As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Choom Gang Economics

President Obama’s FY 2015 budget, which he unveiled today, is a good budget. If you’re high.

The budget is going nowhere – it’s a document written by liberals with few areas for compromise, and the House is in the hands of Republicans.

And it’s not really a budget, because budgets are supposed to be written for people who are thinking straight. I take President Obama and his aides at their word that they believe in what they’ve created, but that doesn’t mean it’s a serious document.

The smartest people working for Obama – or at least those with a foot most securely in the real world – have always been the political types. And it’s as a political manifesto that the budget makes sense.

The budget has lots of stuff for the poor and the middle class, and it taxes the rich. And Obama, who appeared today at a school in Washington, wants to use it to let everyone know what heartless, child-despising bastards Republicans are:

I thought it was appropriate for me to say a few words about the budget that I sent to Congress this morning — because obviously the budget is not just about numbers, it’s about our values and it’s about our future, and how well we are laying the groundwork for those young children that I was with just a few moments ago to be able to succeed here in America.

Our budget is about choices.  It’s about our values.  As a country, we’ve got to make a decision if we’re going to protect tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, or if we’re going to make smart investments necessary to create jobs and grow our economy, and expand opportunity for every American.

At a time when our deficits are falling at the fastest rate in 60 years, we’ve got to decide if we’re going to keep squeezing the middle class, or if we’re going to continue to reduce the deficits responsibly, while taking steps to grow and strengthen the middle class.

The American people have made clear time and again which approach they prefer.  That’s the approach that my budget offers.

Well, we’ll see in November which approach they prefer, given that the current approach isn’t increasing employment or helping the economy much at all.

So Obama will talk on the campaign trail about Republicans who like to squeeze the middle class – while he wants to give them a pleasant hug – and who have no “values.” But he’s also given Republicans a nice round number to trumpet: $1 trillion in new taxes over the next decade.

Yup, that’s what Obama wants. Soak the rich to pay for the Opportunity, Growth and Security Initiative, which will fund preschool for all four year olds, toddler and infant care for 100,000 children, medical research, National Parks improvements, roads, manufacturing “institutes,” climate research, job training, a new parental leave proposal, a $60 billion expansion of the earned income tax credit, and other free stuff, while cutting defense spending.

While it’s true the deficit has come down in the past few years, it’s declining from record heights, you must remember. And without real entitlement reform, it will begin to shoot right back up. And Obama barely touches entitlements.

It’s a Profile in Pusillanimity.

Every year you wait to address the crushing new debt that will be caused by Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the fixes you have to make hurt more people and hurt them worse. Obama is simply hoping to spend money today and leave the mess to be cleaned up by more responsible people later.

This is Choom Gang Economics. Party now, order out, and let someone else clean up the pizza crusts.

Some people never really grow up and become responsible. And some of them become president.

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    • Tax the rich, but the rich and powerful get things for free.
      Free trips to China
      Free ski trips
      Free extra weeks in Hawaii
      Free golf on the best courses
      Free concerts (with no Ticketmaster fees)
      Free food
      Free transportation
      Free Cable
      Free everything.

      • AF Vet, Off topic. What is youir thoughts of us not sending a ship to the Black Sea. We do have the right to be there.
        Would that be over the top, or do you feel it would show support for Ukraine, Poland etc.?

        • Being a USN Vet I think the US should send an “ARG”; USN/USMC Amphip Ready Group in to the Black Sea… (what would Putin say or do knowing USN warships & a thousand US Marine Jar-heads are floating around in his backyard…)

          • I wouldn’t put boots on the ground given this administration’s reputation for protecting our troops.
            The ROE is so restrictive under the present regime they prohibit the warriors from making the decisions that they need to make to survive.

            Langley Spook is Navy/Marine.
            His answer to you is consistent with the tactics that we would employ under another administration, but not this one.
            Hell, if we sent B-2’s over there, who gives the command to open the bomb bay doors ?
            Obama ?

            The Air Force has the capability to destroy the ships that Putin has sitting there.
            Remember Pearl Harbor ?

  1. I’m beginning to think Obama should be punished with a third term so that he can wallow in his second term mess (which will be significantly worse than the first term mess) and finally suffer the consequences – impeachment – or worse. High crimes and misdemeanors carry a stiff penalty.

