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Obama Threatens Israel to get a Deal with the Palestinians

In an interview with Bloomberg published yesterday, President Obama took to lecturing and threatening Israel, implying that he, and not the Israeli leadership, knows what’s best for the country and warning that if peace talks fail it would be difficult for the U.S. “to manage the international fallout.”

Sounds almost like a line from a gangster flick.

There’ll be consequences see? I might not be able to stop some bad things from happening, see what I mean?

At a time when Israel is dealing with a mortal threat from Iran, Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have embarked on a mission to forge a peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians, putting the Israelis in a position of possibly having to hand over security-diminishing concessions to the Palestinians in order to ensure Obama’s backing against the Iranian nuclear program.

Nobody was particularly pushing for a peace deal right now except Kerry, who stands to win a Nobel Prize should the effort succeed and go down in history, along with Obama, as having eclipsed their predecessors by achieving a thorough Israeli-Palestinian agreement.

In the interview, Obama averred that the United States maintains a “rock-solid commitment” to Israel. But we might not be able to prevent certain bad things from happening, okay?

But what I do believe is that if you see no peace deal and continued aggressive settlement construction — and we have seen more aggressive settlement construction over the last couple years than we’ve seen in a very long time — if Palestinians come to believe that the possibility of a contiguous sovereign Palestinian state is no longer within reach, then our ability to manage the international fallout is going to be limited.

Obama added it was not necessarily that the United States would be unwilling to stop the “fallout,” an odd way to phrase it.

What’s more, Obama suggests, the international community has a point.

What we also know is that Israel has become more isolated internationally. We had to stand up in the Security Council in ways that 20 years ago would have involved far more European support, far more support from other parts of the world when it comes to Israel’s position. And that’s a reflection of a genuine sense on the part of a lot of countries out there that this issue continues to fester, is not getting resolved, and that nobody is willing to take the leap to bring it to closure.

They have genuine concerns about you, Mr. Prime Minister.

And, in a sign of why he has such a bad relationship with Netanyahu – and hasn’t made many friends anywhere on the world stage – Obama demanded that Netanyahu come up with an alternative if he doesn’t like Obama’s approach:

If he does not believe that a peace deal with the Palestinians is the right thing to do for Israel, then he needs to articulate an alternative approach. And as I said before, it’s hard to come up with one that’s plausible.

Israel, Obama all but suggested, would become a kind of South Africa of the Holy Land:

Do you resign yourself to what amounts to a permanent occupation of the West Bank? Is that the character of Israel as a state for a long period of time? Do you perpetuate, over the course of a decade or two decades, more and more restrictive policies in terms of Palestinian movement? Do you place restrictions on Arab-Israelis in ways that run counter to Israel’s traditions?

Incredibly, Obama contradicted his own logic without seeing it, getting at the Israeli fear that a deal with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is no more than a deal with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and will be cast aside by future radicals:

Abbas is getting older, and I think nobody would dispute that whatever disagreements you may have with him, he has proven himself to be somebody who has been committed to nonviolence and diplomatic efforts to resolve this issue. We do not know what a successor to Abbas will look like.

Indeed, we don’t.

Netanyahu meets at the White House with Obama today. The White House, presumably, hopes the Israeli leader will listen and learn something.


38 thoughts on “Obama Threatens Israel to get a Deal with the Palestinians”

  1. Keith, Thank you for the informaton on that interview.
    Right now O has me speechless again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Almost had a coronary early this morning after reading this insufferable coward’s thuggish threats to the Israeli PM. The idea of spewing these words during an interview with the New Yorker TWO days before Bibi’s arrival at the WH. I am hoping against hope that Bibi will be a ‘no-show’ this afternoon. He woulld garner the respect of the entire world.

    How ironic that Obama is giving Bibi the same treatment he gives Congress over Obamacare: “If you have a better alternative – let’s hear it”. Problem is, he never listens to anyone. It’s his way or the highway.

    What will Obama do if Netanyahu refuses to negotiate? Sic the IRS on him?
    Please, Mr. Prime Minister, tell this two-bit thug to go pound sand!

