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EXCLUSIVE Video || Michelle Let’s Move Event

White House Dossier has obtained exclusive video of a mass Let’s Move event directed by First Lady Michelle Obama.

As you can see, the Homeland is growing increasingly fit under the leadership of Mrs. Obama, who is making sure that the government requires maximal effort from our formerly fat and sluggish citizens.

No more slackers. It’s time for the youth of America to shape up and help the Obamas close the income gap and fight global warming with their newly lean and strong physiques. Young people, unite!

23 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE Video || Michelle Let’s Move Event”

  1. Speaking of Michelle’s FatKidsBehinds program; we have been punked by the MSM that hid the real thrust of her program to make nutrition labels bigger and clearer.
    What she said was that women, yes women, are confused in the supermarket by the array of food items and can’t decide if something is healthy eating for their family or not.
    Unless, of course, she and her minions provide stupid women with their guidance and restrictions.

    As she stands in the public eye, completely protected from any criticism because of her skin color, she insults everyone with her assumed superior intelligence. If she thinks that young people are knuckleheads and too stupid to realize that Obamacare is mandated by law, she doubles down by her assertion that women are too stupid to shop for their families without her help.

    1. And, of course, the cost of MO’s label folly is going to be passed down to consumers.
      Last month, when the video came out with MO and her little peeps doing a promo for Subway, I sent a handwritten letter of complaint and a vow to boycortt Subway forever.
      Last week, I received a personal letter from Subway Corporate – expressing their concern about losing a customer. Also included was a slew of coupon offers – free sandwiches, drinks, etc.
      I gave the coupons away to a couple of homeless people. I think I will write more letters and feed a few more of the homeless! Doing G–d’s work!

    2. “What she said was that women, yes women, are confused in the supermarket by the array of food items and can’t decide if something is healthy eating for their family or not.”

      I flipped my lid when she said that. It implied we’re too stupid and too bubble-headed to shop without the government holding our hands, that women must be guided by Big Brother.

      I like the proposed new label’s layout in that the amount of the Daily Value is aligned to the left and is separated from the rest of the text with a vertical line–it makes it easier to read. However, the estimated number of servings per container is gone, and I find those really helpful. Also, the amounts of Vitamins A and C are optional with the new labels. I want ALL nutrients listed.

      1. I suppose that with the new Common Core she could be right that we will be too stupid to understand even the most simple labels.

        How hard is it to multiply to determine the total amount in a package? Oh yeah, I didn’t have Common Core or the new way of doing math.

        1. In order to know the estimated number of servings in a package, you have to do arithmetic. I don’t want to do that because I’m working on a tight schedule with a list in a very large building with hundreds of items.

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  3. Off topic.
    O is finally going to make a statement about Ukraine, instead of his sidesteps.

    BBC: UN Ambassador, Yuriy Sergeyev tells the UN Security Council that Russian Military helicopters and transport planes are entering his Country and Russian Armed forces have seized Crimea’s main airport.

    1. 2000 troops have entered and blocking builders. Some activity with some planes landing near navy base. Meritime activity.
      Pentagon not commenting at this point. John Kerry said grave mistake if Russia sends in troops That is what:
      Fox News just stated.

  4. I think those pink suits are genderist.

    Michelle Antoinette had better get on Young Kim Who’s back and get those changed to a neutral like navy — oops, military-ist — uh, gray.

    Is gray okay to say?

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