As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama, Biden Move for Michelle

You get a short view here of the West Wing corridors. That’s pretty much what they’re like, not the bustling hallways you’ve seen on TV shows.

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  1. If you didn’t know these two men are actually president and vice president, you’d think it was a SNL skit. Then again……the WH is like one giant comedy act.

  2. What’s going on there in the WhiteHouse? The WashTimes reports that the independent GAO determined that the school lunch program backed by MrsObama is a failure on several fronts.
    In the same edition, the WT tells us that MrsO will make a cameo appearance in the sit-com Parks and Recreation to push her FatKidsBehinds program.

    Now we’re treated to the spectacle of the POTUS and his sidekick running through the halls around the WhiteHouse in business attire and dress shoes. After the run, the two men are assumed to be drinking from glasses filled with water that magically appeared on the President’s desk.

        • I guarantee you Valjar is not a good spokesperson–O’Reilly poked at her relentlessly and she gave him squinty, fake-smile looks throughout. Bill finally iced the cake saying he wanted Michelle on his program–let’s just say I don’t think this will happen.

          • I think O’Reilly has dipped his toe in the Kooaid once to
            often. They are using Bill/Fox after blaming them his ego
            has gotten the best of his judgement.

          • I always want to just smack that smirk off her face
            and O’Reilly is on my bad list he has fallen in with
            the ‘folks’ don’t know what’s going on crowd of which
            all in the Obama cabal believe. We do we just aren’t
            able to do anything due to his imperial rule with ole
            Val pulling the strings.

          • O’Reilly’s ego worked for our side when he questioned the Bro thing and called it a dog and pony–but this was bec they weren’t doing what he wanted on it. He was pretty snotty to Valjar, which was enjoyable. She responded being snippy about Fox–shocker. Bill, as you say, does think too many people are creating their own reality and are addicted to the “machines” (I think he means devices). I think so, too–my sister will stop mid-sentence to text her kid. Aggravates the pulp out of me.

  3. I’m sure this video was made free of charge. Just like the one with MO and Will Ferrell. And I’m sure whatever marketing department was in charge of the logo for the water glasses and water bottles did that for free too. And I’m sure the cost of making the water glasses and water bottles was free. And I’m sure all the damage from running, having sack races and getting sweaty on the carpets at the people’s house is all fixed for free.

    But, good idea… drink water. Got it.

    • I bet Dasani wanted product placement by them slurping down a bottle with their label.

      Maybe somebody reminded them of the lawsuit against Sarah Palin wearing a logo’d Artic Cat jacket to her husband’s Iron Dog race when she was governor ? Politicians aren’t allowed to endorse products ? The suit was thrown out though, it was all part of the plan to bankrupt the Palins out of office.

  4. Now – Jenna Bush interviewing MO on the Today Show! How twisted is that? I don’t know how tall Jenna is, but MO is 6′. When they are both sitting in the folding chairs, MO looks the same size as Jenna. Optical illusion?

    They just played the video – another waste of taxpayer $$$. The PR campaign never stops. Wish someone could explain why drinking water and exercising is so incredibly unique!

    • That foodaholic Mika (or whatever she is) is dumping “poison” in the shape of Doritos on the desk and all but hurling as she regards a bottle of deadly cola…but she hasn’t done the water bit yet. You know what I learned being in the filter biz for a few yrs–most bottled water comes from city reservoirs and is “filtered.” Big woo.

      • We had Sparkletts bottled water delivery when my kids were little – until I pulled into the driveway one day and saw my Sparkletts guy filling the bottle with my garden hose in the front yard.

        • reply to @Star and @Girly1

          IMO, 12oz bottled water (in those hated plastic bottles) has been a godsend to Arizona and of course, to athletes everywhere.
          I keep 3 bottles of water in my vehicle, a dozen in the fridge, and put them on the same level with sliced bread.

          • I do remember being taken aback when after one of my eye surgeries the only thing that stopped the pain was spraying water on it. The doc was horrified–Chandler water! No, no, don’t let that get in your eye.

          • We have a reverse osmosis sytstem now. I use it for everything, including filling plastic bottles for emergencies.
            i worry a little b/c there are no vitamins or minerals with reverse osmosis filters. But it is very economical. One filter change per year.

      • In Canada, Dasani comes from “the public water source” of Montreal or Toronto. I always buy Nestles’ Pure Life. It’s spring water, and I used to live near the village where the spring is located.

  5. Will the hockiness ever stop? Spare us all the juvenile antics.

    If it isn’t her its him

    One good point: it got him sitting behind the desk Step 2: try some work.

    • He is allergic to work. After pouring through the ObamaFile extensively back in ’08, one of the red flags came from his ‘associates’ on the Harvard Law Review. ALL of them said Obama was rarely on campus – he preferred to work from home.
      Nothing has changed. Home is now ‘above the store’, accordiing to MO. And Obama is STILL ‘working from home’.

  6. If they were running to get out of Washington, that’s one thing. But running around the halls? It’s not like anyone will see the video or care…

  7. This is so embarrassing. It’s the American version of the pink girl marchers in North Korea — pure image propaganda.

    The Prez and VPrez — they’re cool fun guys just like you!

    Wish they were a little more serious about their position in society.

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