  3. What country would Obama try to bully except Israel? Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, North Korea. No, Israel.

    The Palestinians have proven again and again they don’t want peace. All the polls there affirm this. The Palestinians are the only muslim people that still have a favorable opinion about suicide bombings.

    They hate the Jews not just Israelis. They are taught this from birth.

    1. Obama has no idea of history in that region they don’t call it the
      ‘Cradle of Humanity’ for the tourist. It’s been in a state of division , war and flux since time began and nothing the cowardly lion or
      Kerry can do or say will change things. These two truly are in way
      over their heads and have no concept of history but dear Mr Netanyahu does a wise man who will not suffer fools like these two. He has my sympathy and admiration.

    2. Many people do not know or forget that many Palestinians willingly sold their familial property to the Jews moving back to their homeland. It wasn’t just taken from them. Now it is a capital offense for a Palestinian to do so, and they compare their situation to the Native Americans selling Manhattan to the settlers.

      BTW, we find it amusing that Obama reads Netanyahu the riot act while Putin has gone into Ukraine. “Please, Vlady, don’t make trouble, I beg you.”

  4. PMNetanyahu is going to the wrong place and meeting with the wrong man to find assurances that the US will help defend Israel against it’s enemies.
    He should have set up meetings with the uber-wealthy influential Jewish community that showered MrO with millions of dollars while they polished his boots. Perhaps PMNetanyhu can convince these people that a nation comprised of residents of their own faith are threatened, once again, by evil-doers who want to exterminate them from the world.
    If he can successfully convince these men and women that Hitler’s final solution is still considered a good thing by millions of non-Jewish people, they might approach MrObama and force him to honor our committment that “never again” is a promise that American made, too.

    1. Geoff, I’ve been looking for you to say that I j read my second Friday Follies this weekend. Well done. You speak with a true voice. Thanks.

    2. Keith. lots of things said by the President to counter in this interview

      But this one is my favorite quote: “if Palestinians come to believe that the possibility of a contiguous sovereign Palestinian state is no longer within reach”

      Hmm…How do you make a contiguous sovereign nation between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank? It’s impossible except to cut through Israel itself, and give the Palestinians a piece of Israel.
      So Israel-Proper will have less land and be dividend into 2 pieces.

      This President is a genius at Diplomacy.

      Dear Israel…here’s your solution, take it or die.
      We take a section of your land to provide a walking path from Gaza to the West Bank. you will be cut into 2. And it will give the terrorists much more area to strike?
      I’m not even asking or telling them to recognize your right to exist or Israel’s right to be a Jewish state.
      How’s that for negotiations, Bibi?

      1. how about if the US was contiguous?
        Let’s annex a walkthrough area through Canada that cuts it into pieces from Alaska to Idaho.

      2. “a contiguous sovereign Palestinian state …”

        Obama is committed to building and paving the road to hell and there’s NFW Israel will ever let herself be divided into bits and pieces and Obama knows that, so he’s setting up the stage for failure and to blame Israel, of course.

        And in other news, Syria has turned over less than 10% of its chemical weapons – stern warning to follow. Obama’s foreign policy is akin to obamacare – they’re still building the back half.

  5. We won’t have any allies left after this Presidency. There were certain allies we could depend upon. Israeli and the United Kingdom were tied in there support. The UK would follow us anywhere and Syria is the line in which they said enough. The way Obama has treated Netanyahu is an embarrassment to the U.S.

    Obama had a nicer tribute to Filmmaker Harold Ramos than Prime Minister Ariel Sharon…………..

    1. You’re correct. I listen to talk radio from all over the world (using my handy dandy wifi digital radio). I listen to politicians and callers from Australia, New Zealand, France, South Africa, Ireland, Great Britain, Scotland, Israel, Canada, etc. The topic of Obama and his behavior comes up often. I can tell you that there is enormous disappointment with Obama and his policies. He is viewed around the world as weak, uninformed, undisciplined, hopelessly out of touch with reality with the US role on world affairs.

  6. Obama is a bully. But without his peeps he is a coward.

    He’s like a preening peacock.

