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Obama’s Racial Blunder

President Obama’s announcement today of a race-specific federal program, “My Brother’s Keeper,” is cause for concern – for whites, blacks, and Latinos.

And concern on several levels.

First of all, aren’t we all brothers? I’m serious. What about the civil rights of poor white and Asian men? What about, for that matter, low-income young women?

The keynote of the announcement is that Obama is assembling $200 million in private funds to increase opportunity for black and Hispanic youth.

I don’t think the government should be choosing races – it’s a dangerous precedent – but fine, it’s private money. It’s what’s beneath the headline that’s most disconcerting.

The initiative also includes an interagency task force – headed by Broderick Johnson, one of Obama’s closest advisors – that will, according to the White House:

Assess the impact of Federal policies, regulations, and programs of general applicability on boys and young men of color, so as to develop proposals that will enhance positive outcomes and eliminate or reduce negative ones.

What does this mean exactly? Who knows. It sounds like a variety of federal issue are now going to get run through the filter of race and rated based on how much they help minorities.

It goes further, with the federal government leaning on the private sector and states. The task force will:

Recommend, where appropriate, incentives for the broad adoption by national, State, and local public and private decision makers of effective and innovative strategies and practices for providing opportunities to and improving outcomes for boys and young men of color.

Work with external stakeholders to highlight the opportunities, challenges, and efforts affecting boys and young men of color.

I understand Obama’s motivation, and I believe it comes from two sources: a genuine and laudable concern about the disheartening plight of black men in this society; and hectoring by African American groups who think he’s not doing enough race-specific stuff.

We’ve had race-based hiring and school admission preferences for four decades in this country. How much has this really helped out African Americans? Why are things so bad for black people on so many fronts?

At what point do liberals like Obama come to the realization that a society making color-blind judgements of merit, as dreamed of by Dr. Martin Luther King, should be the goal?

Minorities should be expected to adhere to the same standards as everyone else and receive the same benefits. Then they’ll have the same incentive to succeed. Meanwhile, discrimination must be aggressively prosecuted and punished, and racism isolated and denounced.

Quite frankly, the slowness with which some Republican leaders, including Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott, moved to condemn Ted Nugent’s racist remark about Obama was abhorrent. Abbott deserves all the negative publicity he gets for continuing to appear with Nugent after he became aware Nugent called Obama a “subhuman mongrel.”

But continuing to divide the nation along racial grounds helps breed discriminatory attitudes, not diminish them.

There’s no question that centuries of racism and oppression in this country put black people in a position of enormous disadvantage. But special help, and continued discrimination against non-minorities who are disadvantaged, is not the answer. Responsibility, not dependance, is what will cure the ills of the past.

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  1. Spot on, Keith…. They are not incapable of self improvement. Our constant conversation about their inability to make it on their own due to skin pigmentation is sophistry. Every healthy human has the ability to compete….

  2. two points:

    1. “At what point do liberals like Obama come to the realization that a society making color-blind judgements of merit, as dreamed of by Dr. Martin Luther King, should be the goal?”

    never. if liberals made color-blind judgments based on merit and not skin color, Obama would never have been elected.

    2. I usually agree with everything you say, Keith. but I don’t agree that what Ted Nugent said was racist. calling the president of the United States a “subhuman mongrel” was probably inappropriate, and certainly not very nice, but racist? I’m not buying it. I would bet that Nugent would’ve used the exact same language to describe a white politician he didn’t like.

  3. Just a little housecleaning for the two cents that it’s worth:
    Nugent? Yes, over the top. Yet on the other hand after 5 years of this crap I’m surprised we haven’t had more of it. You can only lie to the half of the country paying the bills only so long before that half gets pissed off.
    Too bad he didn’t mention the two things that have more to do with the terrible plight men than anything else:
    70 plus percent being born to single mothers and growing up in households as half-siblings of different fathers, ALL of who are never around.
    Hollywood and pop culture continuing to glorify the gangsta culture as “cool” and any leaning towards actually accepting responsibility and educating yourself as “cracker” behavior and betraying your race.
    After over 40 years and trillions of dollars there is only one reason for the plight of minorities in this country today and that reason is in the mirror of every Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder and Barack Obama in the country.

