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Michelle to Take Week-Long Trip to China

Let’s Move . . . to the other side of the planet!

First Lady Michelle Obama will visit China from March 19-26 – and it’s all for the children!

Which children, I’m not sure. Chinese children I think. But she’ll be looking to educate American children and promote interconnectedness and other great buzz words.

And she’ll be doing some fantastic sight seeing on behalf of the children! Also, her daughters Sasha and Malia and mother Marian will be coming along on this important mission, which will no doubt cost taxpayers hundreds of thousand of dollars, and probably well north of $1 million.

All to be paid for with borrowed money from . . . China!

Michelle announced her trip in a blog post today:

My husband and I take the time to visit countries like China because we know that today, more than ever before, our lives here in America are connected to the lives of people around the world.

Thank you for taking the time. Please, while you’re there, get in a little tine for yourself. Oh, wait, you’ve got that covered:

I’ll also be visiting various historical and cultural sites in China, and I look forward to sharing with you the stories of the students I meet, as well as the interesting facts I learn about Chinese history and culture.

Oh God, thanks, because we never could have found that stuff on the Internet. She’ll stop of course in Xi’an, where she can try to talk education with the terrocota army:

terrocota army

Michelle will not only be speaking to Chinese students about them, she’ll be telling them about Michelle:

I’ll be talking with students about their lives in China and telling them about America and the values and traditions we hold dear.  I’ll be focusing in particular on the power and importance of education, both in my own life and in the lives of young people in both of our countries.

Michelle and her entourage – are the cousins coming on this one too? – will also stop in Beijing and Chengdu.

Michelle will be do a daily blog “complete with videos and photos, and answering questions from “kids across America.”

Michelle in 2011 took a similar exciting excursion to South Africa. Somehow she never tours Canada.

Meanwhile, President Obama will be visiting the Netherlands, Belgium, the Vatican and Saudi Arabia. But that trip wouldn’t be quite as important, so those countries won’t get a first lady.

I mean, who cares about Dutch kids? And does Belgium have terrocota soldiers? I think not.

72 thoughts on “Michelle to Take Week-Long Trip to China”

  1. I’m confused – we want the children of China to be as healthy (or healthier) than our children? Keep your friends healthy, but your enemies healthier?

    I think we should be sharing with them the wonderful products we enjoy here in the US of A. My favorites: Peeps, Double Stuffed Oreos, Little Debbie’s Swiss Cakes, Baconators, McRibs, varieties of sodas, etc. Let them decide: 1) if they like them; & 2) what a serving size is and how much they want to consume. Why? For one thing, this might help our trade deficit, and secondly – Peeps are a sneaky way to convert them to Christianity – as Peeps are associated with Easter.

    What this really sounds like is what Keith alludes to – another expensive vacation for the 1st family where the taxpayers foot the bill.

    1. My mother always told me there were children in China who were starving…..they’d probably like some of that good stuff from McD’s to eat.

        1. My mom talked about the starving children in Africa. I once told her we could send it to them, she didn’t like that answer. :(

          1. With my dad, it was the starving children in India. I once suggested, in all innocence, that we wrap up what I didn’t want and send it to them. He knocked me off my chair.

      1. My mom said tge sane thing. That cold slimy okra sliding down my throat was almost as bad as the school lunch I had consumed earlier. Here is an idea for Michelle: she can give the Chinese school officials pointers on the enhanced school lunches tgat she has promoted with American kids through the government funded programs ( you know, the meals tgat kids everywhere in tge USA that kids love). I am sure tgat the Chinese will be glad to feed their kids the same diet ASAP.

    2. Healthy Chinese children = the future paratroops at the start of the real “Red Dawn”…
      (USA will never pay of Communist Chinese “debts”, so the weak USA will give the West Coast to Communist China…)

  2. I hope the Chinese have all of the food content on the labels of anything Michelle Antoinette and her entourage will be eating. We certainly would want to know the fat and carb content of Chow Mein, especially if it contains cat.

      1. Being a “China scholar” (who had to drop out of college) I am always blown-away by the IGNORANCE of “China” when it comes to the US…

        1. To Star… are correct, Chop Suey is NOT from China, but Chow Mein is. I was simply making a link, apparently poorly done, to the FLOTUS and her quest to enlighten those of us who don’t know how to read food labels, and hoping she gets the Chinese in line while she is there.

          To Langley Spook…..I am always thankful for my students who are from China and are delighted to talk about their country, and to express gratitude for a chance to be in the US, learning about our country.

