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Henninger: The Carterization of Obama

There’s a saying: You’ve got to be good to be lucky, and you’ve got to be lucky to be good.

When you’re good, certain things tend to fall into place. And then you attract some luck to make you even better.

The saying occurs to me as we behold the kaleidoscope of President Obama’s foreign policy failures.

He has, since nearly Day One, presented to the jackals that roam the world a stance of weakness: an over-solicitousness of our enemies; trust doled out to the untrustworthy; hesitancy to act; mixed and changing signals; headlong retreat to the exits from out military engagements; and half-hearted measures taken from a position of leading behind.

And Obama, not being good, has incurred bad and dangerous consequences. Which seem to be driving him away and making him worse.

Around the world, like predators sensing a weakness in the herd, our enemies are growing bolder. The respect the United States holds is no greater than it was under Jimmy Carter.

As Dan Henninger writes today in the Wall Street Journal, there were a series of events last week highlighting U.S. weakness and the Jimmy “Carterization” of Obama – that didn’t get the headlines of the more obvious ones in Eastern Europe:

The consequences of Mr. Obama’s Carterization overseas are coming so fast it’s hard to keep track. Ukraine, though important, is the tip of the iceberg. Here’s what else happened in the week Mr. Putin captured Crimea.

Israel on Wednesday intercepted in the Red Sea an Iranian shipment to Gaza of dozens of Syrian-made surface-to-surface rockets. These are our new Iranian negotiating partners.

North Korea last Thursday test-fired four short-range ballistic missiles and another this Monday. Then on Tuesday it deployed a new multiple-rocket launcher that fired four missiles with enough range to hit American and South Korean military bases near Seoul.

In Moscow last Wednesday,Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Russia plans to use military bases in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua for its navy and to refuel strategic bombers. Three months ago, Secretary Kerry ostentatiously announced in a Washington speech, “The era of the Monroe Doctrine is over.” Naturally the Russians took this as a green light to return to one of the Soviet Union’s favorite playpens. The next day, a Russian spy ship, the Viktor Leonov SSV-175, slipped unannounced into Havana Harbor.

Then this Wednesday, a news bulletin: “China announces 12.2% increase in military budget.” That boost comes within 24 hours of the Obama budget proposing a decline in U.S. defense spending.

This is all in one week!

Not only is Obama lacking the iron needed to intimidate our enemies into not messing with us, he lacks the interest.

Where’s his head at? Well, yesterday he went on a fundraising spree, and he was slated to go on vacation tomorrow, again, though this may have to be cancelled.

I get that Obama is not suited to deal with these issues. But at least, he could try. Carter, for all his faults, was tireless, and seemed to really care.

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  1. Excellent link, Keith. I’m not going to reiterate my comments for a third time, but I would like to add to what happened just this week a few other recent ‘happenings’: the proposal to downsize our military, reneging the promise to build a missile shield for Poland, and cutting back missile aid to Israel. Obama is Carter, Obama is the Pigeon on the Chessboard, Obama is the Monkey with a Hand Grenade all rolled into one.

    1. Thank you Keith. I will print and forwad your comment, and the article. I take important notes. There are so many things happening so often with this Administration, there is not enough time in the day, to re-write my notes to show loved ones and friends.

  2. Thanks Keith

    The Washington Post had this story:
    After invoking Hitler at a private fundraiser Tuesday, [Hillary] Clinton largely stood by the remarks on Wednesday. She said she was merely noting parallels between Putin’s claim that he was protecting Russian-speaking minorities in Crimea and Hitler’s moves into Poland, Czechoslovakia and other parts of Europe to protect German minorities.

    “I just want people to have a little historic perspective,” Clinton said during a question-and-answer session at UCLA. “I’m not making a comparison certainly, but I am recommending that we perhaps can learn from this tactic that has been used before.”

    Her “comparison” certainly wasn’t a “comparison”?
    How is that possible?

    1. : – )) BTW, do you know if the US reneged on the promised missile shield to Poland while she was still Secretary of State?

      1. Yep.
        It was promised to Poland and Czech republic in Feb 2009.
        By Sept 2009, Obama reneged on it without first alerting the Poles and Czechs.
        By mid 2010 some of the Battery shield were installed in Poland. The technology was changed (more short range than long range).

    2. Shrillary is the perfect example of the ‘Ugly American”: loud, obnoxious, vulgar, thoughtless, demeaning, arrogant, and ignorant. She was horrible FLOTUS and SOS.
      Her only accomplishment is the accrual of more travel mileage and food/alcohol consumption while on ‘duty’ than any other pol in history. Her bloated appearance speaks volumes.
      I still find her more obnoxious than Obama, if that’s possible.

        1. I will always be disappointed in the fact the she YELLED,
          What difference does it make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. I would have felt the same, if it would have been a man holding her job and yelling that out.
            Disgusted is a better word, by the way.

    1. Neville, didn’t have History to show him about the evil men like Hitler, Stalin, Mao can do.

      To paraphrase SoS John Kerry, “Obama is behaving like he’s facing 19th Century Thugs instead of 20th or 21st Century thugs.”

