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Michelle’s Low-Freedom Diet

First Lady Michelle Obama’s announcement Tuesday that schools will be prohibited from marketing junk food to kids seems nice. Obvious even. It’s terrible that schools allow kids access to this garbage.

But as usual, it’s left to conservatives to be the grinch at the free-stuff party. To seem like we’ve got a War Against Children going on.

You see, the thing is, Michelle isn’t just good ‘ole Michelle. She’s the government. And this is all going to end very badly.

I have great empathy for the first lady’s goals. Kids are too fat. They need to shape up. But if, as Patrick Henry once observed, it’s better to be dead than without liberty, then certainly it’s better to be fat.

Because look what happens here. This is from Michelle’s remarks:

We’re issuing new school wellness guidelines to help build healthier learning environments for our kids.  And as part of this effort, we’ll be eliminating advertisements for unhealthy food and beverages in our schools.  Because I think we can all agree that our classrooms should be healthy places where kids are not bombarded with ads for junk food.

And these new marketing guidelines are actually part of a broader effort to inspire companies to rethink how they market food to kids in general.  Because the fact is, today, the average child watches thousands of food advertisements each year, and 86 percent of these ads are for products loaded with sugar, fat or salt.

And, by contrast, our kids see an average of just one ad a week for healthy products like water, fruits and vegetables.  Just one.

So that’s why we convened the first ever White House Summit on food marketing to children, where I urged businesses to stop marketing unhealthy foods to our kids and do more to get kids excited about healthy foods.  And that same principle should apply to our schools.

Do you see where this leads? Mrs. Obama is starting with the schools, but she’s already dragging companies into the White House to bust their chops over the way they advertise in the free market. Some will make a few changes, some won’t. And when the response is insufficient, the government will show up at their doors with new regulations and restrictions on their speech.

And then the feds will be removing their products from the shelves because, after all, Little Debbie’s snacks kill, just like cigarettes.


Of course, it will all be done in the name of the children. Or reducing health care costs. Or some other rationale for finding new crevices for government’s tentacles to insert themselves into.

Michelle continued:

Our second announcement today focuses on school breakfast, and I cannot possibly overstate how important this is, because right now, millions of children in this country are showing up for school hungry every day.  And too many kids aren’t eating breakfast even when it’s provided because they feel like there’s a stigma with participating in the school breakfast program.  And this is happening here in the wealthiest country on Earth, and it’s intolerable.

And that’s why we’re expanding our school breakfast program, ensuring that nearly 9 million kids in 22,000 schools start their day with a nutritious breakfast.  And as you all know, this doesn’t just affect their health, it affects their performance in school.  In fact, a recent study showed that kids who eat a healthy breakfast perform 17.5 percent better on math tests, and they have fewer disciplinary problems.

Okay, well, she leaves out one salient feature here. Those breakfasts are free. They’re welfare. The welfare also – talk about creeping socialism – includes children who can afford the meals. And the kids get free lunches too. According to Politico:

Obama also announced an expansion of a program through which school districts that have 40 percent or more children eligible for free or reduced lunch will now be able to serve free breakfast and lunch to all of their students. By July 1, the expansion of universal free lunch and breakfast is expected to include 22,000 schools and serve as many as 9 million children.

In a nation in which the use of food stamps is out of control, we’ve established schools as additional outlets for free food. Remember, someone pays for it. You pay for it. It’s not a gift from the farmers.

Nine million children with more than half their daily food intake paid for by taxpayers.

Welfare. Government curbs on freedom. It’s the insidious underbelly of Michelle’s anti-fat movement.

Maybe children will lose some weight. And as the government increases its purview over our lives, we’ll all be poorer, with less money to purchase healthy whole foods.

And then the kids will start getting fat again.

67 thoughts on “Michelle’s Low-Freedom Diet”

  1. Speaking of ho-hos–isn’t the Green Giant still accounting for more than one ad a week–or is he? I do see ranch dressing ads–I even wrote a WebMD story once that said it’s OK to dip veggies in ranch is kids will eat them more. Or kids are in ads guzzling down soy milk–I could say some things about soy milk, but will spare you.

