his minions. Wonder where we would be without his majesty?

  13. Had to drop my vacation plans this weekend. Has to put had in my car at $3.75 a gallon. Thank goodness we got the oil man our if the white house. Guess me only driving back & forth to my job is good for the environment. Maybe someday soon I will be unemployed & can my ebt card to the casinos to cash in & hit the big time.

  14. I’m hoping for a coup d’etat. Seems to me the only thing that can save the country now. Surely all of you out there don’t believe that an election is going to save you. Tell me that you are not pinning your hopes on the honesty and integrity of politicians. You are certainly not going to tell me that you have faith and confidence in the courts. Please tell me that all of you supposedly intelligent people are waiting for our Republic and Democracy to correct the monarchy we have now. Wake up Neo. Open your eyes Neo.

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  16. Hawaii, Aspen, FLorida Keys and a spring break trip to China later this month….Michelle’s vacations in just the first three months of 2014; all payed for with taxpayer money. They continue to display through their actions a total lack of R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the American people.

  17. i would like to know how you can go on a trip and leave your fellow americans with out any funds were struggling and you all taking vacations.something is wrong with this world do you no how many of us would just like to have the money to pay our bills youll keep saying its going to get passed well i got to see it to believe it

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