As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Quote of the Day || March 6, 2014

“I really don’t think Hillary should be comparing people to Hitler when she’s married to Caligula”

– Monica Lewinsky

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. My dear Aunt Hilda adored Bill Clinton and was so shocked by the revelations of the OvalOffice shenanigans she lit candles for his soul.
    I don’t think it helped, but …..

  2. Well , I think miss Lewinsky has a good point there.
    Off topic, the big thing over here is the leaked discussion between EU´s Ashton and Estonias foreign minister Paet. You can read about it on Zero Hedge, ” Behind Kiev snipers it was somebody from the new coalition”. Dynamite ! Of course, our tame and lame MSM isn´t saying much yet, but, thank heavens for the Internet. Many commenters have snapped the news from British/American blogs and now it´s out. Information democracy.

    • The evidence against the US led coup is mounting. Thanks for the links, swedishlady.
      My eyes were opened last week when the Nuland/Pyatt tape was released. I posted it a few days ago.
      It’s humorous to listen to Kerry et al talkng about giving Putin an ‘off-ramp’. Are they serious?
      I also find it strange that Obama allegedly received no intel about the Russian invasion – it must have taken a couple of months to plan. A full investigation will be launched, lol.

      Two days ago Dennis Kucinich appeared on O’Reilly and tried to blow the whistle on the US involvement. He was not well received and can probably expect an IRS audit (or worse) in the near future.

      • Girly1 Thanks for the clip. I walked in to late, missed the the conversation.
        As far as O missing intel information. I feel he has a limit on how much info he wants to receive. In other words, there are no papers on his desk. In this day and age, he could have a lap top sitting on his desk. The recent picture (film) we saw was him and the Vice running around the White House, and the only thing on his desk, was 2 glasses of water.
        Any other Pres. with all the scandels, Benghazi, and the (List),
        and the Foreign Affairs would have been locked in the WH dealing with all the MAJOR issues. Instead he is either at a Fundraiser, Golf game, Vacation,

    • Henry Kissinger has a sober analysis of the situation in Ukraine and some sober proposals in the Washington Post today. In the comments afterwards someone brought up the amenable divorce between the Czechs and Slovaks as a possible solution in Ukraine. Sudentenland is not the only paradigm.

  3. Speaking of Shameful.
    off topic:
    I was pulling up news websites. I pulled up Huffington Post.
    BIG picture of the Democrates who voted with the Republicans yesterday.
    Above the BIG picture it states: SHAMEFUL 7.