  2. This moron acts like nobody ever made it to the top in the USA. This is the one place in the world that you can be born with nothing, or come here with nothing, and end up rich and famous.
    What the hell is wrong with Barry’s mind?
    And putting 4 year olds in union run, state sponsored schools? Maybe when hell freezes over.
    He is so full of crap, it is painful to even acknowledge that is POTUS.

    • “putting 4 year olds in union run, state sponsored schools”

      Hammer meet nail or ‘sickle’ – it’s the very reason the Left denigrates charter schools – they’re union-free.

  3. Again, the “grown up in the room” addresses his favorite constituency: low information children

    Even the Politico “Breaking News” gave away the ruse:

    “President Barack Obama proposed a $3.901 trillion budget that would raise taxes on the rich, expand tax credits for the poor and middle-class and serve as a White House wish list.

    Though very little of it is expected to become law – or even be seriously considered for legislation at the Capitol – Obama’s budget serves as a benchmark for congressional Democrats heading into November’s midterm elections.”

  4. Outline for the 2014 budget
    Teacher’s union – check
    UAW union – check
    Trade unions – check
    Soak the rich – check
    More welfare money – check
    Fool the middle class – check
    Get the toddlers in government schools – check
    Sqeeze the military – check
    Hire more government union workers – check
    Raise taxes on everyone – check
    Spend, spend, spend – check

  5. Great post Keith !
    I feel that Obama is still under the illusion that people are still taking his rhetoric as doctrine.
    Personally, I am sick of seeing his image and tired of hearing his voice.
    His credibility is waning among the American People and it has tanked among the people of the rest of the world, many of whom have lived in repressive regimes and are warning America that that is where we are headed.

    Barry likes to talk big, and the world leaders are laughing at him and US for allowing him to take this Country to Her knees.

    I’ll never forget the statement that he made,….”if you bring a knife, we’ll bring a gun.”
    Arrogance, a little skinny bully that has surrounded himself with people that are as nefarious as he is to get him to the position that he now holds.

    Hollow threats against the fiber of Americans will come back to bite him in the ass.
    And it is starting.

  6. Whew! Don’t hold back, Keith, tell us what you really think about Obama’s fairy tale, uh, budget. Oh, I SO want the Dems to lose the Senate this time around.

    • If the GOP takes the Senate we can’t have McConnell in charge or Boehner in charge.

      The American people want people who know what they are talking about and can articulate it.

  7. “At a time when our deficits are falling at the fastest rate in 60 years.”. Really POTUS what world are you living in that this is happening? Certainly not in Real Ville like the rest of us have to live in.

    • He lives in a mansion called the White House.
      He is surrounded by 24 hr. security and can ring a bell to get any food that he wants anytime of the night or day.
      He has two dogs that he pays someone $100,000 dollars a year to walk them and clean up their poop.
      He has a private movie theater and access to a personal gym, a bowling alley, a basketball court.
      He has a 747 at his beck and call, fully outfitted with a military group that are always on the aircraft and are monitoring every aspect of what could possibly be a threat.

      What a life !!!

      • “He has two dogs that WE pay someone $100,000 dollars a year to walk them and clean up their poop.”

        Slight tweak, AFVet.

          • It will be interesting to see how his lifestyle changes post-White House. (Unless, of course, he is bestowed with plenty of “gifts” — including millions of dollars for doing what he does best — speak to adoring fans.)

      • You forgot to mention all the family trips and Moochelle’s vacations, on which she takes the children, her mother, and various other relatives listed as her “senior advisors.” Maybe the mother is a “senior”…but the others not so much.

    • One of Obama’s most chilling abilities is that he can look right straight into the camera and tell the biggest boneheaded lie, and not skip a beat. No guilt, no looking aside, no beads of sweat on the brow, no compunction. He does this even when he knows the lie will exposed as soon as the camera turns off. And when he’s caught, he lies about telling the lie. There’s something deeply not right with this guy.

      • Narcissistic sociopaths such as Barry are able to lie, and lie, and lie without care or compunction. Even worse, they are often smooth and charming, so people believe and buy into their lies. Think Ted Bundy. Barry is very like him, and in the end will be responsible for more deaths than Bundy ever dreamed of.

  8. Never mind impeachment. Can’t we just get Congress to agree that the man is too mentally incompetent to continue to hold office?

  9. Cease all this imperialist yankee running dog anti revolutionary banter comrades! You will submit to Premier Obamas will! Come comrades!….join with me in singing The Internationale!