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Convicted Terrorist Serves as Obamacare Navigator

And you thought it was worrisome that felons convicted of financial crimes were taking down your information to sign you up for Obamacare.

From Jillian Kay Melchior at National Review:

A terrorist from Jordan briefly worked as an Obamacare navigator in Illinois while authorities remained unaware of her conviction for involvement in a deadly grocery store bombing and two other attacks.

Rasmieh Yousef Odeh was convicted in Israel for her role in several bombings, including the 1969 attack on an upscale Shufersol grocery store, which killed two Hebrew University students who had stopped in to buy groceries for a hiking trip in the Jerusalem hills.

Hey, come on, she just wants to help. Give her a break. It’s been years since she killed anybody.

As the government becomes more involved in your private affairs, you get with that as a part of the package deal the government’s renowned efficiency and abundant skillfulness. And that means government contracts awarded only to quality people to handle the most sensitive details of your lives and, in the case of Obamacare, your physical well being.

Yes, that’s sarcasm.

The more information we have to provide the government, and the more federal systems put in place demanding our info, the more peril there is for us. And Obamacare wants to know all about you.

20 thoughts on “Convicted Terrorist Serves as Obamacare Navigator”

  1. Felons and terrorists collecting our information. Are we becoming immune to such an outrage?

    As an aside, I have been wondering what the ratio is of the number of “navigators” hired around the country to the number of enrollees in Obamacare. A lot of places, the navigators seem to be former Acorn workers with a new job and salary.

  2. So, who’s to blame here? After being convicted of terrorism in Israel that resulted in the deaths of two students there, she is sentenced to life in prison, but after 10 years into her sentence she is released to Jordan in a prisoner exchange where she apparently is promptly returned to civilian life.
    Next, she travels to the US with various identities, fools everyone, is hired to work for Obamacare without any type of background check, is fired when her crimes are revealed, but it’s all hush-hush.

    We can’t know her motive, or the harm she intended against ordinary citizens or even some elected officials. With sensitive information at the ready, she might have set into motion incidents that won’t be revealed for a long time. Israel and the US are to blame for this breach, and the woman should be prosecuted under our existing immigration and criminal laws.
    Do I believe that she will be charged and tried for those crimes…ha!

  3. I hope she’s stripped of her citizenship and deported once she’s served her time in prison. Or, just kick her out now and save the money for her upkeep in prison.

    1. Mandy,

      I’ve been told from sources and Administration officials that there are only 3 unofficial reasons (also called “red Lines”) why someone would *NOT* be accepted in a government position:

      1) They don’t drink enough water.
      2) They can think for themselves
      3) They have experience in the role they are supposed to fill.

  4. Whoever is in charge of protecting our security concerning sensitive information, should be fired for gross negligence. And, their cushy pension taken away. Then they should be deported to Israel handcuffed together along with the terrorist bitch. Obama will go down in history as being the most incompetent and unqualified President.

  5. It must be a fluke of nature that one little convicted terrorist found her way into the Obamacare navigational system. Horrors!
    Just as fluky as one lowly little community organizing Commie finding his way into the electoral process.
    Ironic, also, is the fact that she found her way from her prison cell in Israel to Comrade Obama’s adopted home state of Illinois.

    1. I do not believe they did not know of her past. There are a lot of simple jobs now where a back ground check is required..
      I understand she used fake identities. Well that is just great. There are people with just the O Crud alone that do not have a job any longer. They are not doing what this woman from another Country did.

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