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Reid: Koch Brothers Behind Obamacare “Lies”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says everything you are hearing about Obamacare’s destructive effect on the lives of Americans is wrong. Everything.

“There’s plenty of horror stories being told,” he intoned on the Senate floor today. “All of them are untrue.”

The lies, according to Reid, are being paid for by the wealthy, conservative Koch brothers, who are also – you may already know this – responsible for global warming and the 1932 kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby.

I’m glad Reid is on the case, because I myself ran with one of these stories. So I have to say I’m sorry. Deeply sorry.

I’m sorry we have a Senate majority leader who is comically asinine.

After much ridicule from Republicans, Reid returned to the floor with an update:

I can’t say that every one of the Koch brothers ads are a lie, but I’ll say this … the vast, vast majority of them are. It’s too bad that they are trying to buy America. And it’s time that the American people spoke out against this terrible dishonesty of these two brothers, who are about as un-American as anyone that I can imagine.

That’s much more soothing. The second or third most powerful man in the nation calling specific citizens un-American and urging people to denounce them.

Good thing Reid’s not a Republican or he’d have been accused by the press of progressing, in a single day, from idiocy to McCarthyism.

37 thoughts on “Reid: Koch Brothers Behind Obamacare “Lies””

  1. I know two people who were layed off because of the O Crap.
    I know several people who had had their insurance raised.
    This may not bother him because he don’t have to be a part of it.
    I am still waiting for the heros to come out and speek the truth.
    The point, He may be calling stating these Koch brothers are speaking untruth. I do not appreciate that, because he may as well be calling my friends and relatives liers as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do they go to sleep each night to see who can *&%# everyone off the most?

  2. Lying is a disease of the lefty Dems, and sadly there is no known cure.
    We must isolate those who carry this disease so that they don’t cause more harm to innocent people.

    1. Soros made his billions in hedge funds by betting on countries doing poorly then sucking up their stocks to weaken them more, he supports Obama. The Kochs built an industry in coal and petroleum and their support goes to groups who defend the working man and business, like the Tea Party.

      Therefore, the Kochs must be destroyed. They’re hated because they’re the biggest threat to Obama….smart people with a heart.

  3. Even the Koch brothers don’t have enough money to buy back America from George Soros, Al Gore and Obama.

    This is personal to me as I grew up in the shadow of Wichita and the Koch brothers and have witnessed first hand the good they have done with the money they got the old fashioned way:

    Harry Reid alone is enough of a reason to justify never voting Democrat again.

    1. Great question? Soros is a HUGE Obama Sugar Daddy, when did BO take him to task? LOL, I just can’t imagine….

      In my perfect world I have Soros buying Obama a Third World country so he and Michelle can be King and Queen for Life and run their Utopian country where everybody’s equal. Like Somalia.

  4. Perfect example of why we should have term limits. What is wrong with the people in Nevada? This man is incompetent and vile. Out with him, I say!

    1. The last time Harry Reid was up for reelection, he was in trouble. Butt buddy Mitch McConnell helped him defeat the Republican candidate through passivity at least and maybe by other means as well.

      1. It also helped that the Republicans nominated a complete loon in Sharon Angle.

        As far as Reid goes, he is by far the most vile, despicable, dishonest man in Washington and the key reason for the breakdown in our Government.

        The Republicans need to nominate someone intelligent and electable and take that bastard down in 2016.

  5. does Harry Reid even believe what comes out of his mouth? I can’t see how. it is so patently obvious that the problems with Obamacare and its $700 million non-working website are real, and NOT made up by the Koch Brothers or anyone else.

    1. The good thing about the Koch brothers is that they are a pretty good indicator for someone’s mental health and intelligence. The second someone starts hyperventilating about the Koch brothers, I know that the person is a deeply ignorant fool and not worth a moments time. They are impervious to facts and reason so there is no point in debating them or pointing out that the public sector unions give 10 times the money to Democrats

      I am still trying to figure out when the Koch brothers became the Emanuel Goldstein of the left.

      Harry Reid personally singling out two American citizens for demonization on the Senate floor shows just how fascist the Democratic party has become.

      1. People take their lead from the top. Both Harry Reid and the IRS. This is all good in Obama Land where the godless are doing “God’s work”.

    2. I wish the Koch brothers could sue Reid for slander, but Reid is allegedly a “Senator” and Senators are unfortunately immune from slander etc. because they have absolute privilege.

      1. Reid may look and act like an idiot, but he knows he can slander others and lie to his heart’s content if he is making his claims in the well of Senate where he is protected from prosecution for defamation. If the Cryptkeeper made the same claims while he was sitting in a coffee shop being interviewed, the Koch brothers could prosecute him.

  6. Koch Brothers is a Dem dog whistle for evil rich white Republicans, but they’re Libertarians, BIG difference. Libertarians broke away from the Liberals when they were getting too republicany. What we have in DC now under Obama are vile progs like Harry Reid.

    My good memory of the Kochs were the major renovations going on at the Met Museum and Lincoln Center with signs attributing their philanthropy organization for the improvements. I think about 100 million was pledged.

    1. What I know about Nevada’s politics I learned from The Godfather movies :) And the Sinatra era. I think Reid is a pawn in the dying Mafia of corruption. Another good case for term limits.

      1. You might think I’m nuts, but the business interests in Nevada are banking on SenReid to table any and all amnesty legislation and to kill any attempt to raise the minimum wage.
        Why? because the minimum wage is tied into union contracts; if the minimum is raised 25%, then union wages automatically are raised 25%, too. Then, there’s the issue of cheap labor in the hotel business; they need their employees to be “grateful” for their crummy jobs, keep their mouths shut and who better than illegal aliens from Mexico.
        Like the lady said ….who will clean our houses and do our landscaping if we send them all back to Mexico? (sic).

  7. I went to the website to look for plans for a 28 year old non-smoker (just to look; I’m not touching any of it). The cheapest plan I could find cost $211 a month with a $6000 deductible. But WAIT! That must be a lie by the Koch brothers.

    And the fact the the official phone number is 1-800-F1UCKYO must just be a figment of my imagination too. Planted there by the Koch brothers.

  8. Of course, Reid accusing someone else of lying is hilarious (Romney hasn’t paid his income taxes in X years). But I give him some credit for being only only zombie ever elected to public office. You gotta give him that. I’m waiting for his book “How To Make A Quick Million Dollars In Real Estate.” It should pay off, as long as you have the same friends Reid has.

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