    1. Aren’t many of those cookbooks for children basically about hiding veggies in cheese and other tricks to get them to swallow their broccoli?

      Does MO not understand that children’s tastes develop differently (there’s A LOT of stuff I didn’t even try until adulthood). When my twin grands were born 11 years ago, the pediatrician wanted them to start out with pureed veggies first instead of the fruits. That made sense to me :)

      1. I remember my kid in a highchair eating artichoke leaves–scraping them with her new tiny teeth–but this is not typical. And she will not to this day allow the thought of peas or rice. Not even the words she is so repulsed.

  2. I just read on the NYT front page yesterday that childhood obesity is down 43% within the last decade. Who is telling the truth here?

    So, Lady Obama thinks she can rule by fiat just like Lord Obama. I also read somewhere that this could not be implemented until 2017 so it is really posturing.

    1. That’s a surprising per centage since it’s been in the last decade that schools have pretty much done away with PE/Recess and video games are at an all time high in usage.

      Or like I mentioned above, pediatricians want veggies introduced to babies as their first “solids”, and not the sweeter cereals and fruits. Kids could be losing their sweet tooth ?

      1. I think it’s just the lying NYT, but I don’t know what their motive is. Make Michelle look good and successful, or make Michelle look bad and take her out of the spotlight and make room for Hillary in it?

  3. A lot of veggies contain bitter elements to protect against insects in the field–and kids of all ages can be sensitive to that and not love them. Sorry–but it’s a fact. Arugula is peppery and strong. Kale–well…. And I think Mike on Mike & Molly said he gave up on brussels sprouts when even bacon did not save them.

  4. Whelp, I’m okay with feeding kids who are hungry, but does it prevent them from joining gangs and being ignored by their parents ? I think MO’s priorities are all screwed up. There’s many great programs in local communities who help kids, she needs to bring awareness to those groups who are successful at doing so.

    So we taxpayers pay her credit card bills to fly around the country with a hula hoop and shouting FRUIT, VEGETABLES AND DRINK WATER?

    1. You are right that more focus should go to local programs. My state and others have Blessings in a Backpack, where kids line up on Friday to get food to take home for the weekend, because presumably they don’t have food at home all weekend until they come back to school on Monday.

      My heart breaks for any child who goes to bed hungry, but there are so many groups and charities, I find it hard to believe they can’t find help somewhere (although granted, so many people being out of work hurts donations to these programs.)

      1. In New York City, there are ice skating programs for what they call the “underserved” elementary school kids. It’s all free for them, but they have to maintain a B average in school. There’s very long waiting lists. Kids also get tutored and a free meal twice a week, and they’re expected to show up, or out they go.

        Parents need to bring a photo i.d. and SNAP enrollment card to sign them up. How racist is that !? Just kidding, the programs are run totally on donations. They have an annual fundraiser with celebrity skating stars and people like Donald Trump who donates the ice time at his rink.

        Great programs run by great people. Then there’s MO’s Follies, which seems only to be about her. I can’t remember one instance where she showed up and a child actually benefitted.

  5. I didn’t think the free breakfast program could possibly be expanded more than it already is. If I recall local newspaper articles where I live, they expanded free breakfast to include summer now, so kids can go to the school for a free breakfast, plus their parents (who obviously will have to bring them) can purchase a breakfast for a dollar or something.

    And a few years ago, seems like there was a local flack about having to have a certain number show up for free breakfast to allow them to keep the program. So the band students, who were already at the school for early practice, were sent to get a free breakfast also, in order to increase the numbers.

    That’s only one of the problems with these programs… you have to jump through hoops and perform steps 1 through 25 in order to get something “free”. Which is why I don’t understand the whole voter ID thing being called “inconvenient” for certain people, since they somehow know how to navigate the system pretty good and have no problem with transportation, etc., to get their free obama phone, food stamps, housing, heating assistance, etc.

  6. I know lots of kids who will eat breakfast at home and then eat a second one, now available for all, at school.

    Walking to school or riding a bus makes you hungry, you know. Fat kids are fat because they like to eat. We’ll end up with more fat kids.

