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The Obama Morning News || February 26, 2014

23 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || February 26, 2014”

  1. Biden needs to retire on a beach somewhere.
    This ID issue is not a form of Hatred.
    People are voting more than one time, PERIOD!
    Let him run again, and let him allow me to vote for the other party, 5,10,15 times. Sarc

    1. Speaking of Biden, his appearance on the view was assinine–so these “single women” unlocked from jobs but who can still afford a couple hundred a mo for premiums and huge deductibles are so liberated? Honestly, you would think women in general are stupid seeing those View queens sit there nodding sagely–ah, yes, so true, so liberated. Come on, people, think!!!! This line of argument makes no sense–people need money whether they have ins or not!

  2. I have suggested projects to fix briges several times. My plan was not to cough up $300 Billion Dollars at one time. It was to start One Bridge at a time. With the condition that only Company’s located here in America would be a part of it. Another Condition would be only American Citizens would work on bridge. Supplies would be from Comapny’s within America. The One Project at a time, would be a trickle affect for other Companies doing well within that area, restaurants, rentals, etc. Than once that is complete, start the next bridge.

    1. I call this “Shovel Ready” jobs under a new name that we sank $$ into once before with zero results.

      Oh and then to tax businesses who will then send it on to us who pay our share of taxes in the first place.

  3. On the “hate” behind voter ID laws, I agree. I absolutely HATE the fact that those who take the right of voting in this country so lightly that to get a photo ID that is needed for every other function in society is somehow disenfranchising to THEM. There is only one reason the dems oppose Voter ID: they KNOW it will stop the shenanigans they’ve been getting away with for years.

    If Obama really wanted to build roads he’d call off his EPA dogs and get the price of gasoline back down to the $2.00 to $2.50 range where it belongs. Road construction is financed by gas taxes. Taxes collected on every gallon pumped. Lower the cost, pump more, raise more money, build more roads. Simple, free market choice that’s a win win for everyone. Everyone expect the left wing environmentalists and corporatists that have Obama in his pocket.

    And as for the Clinton files not being released, not to worry. All we have to do is elect her first and then a couple years into her first term all those thousands of pages will show up in a box in the White House residence.

    1. Dan Bongino was sitting in for Hannity last week and he had some Democrat drone on the show who was haranguing the Texas voter ID law because it disallows student IDs for voting purposes. Of course he left out the fact that a while back our state legislature voted to grant illegal aliens in-state tuition so their IDs will look no different from a legal Texas college student. These Socialist Democrats are cunning and deceitful when it comes to trolling for votes – by any means necessary.

      1. While voter ID laws would identify WHO the voter is, the main reason for the ID is to prove WHERE they live–in what district, what county, etc.
        A college dorm is not a legal residence, if it was then every student from another state who lands a place in that college could then claim that they are not ‘out-of-state’ students and have their tuition reduced.

    2. Geoff,

      My take is somehow (the thought just makes me ill thinking about it) Clinton gets back to the WH, and the first thing she does is a EO locking down all the papers again, with some additional stuff added in.

    1. Obama is the son of Allah, Allah is God, therefore Obama is God. OFA works for Obama, ergo OFA does God’s work.

      How am I in possession of such profound knowledge:

      “Socialism for Dummies”, $9.95 at Pravda newstands everywhere.

  4. Re Hillary secret files:
    Eight years of dirty laundry strewn all over the place, plus 4 years of lies, cover-ups, and obfuscations in the State Dept.
    Is it too much to expect a future occupant of the Oval Office to arrive with a clean slate? The stain on the little blue dress was bad enough, but this old hag will be a permanent ‘stain’ on America.

  5. Biden: Hatred behind voter ID laws
    I suppose banks, government buildings, housing, medical facilities, pharmacies, welfare offices, insurance companies, policemen, driver’s license bureaus, etc. are all engaging in hatred as well? Got it. Yet, seems these same people who can’t seem to obtain an identification for voting can obtain one to engage in just about any other function in society.

    Sebelius: GOP playing with people’s lives
    Oh my! A tad hypocritical coming from someone who supports abortion on demand. Also hypocritical considering the scores of individual stories of harm due to the ACA, otherwise known as Obamacide.

    Obama: OFA doing “God’s” work
    Newsflash – I somehow missed where God has sanctioned lying. Quick, someone re-write the 10 Commandments.

    Dems waver on minimum wage
    What? These Dems hate the poor too? Soon enough the unions will get to them with promises and they will fold, causing more harm to the middle class.

    Obamacare rebellion brewing
    Ummmmm…..I think it’s boiling over to hear the stories around the country. Too bad the MSM can’t function in the manner they should to get truth to the masses.

    Republican AGs: Holder ignores rule of law
    What’s taken you so long to notice?

    Obama lowers fine for hiring illegals
    I suppose the spiraling unemployed black community is ok with this action too?

    Obama to call for $300 on roads
    More shovel ready kickbacks, I mean, jobs.

    Obama seeks plan for Afghan exit
    Karzai seen once again laughing at said proposal.

    GOP vows to block defense cuts
    There are a lot of ways to realize cuts to our defense, the ones proposed leave us wide open to attack.

    Republicans call Lerner to testify
    Again? Will you actually ask the pertinent questions this time? MSM will you report on this phony scandal?

    WH reporters push for access
    This kind of seems like attempting to find sure footing in quicksand, but hey, good luck with the most transparent administration ever.

    Four million signed up for Obamacare
    What happened to the other 3 million? And just what is the percentage of Medicaid enrollees?

    Secret files a problem for Hillary
    Since when? Whitewater? Hillary is a problem for Hillary – or should be anyway.

  6. Re: White House reporters push for access
    In that article, Ann Compton of ABC noted that reporters did not find out about the Boehner meeting until 4 hours later. Ummm, Keith published the schedule the night before, so maybe Ann should check here if she wants to know the schedule!

    It’s all moot anyway… not gonna change access to This administration anyway.

  7. Obama seeks plan for Afghan exit

    When Obama failed to get a long-term interim agreement in Iraq, I chalked it off to the usual incompetence. Rethinking the failure, it was a planned failure to be followed by another planned failure in Afghanistan, later this year. Once our troops are withdrawn from Afghanistan, Obama will officially declare the war on terrorism over, close Gitmo and disperse its inhabitants to the four corners of the globe.
    Damn that Norway Peace Prize. It’s bestowal upon ‘the won’ is as worthless as the recipient and should rest aside another recipient Yasser Arafat!

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