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Bush First Ladies More Popular Than Michelle

Michelle Obama has a nice rating from Americans, with 66 percent of them approving of her performance as first lady.

But as a new Gallup poll finds, she’s not quite wowing the nation. Both Laura Bush and Barbara Bush are more popular, with the former at 73 percent and the latter garnering a 77 percent favorability rating.

First Ladies pollIt’s not a big difference, though, and the Bush first ladies have the benefit of memories always being rosier than perceptions of the present.

Hillary Clinton is last at 56 percent, as you can see, but of course she’s not just being rated on her role as a first lady.

I’m surprised Michelle is as popular as she is, given the policy issues she’s taken on and the exorbitant travel she engages in. But she has a winning personality, at least in public, and I guess that counts for a lot.

H/T to Eddie Scarry at The Blaze blog.

15 thoughts on “Bush First Ladies More Popular Than Michelle”

  1. MrsObama has a great cover, as all First Ladies do, and that is the MSM is loathe to report anything negative about the US President’s wife.
    It’s just not done in all political circles for all political wives who just happen to be along for the “ride”.
    All we ask of the whole FirstFamily is that they deport themselves with dignity (ha), dress and act appropiatetly (ha), and stay out of the heavy political sphere.

    MrsObama should have restricted her efforts to an eating-right campaign and not used her political heft to force a change in the school lunch programs.
    As for her penchant for posh vacations in exotic places, we expect our FirstFamilies to GO HOME once in a while and not try to emulate wealthy layabouts or Eurotrash with her travels.

    1. Thanks srdem.
      All this time and it never occurred to me – this WH family is homeless. The few visits to Chicago neither of them stayed in their house. I am not even sure it’s deeded to them, a bank or Chicago cronies. As far as I know it’s unoccupied – another house with “empty chairs” syndrome. I doubt they have intentions of ever returning to the bungalow. I recall reading sometime ago that the Secret Service does protect it or maybe they’re keeping the O’s away from it. Who knows.

  2. Something doesn’t jibe. The internet articles on MO draw more negative viewer comments than anything I have ever witnessed, including those about her husband’s failures.. There have been as many as 3-4 thousand comments, mostly negative, on a single story relating to her royal vacations.
    People seem to forget that she was pulled off the 2008 campaign trail due to her abrasive nature and anti-American/racist comments/views. TEAM OBAMA was afraid she would lose the nomination for him.
    What has changed since then?

    1. Me-Chelle certainly hasn’t changed. Her supposed popularity is a product of a fawning media and her proclivity for making an ass of herself on television.

  3. I believe the Bush wives were (and are ladies), dressed like ladies, acted with decorum and were content to allow their spouses to be president–unlike HRC and MO.

    1. Exactly.

      It’s certainly more along those lines than “the benefit of memories always being rosier than perceptions of the present.”

  4. very weird poll. I personally dislike Michelle Antoinette, but I guess I understand that many people think she’s “cool”? perhaps? but she’s got a higher favorability rating now than her husband did on inauguration day–that doesn’t seem right.

    Hillary’s numbers are even weirder. how can she be so low but poll elsewhere as one of “the most trusted/admired women in America” and the Dem front-runner?

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