    1. I heard on a local news program this morning they’re going to start using the term “round” instead of “fat” due to sensitivity issues.

      1. Too late, MO’s already made the heavier kids a focus of her disgust. Can you imagine being a 10 year old roly-poly and MO singling you out to do the Dougie with her? Or race you and she wins!

        Parents and schools were already doing their jobs teaching and feeding nutrition. MO’s campaign is superfluous or make that Superflotus. :)

    2. Try driving by any 7-11 in the country at 3:15 in the afternoon. Mostly minority kids lining up for their after-school snacks. Where do you suppose they get the $$$? Can they use food stamps at 7-11?

      No one is starving in this country. It’s a myth. Just lazy parents who refuse to get out of bed to fix breakfast. And now the govt is enabling them.
      Funny how they always manage to get to the SS office to pick up their welfare checks on time.

      1. Exactly, MO’s aim should be at the parents. Maybe lecturing family unity in the inner cities where the kids are killing each other for starters? Why not a lecture on breaking the welfare status in families that have been going on for generations?

        I would admire her for something like that, and the celebrities she drags out to help her.

  7. With classroom video monitoring becoming a constant stream, and lawlessness of school ‘scream rooms’ punishment, our children and their sovereign citizenry is already established. Mark it Keith, sneaking a potato chip, eating BPJ from home, kids will be gov’t tagged and taken away in a heartbeat.

  8. Free school meals are also part of the bigger War on Families — millions of children are growing up believing that meals should be provided by school/government, and not from the work of their parents.

  9. Is there anyway we can do to get this boring woman to just go away? We have to endure her husband for the next 999 days and there is little we can do about that, but this one should go find something to do that she might know something about–other than seeth about her country and how it has treated her. She has had everything handed to her. Except,of course, we can’t give her any intellectual prowess.

  10. Funny story. Last Sept. I accidentally opened a piece of mail from LAUSD that was delivered to me by accident. I started reading it before I realized it was addressed to a very famous Hollywood actress. It was a renewal of her child’s free lunch program, lol. I carefully re-sealed the letter and returned to sender.

    The goal of Ed Sec Arnie Duncan is to put kids in school 6-7 days a week starting at 6:00 a.m for breakfast and continuing til 8:00 p.m after dinner. In other words, indoctrination camps.
    I do know that LAUSD is offering free breakfast, lunch, and in some cases, dinner, to those in densely populated hispanic areas. Weekends are also included – for the entire family.

    It is ironic that MOOshelle’s bff, Beyonce, is the spokesperson for Pepsi. Is she going to ban the commercials which are a huge source of her friend’s income? Is she going to burn all of the dougie LET’s MOVE videos with Beyonce? Is she going to allow Diet Pepsi – with it’s dangerous ingredient -aspertame? She has no business practicing medicine without a license.

    This wretched woman is a fake and a fraud., We are all aware of her gluttonous appetite for lobstah, wagyu beef, French fries and pecan pie, We have seen her with her elbows on the table – shovelling the grub in her mouth like a cannibal.

    Leave our kids alone! Scram…vamoose…get lost! Stop extorting funds from the Treasury to funnel to the teachers’ unions. Stop spending our money on your “look-at-me” self-promotion tours. Mind your own business and get out of our lives. You have no standing on anything whatsoever. The world was a better place without you.

    1. The goal is to make your children virtual wards of the state. And private enterprises beholden to or in collusion with the state.

      Call it what you will.

      At one time, I thought this was just so much tin foil hat. Now that I see it in action I reject it at every turn.

  11. “Our children are obese!! We must cut their lunch to 120 calories! Our children are starving!! They can’t get enough food! We must give them more free meals!”

    You’d think that someone in the government would notice a contradiction.

  12. There is nothing benign or good about anything that Michelle Obama and the government is involved in. It’s always for the children — but it’s not.

        1. I still give to our local Big Brothers and Big Sisters and similar groups because I think helping out locally might be a bulwark against more and more federal intrusion.

          1. Yes, I donate food and clothing directly to those orgs who help locally. Even to the animal shelters, a bag of food and old towels and blankets are always welcomed there. And newspapers!

