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Video || Biden Appears on Seth Myers’ Debut

Vice President Biden appeared on the first Late Night with Seth Myers, explaining his State of the Union antics. Biden refused to say whether he is running for president, so Amy Poehler said she’d do it.

7 thoughts on “Video || Biden Appears on Seth Myers’ Debut”

  1. The blonde woman goes to sit on VPBiden’s lap, and I quit watching.
    Even though I personally consider MrBiden to be lacking in a lot of things, he is still the Vice President of the US and

    What am I saying? Everyone in this administration thinks being common, coarse, and without dignity to be their finest hour. Of course the blonde sits on his lap, why not? He’s nothing special, just a foil for a joke about old guys and young blondes.

  2. Amtrak Joe just had to go and give a plug (no pun intended) to Jerry’Brown’s mega-billion bullet train to nowhere – the greatest boondoggle….ever.
    The people don’t want it, won’t ride it, and it won’t be finished in our lifetime.

    1. Every now and then, some joker in Arizona proposes that we build a bullet-train from Phoenix to Tucson (our only cities of note).
      The usual response is a rolling of the eyes by the public.
      There is air traffic between the two cities, but the common means is driving……driving down a level, mostly straight, four-lane divided freeway with a posted speed limit of 75mpg.

      We like to drive fast here in the southwest.

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