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Attorney General Holder Hospitalized

Updated 2:41 pm ET.

From the Department of Justice.

During his regular morning meeting with senior staff, the Attorney General began experiencing symptoms including faintness and shortness of breath.

As a precaution, the Attorney General was taken to MedStar Washington Hospital Center to undergo further evaluation. He is currently resting comfortably and in good condition. He is alert and conversing with his doctors. Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.

I will update you as I get more information.

UPDATE: Holder has been released from the hospital and is resting at home.

35 thoughts on “Attorney General Holder Hospitalized”

    1. I wish him well too.
      Despite being someone I detest, we should never sink to a level of wanting our political ‘enemies’ (a term the President uses) to be harmed.

      Although, is it too much to ask that he is forced to retire?
      On the other hand…who would be the awful candidate to replace him?

      1. After he recovers he should sit and chat with all the people who lost their previous plan, lost their job, are cannot afford the O Crud.
        I apologize if Keith and the my fellow readers are getting tired of me typing that.
        I think all the news media should have that scrolled all day long on their screenl.
        These were innocent hard working citizens who got ______!

          1. I am not stopping you–I am just saying it makes you sound mean. The karma thing won’t be rebounding on me. If you have never been in an ER, had a heart attack, had a panic attack, well, you are lucky.

  1. Guess all that stress of being a pathological liar has taken its toll.

    Unlike others, I hope this incident wakes him up to reality but more importantly, to the truth that humans aren’t immortal and their souls are more important than their politics.

      1. I don’t see him retiring Julie,…rather I see the the administration using this incident as just another diversion to use to divert the attention from the important issues that the Country needs to dwell on.
        Hillary fell down and hit her head.
        Holder essentially did the same thing.

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    1. Maybe he was thinking of becoming one of the hero’s I was speaking of the other day. One person to come out with all the ugly mess that has been happening. If that were the case maybe he got a phone call from someone that told him not to even think about being a hero, and that caused his faintness, and shortness of breath.

  3. They sent him home to rest? ha. We all know what happens next; he’ll go back to the hospital soon to be poked, proded, scoped, jabbed,and x-rayed as they try to determine if there’s anything serious going on.

  4. Fancy that, Holder was in and out of the ER/hospital in less time than it takes many of us to even check in. As must as I detest what he and BO are doing to our country, I wish him well.

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