          2. I’m big on battered women’s shelters. Those women and their kids sometimes have to leave at a moment’s notice and might not have anything but what’s on their backs.

  13. It’s one thing for the FirstLady to encourage childen to exercise or eat healthy foods, and another for her to use the power of an agency that voters have no control over to change how children eat around the country.
    Asking private business, from the WhiteHouse, to change their ways, to change their marketing, is not persuasion, but a veiled threat from an administration that has already proved it will use it’s unbridled powers to get what it wants,

  14. I work as a substitute teacher in the San Joaquin valley, close to Fresno. At the elementary schools I visit, there’s 100% participation of free breakfast and lunch. What I see is waste of food. As a matter of fact, yesterday I chastised a girl who served herself a container with some chicken meal and didn’t touch it. I asked her why she picked it up if she wasn’t planning to eat it, that it was a waste of food. I made her consume 1/3 of the small bowl. Others took a piece of the whole wheat bread and wanted to throw it away but I said to eat it all. And this is what teachers comment on the side.
    Where’s the responsibility of these parents re. feeding their kids at home?
    Many of them come to school in their parents’ cars, so obviously they’re not that poor.

  15. I had to read MO’s announcements / commands a couple of the times and I saw allot of “we” or “we’re”. Did I miss something over the weekend that Sir Putts-a-lot issued a EO to allow MOTUS to issue FLEO’s? (First Lady Executive Orders). Maybe it was one of her turning 50 birthday wishes. We already know one of her other wishes was granted with her trip to Aspen (with limited media coverage).

    So what’s next on her list – rolling tennis balls on the WH lawn for Easter vice traditional eggs? Or doing away with it all together. And she is way overdue to start sucking up to military families again.

    1. Oh, gee man, I hate to tell you but they don’t “roll” chicken’s eggs at the WhiteHouse anymore., We (you and I) buy special wooden painted eggs with a drawing of the WhiteHouse on it to “roll” .

    2. I’m in a big Navy town and the threats of shutting down the commissaries are back in the headlines. What little profit commsy’s make goes into base rec funds for the troops and their families.

      So there you go, shut down affordable healthy food sources for the low income military and their exercise. Yeah, MO, let’s see your support the troops tours after that happens. Hypocrite.

    3. Have been following the changes Hagel is proposing. This is what happens when you get a SecDef who has forgotten his roots as a serving service member in Nam, or went to bat for veteran affairs issues in the ’00’s. There is so many things DOD can change internally to save $$. Top heavy officer corps and huge staffs is one of them. Hurting junior active duty members and retiree’s is not the way to go. Back when he was nominated, there were sources who commented that he was going to be BO’s hatchet man in DOD. The sources were totally right.

      Last time I was in a Commissary was in 1999 at Pax River. Through the years was sometimes lucky to be living or stationed close enough to make the drive to a commissary (up to an hour commute 1 way in some areas). It was worth the trip, stock up on non perishables for a month. Helped stretch your monthly budget when living in high cost areas (I was stationed in 5 and required to live within 45 min of my assignments)

      Gee.. I wonder if BO knows that a proceed of some of the money spent at commissaries also go into the WMR pot, that helps support some of his fav golfing spots?

  16. Hopefully, the cafeteria ladies will stop taking these very nutritious lunches and trashing them as a result of some parents not renewing pre-payment plans. What do we do about that? The kid doesn’t eat because no one told his parents to put more money in the account.

    I say we do what my mom did. She sent me to school with my Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox full of nutritious food (thanks, Mom!).

  17. OT QUESTION. I thought Boehner and Obama had a meeting. I haven’t seen any coverage. Perhaps I have been living under a rock. Does anybody have any info or links? Thanks.

  18. No doubt there is poverty and hunger in our society and unfortunately children are many times on the receiving end of the awful circmustances which they had no hand in creating. Where does it stop though? If we are providing a multitude of benefits to the family why should we now also feed the children 3 square because the parent(s) are wasting the benefits.
    According to my math 9 million/22 thousand schools = 400 kids per school. Really?? How many schools have 400 hungry kids each day?

