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Surfer-Rocker Dude Still on Food Stamps!

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly caught up Monday with Surfer-Rocker dude, the lobster-buying food stamp recipient whom Fox profiled a few months ago. He’s still on food stamps and still buying lobsters – but only when lobster’s on sale, he assures us.

The cost of food stamps to you has risen from $17 billion in 2000 to $80 billion last year. The price tag has more than doubled under President Obama, according to Fox News.

Surfer-Rocker dude is using food stamps to help him get by while he implements his business plan, which involves surfing, rocking out, and girls.

Sure, he’s a self-indulgent leach. But he makes a pretty damn good point:

Do I have to apologize for the way the system’s set up?

He’s right. Things are working just as Obama’s social engineers have planned.

Because this rock and roll dream is actually one of those things the White House likes to refer to as “investments.” I thought the term was just a euphemism for spending, but – who knew? – the White House was being, like, totally sincere.

That is, Surfer-Rocker dude has assured us he’s going to make “millions and millions of dollars, man.” And can you imagine the taxes that we’ll collect on that? Talk about recouping an investment!

Anyway, your contribution to this enterprise is almost at an end, Surfer-Rocker Inc. assures us. “If everything’s planned out right, I should be off food stamps in a month,” he said.

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  1. The Food Stamp program, in that it exists at all, should be set up just like the WIC program.
    You get coupons that authorize you to buy certain things in certain sizes and you only get so much of it each month. And there is a finite period of time that you get this benefit.
    I know it is a stupid question, but WTF is wrong with our government? And how on earth did it get this way?

    1. Get this way? you ask. 60ys ago, the government passed out what the poor called “surplus food”; cheese, dried eggs, mystery meat in a can, butter and similar items. These were probably foods the government stored to maintain price levels on dairy or leftover military foods.
      As I started my adulthood in a neighborhood where the going rent for a 1 bedroom was $35 a month, some of us were happy to buy the “free” food at a discount price from those who needed cash to buy their liquor..
      Nothing much has changed in those 60 years. There’s no more surplus food, but they’re called “food banks” now, and the food stamp coupons have morphed into a card that looks like an ordinary ATM card. The poor are still selling their “free” stuff or trading their credit for forbidden items at not so honest bodegas.
      If anyone thinks that surfer-dude is actually cooking what he says he buys with his “free” food card, then i have a great deal for a marina berth on the Salt River in Phoenix.

      1. Agree, srdem. I grew up on the wrong side of the railroad tracks and saw it myself every day. There have always been people who will game the system to get ahead. Surfer dude is just another taker.

        1. Heck, I saw an article yesterday where the pot shops are accepting EBT cards. Can you imagine? The taxpayers are feeding the drug habits of the people who are too stoned to be employable.
          This has to stop. We are becoming a nation of morons.

          1. Just read on Drudge…. a new study cites a 300% increase in marijuana related fatal car crashes in the last decade.
            This (and Obamacare) could aid govt efforts on population control, aka ‘culling of the herd’.

          2. I have never in my life heard of “marijuana related fatal car crashes”. I’m not saying they don’t exist, but alcohol plays a far greater role.

            From Breitbart:

            Significantly, the study cites marijuana use as the leading culprit for the swelling number of drug related traffic deaths, contributing to 12 percent of 2010 crashes. This represents a 300% increase compared with four percent in 1999. The study qualifies the pot statistics by emphasizing that because marijuana stays in the blood for up to one week, therefore, researchers said, “the prevalence of nonalcohol drugs reported in this study should be interpreted as an indicator of drug use, not necessarily a measurement of drug impairment.”

    2. I agree with structuring it like wic. You can buy a 2L of pepsi and doritos on food stamps, but you can’t buy a 64oz pepsi in NY with your own cash. I witnessed someone buy a 12 oz coke with food stamps, then pay cash for rolling papers while chatting up the cashier that he was on his way to go bowling with his buddies. When we were poor, I was so happy to find an extra $2 so I could go buy the about-to-expire bread at the outlet store. What happened?

      1. Good question Kimbly! We both have pretty decent jobs but I have spent way more time at the bread store than at the bowling alley!

