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Reid Suggests GOP Opposition to Adegbile Based in Race

Does this guy have any shame? A bit of it?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today suggested Republican opposition to Debo Adegbile, President Obama’s nominee to lead the Justice Department civil rights division, was race based, indicating they opposed Adegbile because he is “an expert in civil rights” – and they want to deny civil rights:

I think that it’s a good time to have a discussion on civil rights. Republicans have done everything they can for a number of years now, trying to stop people from voting . . . Among the things that this good man was expert in is civil rights.

Reid excused the seven Democrats who opposed Adegbile, saying some of them voted against him because they saw he was going to lose.

36 thoughts on “Reid Suggests GOP Opposition to Adegbile Based in Race”

  1. I’m sure Reid is right. My opposition had nothing to do with the fact that Adegbile is a radical leftist defender of cop-killers. It was all about his color.

    Can I tell you how tired I am of all this? EVERYTHING is about race with these people! Opposition to the chicken salad at lunch (infavor of the chopped salad) is race-based. Anything that goes against what King Barry the Arrogant wants is race-based.

    Those who make these arguments do so because they have no better arguments. The facts are against them in every case, so they shout “Racist!”

      1. I’m surprised you got through Denise.
        I have a comment on another thread on this site that took over an hour to show up. (Maybe it hasn’t yet, I’m afraid to look.)
        Moderation hell,…then I replied and was told that I was posting too fast.
        Don’t you just love it ?

      2. “only believing in civil rights for blacks, not whites” is kinda the Obama Regime’s approach to civil rights in general. no wonder they were so high on this guy.

    1. I think the next Democratic presidential candidate should be a Black cop killer. Apparently that is a good thing on your Democrat resume? Freaking idiots!

    1. yes, Mandy’s right. he had to vote with the winning side so he could bring it up for a vote again. but the smart money (Krauthammer, me, et al.) says it’ll never come up again–at least not before the November elections.

      make no mistake: this is a huge win for the country and a huge “black eye” (is that racist?) for the Obama Regime.

  2. Harry Reid has crossed the line of humanity — he is nothing but an old, partisan, reptilian hack hissing venom. He is a vile man, thoroughly corrupted by greed and power. And worse he defiles from the floor of the Senate. Harry Reid bleeds evil.

  3. What excuse would Dingy Harry have used if the man was white? I’m so tired of them squealing racism every time they don’t get their way. Wish he and Obama would take their marbles and go home.

  4. Hey, Nevada, aren’t you proud of your Senator now?

    If not, THROW HIM OUT!! PLEASE!! Quit polluting the American government by re-electing this clown!!

  5. Alphabet is exactly the kind of A hole we don’t need in the DOJ. We already have an A hole (holder) there. One is plenty. And reid is a stupid old man.

  6. it’s funny you should lede with the “has he no shame” line, Keith. last nite, as I watched Dingey Harry going on about the Un-American Koch Brothers, I was reminded of Sen. McCarthy and HUAC and the bad old days of guilt by association. someone needs to ask him that famous question that Joseph Welch asked Joe McCarthy.

    and then, the voters of Nevada need to wake up from their freaking coma and elect someone else!

  7. Earlier, there was a report on FOX that one of the seven DEMS ‘flipped’ his vote to ‘no’ at the last second. Dingy Harry is going to catch h*ll for that one, lol. Any idea who it was?

  8. What logic is that? “They voted against him because he was going to lose.” If they had voted for him, he would have won!

  9. Reid’s also mad because he went to a lot of trouble last year to 1) do away with the ability of the opposition to filibuster a nomination, and 2) require just a simple majority instead of a super majority when voting on a federal judicial nomination and an executive appointment.

  10. AFVet, Sadie, gracepmc;
    So very, very well said. Much more articulate than my obscenity laced comment. Truly this man just P’s me off with this never ending race baiting.

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