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Actually, sounded more like “Afooo!”

Eddie Scarry notes over at The Blaze blog that Obama fails egregiously to employ the accepted protocol for preventing disease dissemination, the sneeze in the sleeve technique.

Rather, he actually waves his arms as if attempting to spread infection left and right.

One can get in trouble for this.

7 thoughts on “Achooo!”

  1. I’ve never seen the Obama cover up his nose rubbing with an obvious fake sneeze. Sometimes he’ll deflect his hand to another part of his nose if he catches himself in time, often to the side of his nose. If you want to see his nose rubbing in action on video @ 1.48 minutes:

    Here’s the original video:
    President Obama Speaks on the Affordable Care Act-9/26/13, Largo, MD

    He rubbed his nostrils countless times during this speech in the video. There were no repeats inthe first video. “Journalists” had to notice it. If you want to know what this very specific nose rubbing indicates just look up cocaine symptoms. I can’t be sure he still takes cocaine but he developed this symptomatic habit from its use.

    I’ve seen Obama doing the nose rub starting in 1995 when interviewed about “his” book Dreams. It’s never stopped. I’ve used it in many videos, now removed by me, but no one ever seemed interested. Coke, President=Yawn

    Yes, touching the nose is a sign of lying but not in this very specific
    manner. Besides Obama is an accomplished liar. Foreign intelligence services have surely noticed this. They get the big bucks not like little ol’ me.

    1. I remember Michelle rubbing her nose too, GJ. Many times during the ’08 campaign. Don’t have the videos at the ready – but there is one in particular where I thought her nose would fall off.
      Someone ought to let the sniffer dogs loose on AF1.

  2. Aw, c’mon guys…that cocaine gets itchy after a while. The guy is an idiot and has the manners of a pig. Oh wait…that was an insult to pigs.

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