    1. If you haven’t already, Google the words “mongrel” and “subhuman” together. You’ll wind up with links that will plainly state that the goal of International Jewry is the mongrelization of whites by interbreeding with the mud races.

  4. Unbelievable. O Reilly on the Initiative. Participated in it. Interviewing ValJar now. I can’t listen any more. He listed 5 things that must happen. Not one of them mentioned that this is a program for minority kids at risk. Interesting that no white kids are at risk — until they go nuts and kill people at Sandy Hook. Then it’s all about the white kid, guns, the second amendment and the tea party.

    The hypocrisy is insane.

  5. Wasn’t the historic election of the first Black president supposed to lift ‘people of color’ out of the racial doldrums? Wasn’t the black Messiah supposed to inspire and motivate his ‘brothers’? Instead, it looks like race relations have taken a turn for the worse. Unemployment among blacks is worse now than in recent times; 70% of black babies are born to single mothers; black-on-black crime is epidemic; and and a new phenomenon has sprung up: black mob sprees. Young blacks now feel emboldened with their new Black Bro president. So much so that they have no qualms about gettin’ together to rob store owners.
    You’re doing a heck of a job, Barry!

    Re Ted Nugent calling Obama a ‘sub-human mongrel’. \
    In no way would I ever defend such a heinous remark. However, it was Obama who first called Af/Ams – mongrels.

    From The View – Juy 2010
    When asked about his background, which includes a black father and white mother, Obama said of African-Americans: “We are sort of a mongrel people.”

    “I mean we’re all kinds of mixed up,” Obama said. “That’s actually true of white people as well, but we just know more about it.”

    *** A mongrel is a mixed breed – not mixed-race. No?

        1. “First you must find… another shrubbery! (dramatic chord) Then, when you have found the shrubbery, you must place it here, beside this shrubbery, only slightly higher so you get a two layer effect with a little path running down the middle. (“A path! A path!”) Then, you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forrest… with… a herring!”

          – Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

  6. I wonder if this program is being established/announced now so that the President and First Lady have some way of pulling in money (a la Bill Clinton) after they leave office?

      1. mo1 is referring to the Clinton Global Initiative, Foundation, or whatever they’re calling it these days. It’s a “non-profit” front where Bill and Hill get to skim off millions in speaking fees, etc all in the name of “doing good”.
        Think of it as legalized money laundry. Similar to the relationship between unions and the Democrat party. The Dem party pushes policies that favor forced unionization, the unions then use that forced dues money to feed back into the campaign coffers of democrat candidates.
        It’s an enclosed feed back loop that just keeps perpetuating itself.
        And from what I’ve seen so far, this “initiative” is exactly the sort of thing the Obama’s will use when leaving office to keep their faces in our face for far too many years to come.

  7. One way to help this problem is to do whatever it takes to encourage strong families. Encourage responsible fatherhood and marriage. When 3/4 of black babies are illegitimate you have a serious problem. With serious poverty and all the things that come with it, you have children with many strikes against them and women who suffer. Segregation was wrong absolutely, but when there was segregation black communities were self-encouraging to make the best of themselves. Now it seems all that is encouraged is both victimhood and how low can you go.

  8. OK Koffler lets wait 50 years until the Caucasians in America are the minority and see how you feel then. Check out Detroit, Memphis, South Side Chicago, East LA, and a host of other minority run municipalities to get a glimpse of Americas future; your grand children’s future. Been to Africa? I have. I can’t tell the difference between Mogadishu and Detroit. Racial harmony is an illusion. Wake up.

  9. Instead of haranguing people for being “fat”, perhaps Michelle (with the help of Obama) could have BETTER served their time in office by haranguing the baby-momma trend. Encourage people (especially young and black) to form STABLE relationships before procreating.

