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Video || DNC Members Stumped on Hillary’s Achievements

A couple of weeks ago, I wondered, Does Hillary have any foreign policy successes? I took a rhetorical trip around the world, and found none.

Well, apparently Democrats have the same problem – thinking of something great or even good she did as Secretary of State.

I’m not sure what Hillary has achieved in the last two decades. But I do know that, as Woody Allen once said, 80 percent of life is showing up.

21 thoughts on “Video || DNC Members Stumped on Hillary’s Achievements”

  1. Who knew blood clots were contagious! All of them should be hospitalized (strike hospitalized) – they should be institutionalized!

  2. Let us be fair.

    Hillary’s accomplishments include:

    inciting and enabling the popular rebellion in Egypt that overthrew Mubarak who had been a loyal US ally and upheld the Camp David peace accords for three decades.

    Inciting and enabling the rebellion in Egypt that overthrew Daffy Gadaffy who had repented and surrendered to Condoleeza Rice and George W Bush, revealing that he had gas centrifuges that the CIA never suspected and thus revealed the nuclear technology bizarre operated by A Q Kahn of Pakistan.

    Exploited fraudulent science to obstruct construction of the Keystone pipeline thus leaving the US more dependant on Middle East oil and alienating Canada.

    Hillar along with Barack have accomplished many things. The only problem is that their accomplishments have been bad for the United States.

  3. Her lack of accomplishment as Sec of State is irrelevant.

    Her fawning minions think that her major achievements are: she’s a woman; she was First Lady for 8 years; she traveled all of those miles.

    Just compare that to the qualifications of the guy that’s president now.

    After 8 years of Obama, can this country afford at least 4 years of Hillary?

    1. Her positives according to Democrats:
      She’s a woman
      She’s pro-abortion
      She’s feisty (but NOT a bitch like Bachmann or Nicky Haley),
      She’s smart (Not like Palin)
      She’s married to Bill
      Fantastic mother
      She’s well travelled
      She’s not Susie homemaker
      She’s from New York AND Illinois AND Arkansas
      She’s can stand up to men without being perceived as a shrew
      She’s can answer questions
      She was anti-Iraq after she was pro-Iraq
      Whooo hoo!

    2. No more complicated than that: Hillary’s gender. Yesterday the Herblock prize for editorial cartooning was awarded to a woman w/ no newspaper affiliation other than alternative pubs. She publishes once x wk. compared to 5. The award is second only to the Pulitzer and comes w/ a $15K tax free prize. This will be the only place I say a word about it for obvious reasons.

        1. All this picking of winners and losers and giving a hand or leg up to certain people or genders and trying to see whose “turn” it is–why not let people live, create, and compete and see who’s best or most helpful. Then those people can get awards. Certainly the Pulitzer should have requirements–such as being a full-time employee or something like that.

          1. I meant the Herblock, not the Pulitzer. I am not really an expert in this–but it does seem unfair. She wasn’t even that funny? Actually neither was Herblock a lot of the time.

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  5. 80% of life is just showing up? As far as Benghazi is concerned she couldn’t even get that right. God help us if this hag gets elected as POTUS.

  6. Thanks to Keith, I asked my sister what Hillary accomplished as SOS. Could not answer, other than she traveled more than any other and then went on a Sarah Palin is so stupid rant. It was too funny, made my day.

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