      At least the good news is we don’t have to rely on the Russians to send US Astronauts into space…

      Oh wait

      1. On the point about the Russian ISS and our need to play nice with the Russians in the matter of sending US astronauts into space——turns out that most of the intricate electronics, software, gadgets and other critical instruments needed for the Russian space program are devised and manufactured in Ukraine. Watch out for this one.

  3. Keith, you don’t get it; Sir Golfsalot IS trying. He’s just trying to implement a plan which runs counter to the interests of America, because that’s what his handlers have charged him to do.

    The Spineless One will go down in the history books as the worst occupant, EVER, of the Oval Office. If there are history books to be written after he’s done with the country, that is……

  4. What bugs me is he looks so sickly, greenish, bored and blah. What his name is wrestling tigers and Obama isn’t even walking the dog–or letting the animal tow him around.

  5. Great points!

    I believe that Carter and Obama are two narcissist who believed their campaign advertisements. They both feel they are the smartest in the room so they have trouble taking advice. The difference between the two is Carter actually and Obama is just lazy. Both failed in their first term even though both had Democrat majorities in the Senate and House. It is sad when you can’t lead the government when you have complete control and you can’t get along with your own people.

    Look at the inexperience and weakness of Obama’s Cabinet and Senior Staff members. There is not one person in his current Cabinet who could be a future Presidential Candidate. Narcicissts can’t handle having smarter more experienced in the room. Look at the last 3 Republican Administrations and their Cabinets. Baker Cheney, Powell, Weinberger, Carlucci, Shultz (not SGT Shultz),Bennett, Dole (Libby),Sununu,Gates Rumsfield were all capable of being President. Reagan, HW and GW egos allowed them to share the spotlight. Even Clinton did it but to a lesser degree.

    Carter gets knocked around but did have some success with the Camp David Accords. He did not walk away from the hostages in Iran working to the last minutes of his Presidency. He did not succeed but he did put forth the effort. If the situation occurred now Obama would have just blamed Bush/Republicans and left them for the next Administration to resolve. We always heard that Carter was a better Ex President than President. After reading “The President’s Club” (great book) that was not true. He was a thorn in the side of every administration.

    I still can’t believe they are considering yet another vacation to Florida………it is Vulgar,

    1. No one was as scared for their children’s future and our Country, when Carter was in office.
      He may have done a bad job as Pres., but his wife acted like a Fine First Lady, and to me it seemed like he was trying to help, not diminish the Country.
      The two of them P. Carter & his wife, have done a lot of work, which seems to be for the better of others since he held office.

      1. Roslyn Carter’s ‘cloth coat’ always symbolized her humility and put her on a par with the ‘common folk’. She was the polar opposite of the Kenyan’s ostentatious/crass wife. Obama takes first prize over Jimmy Carter just for being the husband of the worst FLOTUS in American history.

  6. This is all by design. Remember he said he was going to “fundamentally change America.” As Nero fiddled while Rome burned so does Obama.

  7. He’s already accomplished his most important goal: re-election. He has never cared about actually performing the duty of president. He’s already skipping briefings, has never started work before 10am according to the schedule. After the midterms it will get even worse. Lame duck won’t even begin to describe it.

  8. Oddly enough I didn’t seem to notice many of these events during the evening snooze this week. Is the press currently on autopilot? The outrage seems to only appear on the blogs.

    1. I had always respected news channels growing up.
      Several years ago, I had to start searching for the news. Have done so since.
      Years ago, My mom and others started asking me what is going on. That is sad, when in America people are getting news by word of mouth and or searching for it on the internet.
      The advertizers do not seem to care that they have less people watching their certain news channels as well. I have my thoughts on that as well, but I think that is another conversation.

  9. JimmyCarter and BarackObama are two totally different men in almost every way except one; neither was or is qualified or experienced enough to sit in the Oval Office of the greatest and most influential country in modern times.
    MrCarter should have asked Congress for a declaration of war against Iran for holding Americans hostage, and MrObama should have directed a military strike against the illegal nuclear facilities in Iran. Both actions would have been ultimately deemed correct and life-saving moves by most of the world.
    Certainly, countries like SaudiArabia and Israel would breathe a sigh of relief if the Iranians were stopped short of their stated goals of destruction.

    J.Curl of the WashTimes has written an opinion piece that calls MrObama’s actions here and abroad “lame and laughable” .
    Perhaps he’s right that they’re laughing at Obama in the halls of the Kremlin, or making rude remarks about him in the seats of power of Islamic states, but no one in America is laughing.
    We don’t think he’s “lame” or funny at all; we’re scared silly by this President and his millions of government drones who are trying their best to destroy the US as we know it.

    Jimmy Carter wasn’t the best of Presidents, but he is no longer considered the worst by most Americans today.

  10. I can’t even put Obama in the same class as Jimmy Carter. Carter’s blunders were not a result of a diabolical plot to destroy America but from his extraordinary naivety and ignorance..
    Obama deliberately and wiith malice of forethought set out to ‘fundamentally transform the United States of America’. And he kept his promise (with the help of the permanent underclass that grew to epic proportions from the failed policies of Johnson and Carter).

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