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Dreams of the Recovery

Ah yes, we’ll always have the Summer of Recovery. That was back in 2010. It was you, me, Biden, and Obama – just soaking up the recovery rays, the pina coladas, and the good vibrations.

Okay, I know it’s just my imagination. The Summer of Recovery didn’t happen. It was a Summer of No Recovery. By the first quarter of 2011, the economy was actually contracting again.

And it never happened, the Summer of Recovery, even all these summers and winters later.

But I also know that somewhere out there, there’s a Summer of Recovery. I can see it. And you can’t tell me there’s never going to be a recovery under President Obama.

But you can tell me that the seasonally adjusted rate of increase in gross domestic product for the fourth quarter of 2013 was just downgraded by the Commerce Department from a decent 3.2 percent to a crummy 2.4 percent, bringing growth for the entirety of 2013 to 1.9 percent.

You really, really have to try hard to keep the U.S. economy down this far for this long. It’s a striking achievement.

And 2014 might not be much better. According to the Wall Street Journal:

The initial reading for the fourth quarter had raised hopes for stronger growth, faster job creation and better wages in 2014. Instead, the economy appears to be reverting to its postrecession path, with overall growth remaining stubbornly close to 2%.

Meanwhile, other recent gauges of consumer spending, job creation, factory output and the housing market all have flashed warnings signs. While heavy winter storms may have depressed or delayed some activity, the poor numbers have raised concerns about the strength of the economy in the early part of the year.

Let’s be frank. Some Republicans, no doubt, secretly want the economy to fail so Obama will look bad. Just as some Democrats hoped it would fail under Bush.

Well I sure don’t! I’m runnin’ my own business here. I got other things to write about than a staggering economy.

Come on Obama, do it! Go Obama!

But alas, when your saddling the economy with endless new regulations, inflicting socialized medicine on it, trying to do things like harm business by raising the minimum wage, claiming that disincentivizing work is a good thing, and spending your time at White House Student Film Festivals – Obama’s big event for today – the Summer of Recovery remains just a dream.

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 10.33.26 AM

But oh, you pessimists. It will happen. Obama will get serious about fixing the economy and not just pursuing his own stuff.

And then we’ll be singing songs of recovery, dancing the recovery dance, and offering Hossanas to the Obamas for finally keeping their promassas.

28 Responses to Dreams of the Recovery

  1. You really, really have to try hard to keep the U.S. economy down this far for this long. It’s a striking achievement.

    Yeah, law of averages, someone was going to invent something, get an idea, hire a person, throw money at’d think. But no. Instead, while people scrounge for jobs (my 40-yr-old niece is on her third phone job), they massively screw up the insurance market! You can’t possibly think they will get a clue–that was a joke, right?

    • OT; somewhat
      A family member (a Phoenix resident) just had a job interview with a national food company with corporate headquarters in Chicago. The job offered was a good one with a generous salary, but required a move to Chicago.
      Why would a Chicago based corporation be recruiting employees in Arizona?
      Curious, to say the least.

      • I don’t think it is all that unusual, srdem. I have a g/f who is a corporate ‘head hunter’. She travels all over the world searching for qualified people. Your family member must be extremely good at what he/she does. Moving to Chicago – now that’s a big decision….

  2. It’s only seniors, such as I, who are dumbfounded by the state of our economy today. Our whole lives have been blessed with increasing productivity, with rising home values, jobs aplenty for those who wanted them, and impressive advances in medicine, health care, and education.

    Those under the age of 40, only know about the hard times, rising unemployment, dropping real estate values, jobs and businesses outsourced overseas, and a full-scale attack on education, the health care industry and American based jobs.
    To these younger people this is their everyday reality. They’re not shocked that 50million people live on food stamps, or that only 50% of America has a job, because that’s all they know. The national debt is of no interest to them, when they themselves owe more for their education than most of us paid for our houses.
    The future of America and it’s success is in doubt for the first time since the 1930’s.

    • We have been in a depression since 2008. The only thing different from the depression of the 1930s is that they know now how to manipulate the stock market to make it look that everything is hunkey-dorey.

      • Oh, and I forget that Obama does all this spending to make it look as if we are flushed with money too. Only in reality, what he is doing is digging the hole deeper and deeper by day. Didn’t he just whine the other day that we need to get off this ‘austerity’ thing?

        • Can we get the vikings from the Capital One ads to haul Obama in front of Congress and demand “What’s in your wallet? — and make him prove it?

          Then we could ask “What’s in your daily planner — and have you REALLY been laser focused every waking minute on whatever it was you promised to do? (as I recall, it was improving the middle class at least a couple of times).

      • In the 1930s, there were no WIC, SCAN, EBT cards – there were soup kitchens. Although we haven’t reached depression-era status yet, we’re pretty close. The govt outgo is in excess of 40% of GDP..and growing.
        The govt. is handing out free phones, free WiFI, subsidized housing, and all the bennies in order to keep the permanent underclass contained. Without it, there would be rioting in the streets.

        Two percent growth is going to look pretty good in 2-3 yrs – we haven’t begun to see the effects of the Obama spending spree. Not to mention the onslaught of third world aliens who will be jumping on the gravy train,
        Also, no one speaks about the pink elephant in the room – hyper-inflation. $5 bucks for a loaf of bread in L.A.? Puleeze!

  3. The biggest problem I see at this point isn’t even Obama any more. Unless the Obama press and the networks begin reporting accurately on the regulations and their cost the low information voters will just continue to believe the lie that the Republicans don’t have a plan, that all they want is to take us back to the “wild west of no regulations” that caused the recession in the first place, blah, blah, blah.
    Face it folks, if the press was actually doing its job and protecting America from the punitive policies of this administration we’d have started a real recovery in 2010 and never looked back.

  4. More like Recovery from Jet Lag – please read the article in the Washington Examiner – Air Force released documents – for Three (3), that’s correct, just 3 trips Obama took in 2103 – the cost for Air Force One was $7,396,531.20!! However, that figure is misleading – this does not include the back-up Air Force One when they traveled to Hawaii (overseas trips require both 747’s), the 4 to 5 C-17 Globemaster III’s required to transport the 4 Cadillac One limo’s, plus SUV’s, ambulance etc required by the Secret Service) fuel burn on the C-17 is $30,000.00 per hour – EACH!!
    Just apply these figures to all the trips Obama takes – at least one per week – this is insane. Why does Congress allow this criminal waste? Better yet – Why do we pay our taxes?