  19. So what will it be like when these children go home, turn their innocent young eyes upon a fat parent(s), and start haranguing them about their eating habits and their weight?
    How long then will it be before MooChow’s Food Stormtroopers start invading the homes of school children to monitor the home environment and possibly remove children who are “at risk” for obesity?
    The Obama’s are arrogant and ignorant. The Obama’s are un-American. They need to face public humilation.

    1. I remember reading about social workers coming into homes and checking pantries. How soon before it happens here? Doesn’t the ACA already allow the government to come into the home of a newborn whose mother or father was in the military?

  20. Michelle,
    My children are honor students.
    BUT…shh for breakfast they usually eat one of the following:
    Pop Tarts (never toasted)
    Frozen Waffles with Maple Syrup
    Frosted Flakes/Fruit Loops/Honey Nut Cheerios

    Let’s just say this…because I’ve run out of patience…you are an idiot.
    Parents are supposed to feed their kids.
    Don’t go planning the “wealthiest nation” because parents are too lazy to put out a pop tart in the morning for their kids.

    12 pop tarts are $2.50 (when on sale). That’s $.21 per tart. With a glass of OJ, (another $.38), a parent needs to spent $.59 a breakfast. Times are tough, but not that tough.

    Your speech expenses and crap just cost enough to feed 8,500 at least.

    1. We do four PopTarts sometimes because we live 20 miles from my son’s school, and traffic can be a bear in the morning so he eats in the car. He’ll eat two breakfast Hot Pockets or a large Tupperware bowl filled with Cheerios and fruit or three egg-salad sandwiches or we’ll stop and get him two or three breakfast burritos and a banana. And, he drinks a pint of milk every morning. After sports practice in the mornings, he’ll eat another pack of Pop Tarts, and then sometimes two lunches. Then, he has a large snack after school, and then a large dinner. There’s a reason he’s known as The Walking Stomach.

          1. Sounds like you better start stockpiling pop tarts before Mooch takes them off the market. And hide them well — because who knows who might come searching for them.

  21. I say it’s OK to provide one meal a day even for parents if they are willing or eager to go to the school and eat there. It’s called quanitity cookery. Turn the menu back over to the hairnet set–steam table green beans never killed anyone, or even a small hamburger or some weird squares of “pizza.” Quit judging (that person has a car, they aren’t poor enough or that person may not have papers). You don’t need to serve soda or have a machine on the premises–it may cost the school money, though, which they will then take out of the parents’ hide. The kids can take cooking classes (even in the lower grades) or plant a garden, get some fun nutritional education.

    1. …And the kids need enough cals to take them through after school practice or clubs without eat weird “bars” full of things they can’t pronounce. Honestly, a Snickers is healthier than some of those health bars.

  22. Whereas (they say) abortion is a “private matter between a woman and her doctor,” once a child escapes the threat of abortion, the government’s all over every damn thing about that child.

    Leave. Us. Alone.

  23. Cuts in Home Health Care?

    Even the progs are screaming about it. Doubt that will bother Obama at all. He is beginning to realize he needs money and that the sooner the elderly are gone the better — for him.

    However, this alienates the vulnerable elderly and women voters,. So, as long as this occurs in an election cycle the Progs will be screaming. Post election I suspect they will quiet down.

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  25. A lot of this is an attempt to normalize homes that do not have parents who act like parents. Instead of criticizing those who find partying and scrapping more interesting than the responsibilities of parenthood, the government runs a line of warm creamy love into the mess, covering over what is really going on and calling it “for the kids.”

  26. Funny, I don’t remember voting against Mooch when she ran for the office of Food Czar. Think any of these companies being summoned to DC will stand up and say “Excuse me Mrs. Obama, you have no authority.”?

  27. Sitting here eating a hostess apple pie while reading Michelle’s nonsense.

    This is the same woman that was telling everyone how to eat while she was in South Africa eating fried cream pies and wolfinf down fried french fries right?

  28. it isn’t the governments job to raise my kids… it’s mine. and if you are really worried about the children of this country try starting with GMO! fill them with the crap that the schools make… sure. not worried about a soda once in a while.

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