  3. List of things Michelle will say to the Chinese students:
    1) Drink lots of water.
    2) Exercise. maybe they can try Kung Fu.
    3) Rice is not healthy for you. Nor Pork.
    4) Beyoncé is awesome. She’s bootylicious.
    5) She recently spoke with the Dalai Lama and she wants to go skiing in Tibet.
    6) How come there are so many more boys than girls?

    List of things Michelle will hear from the Chinese Students
    1) The water here is polluted
    2) Hey, I think my 10 year old brother made that shirt of yours in a factory last year.
    3) We can’t wait to visit you in Hawaii after we purchase it.
    4) Why are your daughters not in school? A break? What’s that? No wonder why the U.S. children can’t do Math.

    1. also one other thing.. they giver her a fortune cookie that has a strip inside stating “that’s not chicken!”

  4. So, she didn’t have time to see the terra cotta warriors when they visited DC ?

    I doubt she’ll do the actually blogging, but I’m sure there will be lots of photos of her looking “concerned about the world’s children”.

    Hey, nice gig if you can get it ;)

    1. Yeah,….maybe she can push the abortion agenda and the embracing of the LGBT philosophy of the left in this Country.
      I’m sure that they will embrace her as an astute messenger of the direction this Country is headed toward.
      NOT !

  5. In the sixties as I was growing up. If this vacation spending of Tax dollars was going on: A lot of people would have gone outside at one time and protested. Back than the news media would have shown this protest going on.
    Than a song would have been written about this degrading spending of needed tax dollar money.
    They do not care to be respected. If their ego cared about that, they could fake a picture once in a while about the four of them having a vacation by a nearby lake, with sandwiches, drinks, ice chest, football

  6. Who’s going to tell Michelle Obama what American traditions and things we hold dear are? In her case the taxpayer travel fund.

  7. It’s spring break soon for Malia and Sasha in their private school. I was wondering where they were going. I bet they get to take along their school friends, too.

    Where haven’t they been? I can only think of Australia, the middle east and two poles.not much else.

    1. FLOTUS is ensuring the ‘girls’ get their bona fides, just in case the next generation of Obamas want to dip into politics. UGH…what a thought!

      It all reminds me of an elderly woman, I met once in a posh neighborhood in S. Florida. She went on at length about where she had traveled to, cruised to or flew to. Not satisfied, she went on to say, “and my husband and I are going to take a cruise around the world.”
      I stood for a moment silently and finally said to her, “but where on earth will you go the next time?” You should have seen the blank look on her face – my response was totally lost on her.

      1. Every time FLINO is asked what it is she likes best about being FLOTUS, she answers: THE TRAVEL! Always. She waxes poetic about how privileged her children are – traveling the world.
        It brings to mind the Biblical parable about casting pearls before swine. No one has ever been so undeserving of occupying the residence at 1600.
        All she does is check off the 5-Star restaurants and the Fodor Travel Guide.

    2. The younger daughter has (is?) studying one of the Chinese languages at the Sidwell Friends School so, yes, I imagine we will be footing the bill for several of her classmates who also study Chinese. Those poor kids at Sidwell Friends need scholarships from the American taxpayers.

      1. Mandarin. Her parents had her prepped to say a couple of words in Mandarin to the former Chinese PM who came for a State visit. Her entire class was on the WH lawn to greet him. Another PR stunt.

        1. (I have been reading Chinese history on my own for over 10 years, and I am busting my pathetic ass to learn Mandarin… BUT! Obama’s elite/spoiled/out-of-touch daughter will be named an “Ambassador to China” before me… Go figure.)

  8. This is hysterical. The food problems in China are legion. Can we start with dead pigs floating down the river and go from there.

    Enough to keep Mooch over there as chief advisor for at least a decade.

        1. I cannot imagine this woman having the political delicacy to move about in an oriental society in any graceful non offensive way.

          It is my understanding that to this day many orientals are “not appreciative” of the coarseness of the Westerners (ok maybe not to the extent that they were so repulsed initially in the Shogun movie). The only thing going for her will be the Chinese inclination to nod and smile weakly.

  9. I wonder if the little men in dark blue suits will be following the Obama entourage.
    My business partner and I traveled to China many times during the 80’s and 90’s. Whenever we had the time, we would visit the ‘tourist’ spots. Invariably, young Chinese university students would approach us – eager to ask questions about America. Almost immediately, a group of dour faced men in dark blue suits (Big Brothers) would swoop in on the young students and whisk them away. We didn’t realize it at the time, but China forbade their citizens to speak to Americans in public arenas.
    We were constantly followed by the Chinese goons.

