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Video || RNC Ad: “Baby Got Debt”

Obama unveils his FY2015 budget today. There’s a lot to cry about.

31 thoughts on “Video || RNC Ad: “Baby Got Debt””

  1. IMO, that’s not the cry of “I owe too much money and can’t find a job”, but rather “My diaper’s full and I don’t like it” cry.

    1. I’ll tell you who’s full of “it”: whoever thought this would be a good ad. Besides the obnoxious noise, it’s just awful to use a baby’s crying to try to make a point. It’s exploitive.

  2. Those of us here are attuned to this issue of burdening our children and grandchildren. The RNC is preaching to the choir. But the 47%ers could care less about what happens down the road. IMHO it’s a waste of an ad: those who care about the issue are already in the fold.

    1. I agree. It is a waste. The RNC’s strategy has been 5 years of “Obama Bad! Obama Bad! Obama Bad!”, and they haven’t made much headway with it.

      Without vision the people perish, and so does the GOP

  3. There should have this film of the crying baby.
    Than a film showing how this baby grew up, and the different America this adult will be living in.
    In other words many people and there family though the years may have done with more or less. However the fear of America not being the same was not a feared.

    1. As are Karl Rove and his group. Don’t these people get any input from the grassroots, or is it that they just totally shut us out?

      1. Their massive egos loom over everything and everyone. But, they cannot completely shut out the light of cognizance. Lord have mercy. I am sick of these bloviating fools.

  4. In response to Girly 1 R. Priebus has to go.

    OT sort of. Speaking of cry babies — the RNC. The RNC left
    Sarah Palin off its list of GOP trailblazers. I am not a huge Palin fan but she has been very instrumental in rallying some of the troops and more lmportantly in getting some people elected like Martinez and Haley who were mentioned. My question to them would be — will they speak up to the RNC about leaving Palin off? Not so far.

    1. Well, they unceremoniouly dumped her but the events of the last two days with her comments on the Ukraine should make them feel sheepish. I have a feeling they will welcome her back with open arms. She made a great call, as well as Mitt Rommney during the debate.
      Instead of the stupid baby crying ads, they need to smack Obama up one side and down the other with daily loops of those damning clips. Romney should be sitting in the Oval office today – end of story.

        1. Hope your bail wasn’t too high. At least we don’t need wheelbarrows of paper yet.

          Anyway, as much as the RNC diss, what annoys me is Martinez and Haley being as stingy.

  5. That cute little baby will cry even more when she hears that Kerry has promised Ukraine lots and lots of economic help ( according to our media). Oh no. what did I write, ” Ukraine” ? I meant, the Ukrainan interim regime that just recently came into power through a violent coup, supported by various secret alliances , including our Barry.

  6. Speaking of babies–and this may not be the thread for it–I am not a fan of the words “legitimate” or “illegitimate” to describe a child depending on whether the parents were legally married. All children are legitimate–they have a right to live and duke it out along with everyone else. In 2002, only 7% of households were in the “old” model of married mom and dad, one breadwinner (dad) per. It might not be a great idea financially to bring a child into the world with only one parent to scratch for the money–that may even apply to married couples where only one works. But the child–the child–does not deserve to be singled out for scorn. “You did not marry that child’s father, so that child is something less.” Yes, I was not married to my daughter’s father–I take this very personally.

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