    And really, what’s in it for Israel after the hapless Hagel has announced to the world that Obama wants to downsize and neuter our military.

    Israel would be better off without this stupid Administration — going after personal rewards like the Nobel Peace Price. In this case, maybe the devil you know is not the best choice.

    1. This takes chutzpah! First, she snubbed the Chinese first lady at Sunnylands, and how she is going to spend a gazillion taxpayer dollars to entertain her kids and mother.
      It’s about time Congress takes away her AMEX Black card! This is grand larceny. These grifters haven’t spent a dime of their own $$$ in six years – make her pay for it.

      Where are the taxpayer Red Lines? Inside or outside of the US? Enough is enough!

      1. Exploding head I’ve been in a self induced secluded undisclosed location after reading about MO and hangers on I should have stayed there.:-(

  7. Keith, excellent assessment and analysis of Obama’s bizarre understanding and view of Israel and his worldview of the situation. Obama is completely wrongheaded on his policy toward Israel. And he isn’t even slightly aware of his ignorance on the matter.

      1. Good point, Sadie. Historians will debate, for many years, whether Obama is really the hapless, ham-handed, clueless politician he appears to be, or whether he is a dedicated Fabian socialist, anti-American tyrant completely determined to bring America down to its knees. That was, after all, the dream of his father. It’s probably a mix of both.

        1. His pandering to those who would see all of us, not just Israel, wiped off the face of the world, is what worries me the most. And it’s not just Barry. Why are some of the West’s so called “leaders” encouraging immigration to our shores by the worst elements? Why welcome with open arms, those who will contribute nothing, and will be parasites on our countries? Is this all just a part of a vast and terrible design, or am I just a conspiracy nut?

          1. I pulled up You Tube for the first time this morning.
            I noticed there was a list of films and movies.
            I pulled up the film made in 1945. It had film of eight Concentration Camps.
            I watched it out of repect for the people kept in the Camps, and the US. Military and Allies who fought in the war. I also watched it because of O’s comments.

          2. No doubt Obama’s pattern of behavior is destructive to the nation. He cozies up to those who want to destroy us, pushes long term allies off the cliff. One of the reasons Rome fell is that hoards of what we would now call illegal immigrants come into the empire and became an enormous burden to Rome’s economy, helping to collapse it eventually. It didn’t help that there were 27 Emperors between Augustine and Constantine, most of which were far more like our Obama than either Aug or Cons.

  8. “Incredibly, Obama contradicted his own logic without seeing it” — Sorry, Keith, there’s nothing incredible about Obama being illogical or self-contradictory. He’s not a clear thinker. He has never really had to be a clear thinker or be consistent.

    For a stunning example, consider that one day after signing the ACA, he ridiculed people who said it would cause Armageddon; after all, the sun was out, the birds were chirping, it was a pretty nice day. Four or five days later, he added a parable to his mockery of ACA critics: it was about a farmer so stupid he panicked when he saw no crops growing a mere week after planting his seeds!

    Obama is so muddle-headed he doesn’t know or care when he is flat-out contradicting himself or undermining his own case. His fans don’t ask him to make a compelling case. He merely has to be Barack and speak in that suave baritone, and they think they’re hearing genius.

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  10. Since no one else as said it, let me be blunt:


    Let me double down, he is a confirmed anti-Semite. His pastor, Rev Wright, is an anti-Semite. His Islamic heritage through his father is anti-Semitic. He has sided with the Jew haters over Israel several times, this being the last.

    I can’t yet tell if Kerry is a Jew Hater or just following Left Wing Jew hating marching orders to win a Nobel Prize.

    The whole of Obama’s foreign policy in the middle east is anti-Semitic. It blames the Jews for everything: Syria, fault of the Jews, Egypt, fault of the Jews, Iran, fault of the Jews. If he can broker Israel/Palestinian peace, all of the other problems in all of the other Islamic nations will just sort of magically dry up.

    You want more proof Obama is the second coming of Jimmy Carter? Besides the crap economy, crap jobs market, crappy feeling in the country, America has a Jew hater for president.

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