    That would be the most effective anti-poverty program ever. It would reduce black incarceration rate. Increase graduation rates.

    1. They won’t talk about the single mother epidemic because that requires tough talk to their own. The entire narrative has to be that they are all victims of the white privilege and the responsibility to fix the problem is some one else.

    2. That is what O’Reilly has been saying to the pt of nauseam. Have Michelle and the president MAKE judgments, get on TV every day saying it’s NOT OK to have a baby you can’t care for–that it’s cruel. They won’t do that.

  10. A long, long time ago, I worked for a federally funded, not for profit agency. The topic of discussion at one federally funded conference was the discussion of the black birth rate. I made a comment using the word “illegitimate.” One of the attendees vehemently told me that those births were as legitimate as any other. I was appropriately chastised. No child has more of a claim to legitimacy than any other child. She was correct.
    During the days of slavery, black families were torn apart – fathers were sold to other owners – leaving mothers alone with their children. This disruption of the family unit was wrong. It has led us to the current circumstances experienced by the black community. Resolution of this issue must include teaching girls and women to recognize and value self.

      1. No, I am not kidding. My comment was based on personal experience and the learned observation of a friend. Do you not think that the root cause of the dissolution of the black family has lead to the current dissolution of black society? If not, please share your personal observations and experiences. I am willing to admit when my thinking needs revision (see my original comment) but, I must tell you, I do not respond well to sarcastic remarks that contain insults but no valid information.

        1. You implied, actually stated, that slavery and the fathers being sold off is why the negro family today is broken. I say that is all bull. I refuse to feel guilty over something I didn’t do no matter how good about themselves or you that misplaced guilt makes you feel. The American negro culture is a failed culture. That is why they fail. Those that do not adhere to that culture succeed. Those that do fail. Get off the guilt trip. Sarcastic enough?

          1. I did state that a destruction of the black family occurred historically during slavery in the US. I believe that is a fact. I believe it is an initial or root cause of current circumstances.
            I did not use the word guilt.
            I am not personally guilty – nor is anyone (black or white) in the current living generations.
            Guilt is only necessary for repentance of sin according to my beliefs. Then, there follows a time for personal responsibility.
            I saw personal responsibility exhibited by my mother and my father. (Respectively, an office worker and a carpenter.) I was fortunate to have had role models who personified:
            1. Working hard.
            2. Treating people right.
            3. Trusting God to take care of the details.
            I believe the many within the black population are lacking these personal role models – role models who held succeeding generations responsible to a firmly held code of morality and ethics – because there are few mother/father family units. I do believe that Is a result of the lack of father figures in earlier generations. I also believe that black women must learn that they have value other than that as an object for a male’s sexual satisfaction,
            During those long ago years, a very bright and intelligent young black woman worked for me within the aforementioned agency. I had high hopes for her future endeavors. She became pregnant during her senior year of high school. She became pregnant again shortly after the birth of her first child. I asked her why – why – why? She said they had been taught that there was strength in numbers. Broke my heart to see this life never reach it’s potential. Broke my heart.
            I am not guilty.
            I believe it is time to determine root cause and affirm what will counteract that cause.
            Instead of telling people what to eat or what type of health care insurance they need to pay for – we need to focus on forgetting the past and getting on with our lives – as a nation of believers and achievers and possibility thinkers. We need to contribute to our country through employment and charitable causes.
            I do not believe the majority of our nation are prejudiced citizens. I do believe we have succumbed to a type of anger and distrust that I have never before witnessed – one against another.
            And that, too, breaks my heart.
            I suspect you may continue to exhibit your anger and hatred even against this comment. Forgive me for eliciting this response from you. We are not guilty of anything – except forgetting to seek the forgiveness of God (for me, as a Christian – the salvation of Jesus Christ) as we live our daily lives. May God bless America…one more time. Amen.

  11. What a dumb ass the President is! Just do things that don’t destroy these young mens’ chances for employment. Does he really think raising the minimum wage will help these unskilled, entry level black youth get a job? What a dumb ass!

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