    I doubt that Chinese officials are thrilled with the prospect of entertaining our high-flying, spend-a-holic FLINO and her entourage of freeloaders. She is no role model for the young people of China, They probably recoil in horror at her antics here in the US.

  10. “USA v. COMMUNIST CHINA” in the 21st Century…

    (has anyone read “Clash of Civilizations” by Samuel Huntington…?)

    -I get the point that Obama is the most IGNORANT-CLUELESS-(curse-word) ‘US President’ when it comes “foreign affairs” in US History.
    At this point in History, Obama has NO PROBLEM throwing away US Interests in the ‘Pacific Rim’…

      1. If they are replies to someone else, you can refresh by hitting the reply marker once again. Your comment will come up again and you can try to post it again. Usually works the second time as mine just did.

  11. Just curious. When did FLINO book the trip to China? Before or after the Olympics and the Ukraine invasion? Is she aware that China is siding with Russia? The developments of the next 3-4 weeks should be veddy interesting.

  12. Hold on to your hats. It will only get worse until the election They will milk the office of the presidency until they are gone.

  13. I find it curious as to why Mooch is going to China before the 2014 election.
    Didn’t she go to Spain before the 2012 election and a Spanish company ended up counting our votes ?
    Is she going over there to solicit the Chinese for a company to count our votes again ?
    I may be wrong, but this is about the same time line that has occurred in the past.
    Take Mom and the kids and the staff and my BFF’s.
    As a cover, I will lecture them on nutrition.

  14. Another expensive spring break vacation for the Obama girls at taxpayer expense. Let’s see, Hawaii for Christmas (plus an extra week for Michelle to celebrate her 50th), Skiing in Colorado in February, and now a March trip to China.

    Has Michelle visited all 50 states? I don’t believe she has but then again, she has 3 more years of vacations to go

      1. They could come to visit the Republic of Texas. The tourism slogan is, It’s a whole ‘nother country”. At least the capital in Austin has some leftistsxwho would be glad to visit with her I thihk.

  15. No one begrudges the President reasonable vacation time or expenses. However, this has become beyond reason. In fact, I find it criminal. This would be a great place for the House to show there powers afforded them in the Constitution and defund non-essential travel in the Executive Branch. FLOTUS has taken advantage of the stewardship afforded the Executive Branch.

    Separate vacations to London, Paris, Spain on top of separate flights to Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii, Chicago while we are still in an economic crisis is just plain vulgar of the Obama’s and an affront to all taxpayers. She has become Queen of the Entitled Nation. I did not realize welfare has a Carte Blanche Platinum Card……………Shame on them and our Government for letting them steal in this manner. It is one thing to think “It’s Good To Be The King” but it is another to act in this manner.

  16. Maybe… maybe this was another BDay gift to MOTUS from BO. Not bad, WH Air (AF Two) costs 22K per hour to operate, and flight time is 15 hours. So a 1 way flight is $330.000. Add in the C-17 support aircraft, and another aircraft to fly in fuel for AF2 , and I would guess in aircraft $$ alone we’re looking at a cool $1M in aircraft costs alone.

    1 C-17 support aircraft is 16K per hour x 15 = $240,000

    DOD is looking for ways to cut their costs.. I can think of a few.

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  18. I cant believe this SKANK is going on ANOTHER vacation,why not go to camp david,and pay for a few Chinese Scholers to come here and talk to you about china,you really a low class (SORRY,NO CLASS)skank………..

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  20. I’m sick and tired of Michelle spending so much of the taxpayers money on herself. We didn’t elect her. We didn’t hire her. Her war on obesity is a good thing. But she has no business taking it out of the United States. China can take care of themselves. If Michelle wants to take her kids, mother and who knows who else on another vacation, then let her pay for it herself. The Obamas are wealthy. They should be paying their way not mooching it.

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  22. This is just a vacay she doesn’t give a rat’s a++ about the children in China. We are in debt to the tune of 17 trillion, but does she care about spending our money on these trips, I don’t think so. Stay home like the rest of us don’t have the money to vacation. I live in SW FL and can’t even spend a week on the beach .

  23. So the taxpayers are paying for another jaunt for her and her many friends. I wish she could find another place where she could be, “proud of her country” and not come back to th U.S. She and the pres, are both ruining this great land of ours and I’m sure glad he can’t run again.

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