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The Obama Morning News || March 5, 2014

McConnell: Obama budget a “stunt” . . . Newsmax
Budget massively funds new regulations . . . The Hill
Obama and Kerry each slam Putin . . . ABC News
Obama and Merkel outline deal for Russia . . . Politico
Kerry to meet with Lavrov . . . Fox News
Kerry tours Kiev protest sites . . . Associated Press
Close vote set on Obama DOJ nominee . . . Examiner
Clinton compares Putin to Hitler . . . Newsmax
Obama to Dems: Don’t get sleepy . . . Examiner
Christie’s poll numbers decline . . . Reuters
Lerner to appear at House hearing . . . Daily Caller
CPAC straw poll has 26 candidates . . . Washington Times
Poll: Benghazi is Clinton’s big negative . . . Bloomberg

20 Responses to The Obama Morning News || March 5, 2014

  1. I feel terrible if Lerner’s lfe really was threatned. She should have thought about that from the very beginning.
    There are many people who do wrong things, that are offered protection, or go into hiding after testifying.
    On the other hand: Sometimes I feel like there are MANY people in office that have been threaten in some way or another, by the way they just sit back and allow all the scandels etc. to go unanswered.
    That leads back to myself wishing for one HERO either party to come out with all the answers.

    • If her life was threatened that is unfortunate. One would not be out of bounds questioning which side was threatening her, if indeed that happened.

      That said, many public figures received life threats. Some times for the safety of themselves and their families, they go into witness protection or hiding. But apparently Mrs. Lerner has chosen to build a second career of advocating her 5th amendment rights.

      Perhaps proceedings should begin but that looks unlikely. Looks like Lois wins and walks.

  2. Obama’s fundraising speech to the Dems sounds more like he won’t take the blame if they lose in Novemeber, it will be their fault for not getting out the vote. What a putz and so uninspiring.

    • Agree. More “I won”, from the One.
      Of course his list of accomplishments that he presented to the fat-wallet donors failed to mention the wonderful and beloved Obamacare.
      Assuming that all of those attending this fundraiser are savvy, intelligent people, they must roll their eyes at his insistance that things are so much better because of him and his agenda.

      btw… there some outcry, some need, some desire that toddlers be whisked away on yellow busses for their early education? The simple logistics and realities of forcing 3 and 4yr old children into an regimented environment are mind-boggling.
      Of all MrO’s fantasy wishes, this is the strangest one.

  3. Lerner again invoked the Fifth and Issa adjourned the hearing. Elijah Cummings went bat-poo crazy after that, and Issa turned off his microphone because he already had given Cummings the chance to make a statement. He’s still ranting.

  4. We prob shouldn’t laff, esp at that Colbert fellow, but he was funny commenting on Obama’s jeans while talking to Putin–“What is this, casual Doomsday?” Then in a wider shot, Putin barechested petting a tiger as he talked to Obama, standing there all spindly.

  5. This Bloomberg poll on Hillary Clinton is one of those which ask you to name one best or one worst thing about a person and then manipulates you to appear as if you take the opposite position on each and every other point. So, those polled named Benghazi as her worst action as Secretary of State and then those polled go on by 2/3s to say that otherwise she was a successful top diplomat. As Keith’s excellent video below shows, however, when questioned her supporters cannot her top achievements or even one. In fact, she was a very destructive top diplomat.

  6. Hillary compares Putin to Hitler

    What about Hillary’s role as SOS during the US led coups in Egypt, Libya, Syria? And the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi which may have had something to do with US/CIA gun-running to Syrian (AlQaeda) rebels?
    Could it be that the US did not expect Putin to take a stand in the Ukraine coup since he was so busy with Sochi? Something’s not right here.

    Ukraine: Russia’s Response to a US-EU Sponsored Coup d’Etat. Violation of International Law?


    NATO’s Secretary General talks about Russia threatening peace and security and violating the UN Charter. Washington and NATO have become the biggest threat to world peace of all and in recent years the biggest violators of UN principles.

    As Washington continues to embark on a quest for global domination (aka the Project for a New American Century) and as it continues its war on working people across the planet via its wealth-plundering ‘globalisation’ agenda (3) or any nation that challenges its interests, it enslaves us all. It plunges us ever closer to nuclear confrontation (4). The stench of hypocrisy is palpable.