  2. When I was on Food Stamps, I thought to myself, “This is other people’s money and I’m going to spend it carefully and respectfully.” And I did. And I got off the program as soon as I could.

    Apparently other people feel it’s a lifestyle option.

    I wonder who will become a big-time taxpaper first: Rock Lobster Dude or Stephanie The World Needs My Subsidized Empanada Empire.

    1. We got stamps for 6 mos when the bottom first dropped out of this mess–and unlike CA, I guess, it took a lot of paperwork–bank statements, etc—and you had to resubmit every six mos. When I came around again, we just couldn’t face it. We stumbled on–generic mac and cheese, etc.

    2. I have a similar story. I qualified as a college student and my roomates encouraged me to go on them. I didn’t renew either, didn’t feel right. Years later when my husband was laid off and we were a family of 4, we qualified again but at only about 1/4 of the amount I qualified for as a single college student.

  3. I can’t help thinking that the huge jump in food stamp spending is not only due to a huge jump in users but also to widespread corruption.

    1. This regime is employing the Cloward-Piven strategy of orchestrated chaos and crisis to take down the established norm and implement socialism. Corruption is just part of the strategy to create political, financial, and social chaos that, the left hopes, will lead to revolution.

  4. Gotta give Surfer Dude a little credit. He isn’t reckless with taxpayer largesse – he only buys lobster if it’s on sale. Good boy!
    And…he is doing his part to eliminate the ‘stigma’ of being a welfare recipient. He drives a shiny, black Cadillac Escalade to do his food-stamp marketing. Keeping up appearances!

    In reality, Surfer Dude is Nancy Pelousy’s ideal model citizen: an aspiring musician who is now able to pursue his dreams; hang out at the beach all day; hold a few jam sessions with his band; eat healthy foods in conjunction with MOOshelle Obama’s nutritional guidelines; and qualify for Obamacare.

    He said it himself: Why not? I qualify! Therein lies the rub…

  5. Didn’t Pelosi say we’re guaranteed “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”? He’s obviously pursuing his happiness, and he’s not suffering the horrors of “job-lock.” So we should all celebrate.

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  7. I was at a upscale Farmers Market similar to Whole Foods and this couple dressed in their Sunday Clothes (this was a Friday afternoon) standing in line with Lobster, Scallops, Steaks and all the trimmings…..the cashier ran up several hundred dollars on her register. They broke out the food stamps (prior to debit style card) and it was like a E.F.Hutton commercial was being filmed at that moment. LOL, I bet 40 people stopped and observed in silence. I happened to be leaving the store at the same time and they got into a brand new car with dealer sold plates still on the car. They were going to have a party that night. Too bad, we paid for the party and did not get the invite.

    I am sure if the surfer dude had the Tea Party, Conservative Jack, Patriot Al, he would be in jail being investigated by every branch of the government including the coast guard.

  8. What is amusing. sarc.
    They need to get rid of the card that looks like a credit card.
    I am shopping choosing what may be on sale, etc.
    The person next to me is loading the basket over the top. With trash food. Than goes to the register with a credit card.

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  12. I am so angry I am beside myself.

    I did everything “right.” I completed high school with some AP classes. Went to college and majored in engineering – something economically useful. I went to graduate school and finished two graduate degrees in engineering.

    I got married, got a job, bought a starter home, etc. I have always made my credit card and mortgage payments on time. My wife and I decided now that we have the money to support ourselves, we should start having children.

    I worked about 2500 hours last year, and for my efforts was rewarded by my employer with a bonus of $56,000. This is a large chunk of change for me. My base salary is $85,000, which is good, but the way my company is structured, bonuses based on billable time is how you really get ahead.

    I was excited, I really needed the money to pay off credit card debt and student loans so I could put away money for when the baby comes.

    Then, a few days before Christmas, I saw my bonus deposited in my account: $32,000. That is $24,000 in taxes. I paid 40% of my bonus in taxes. Money that I could have used to feed my baby, is going to feed this man-child a**hole! I want my money back. All of it. I am tired of this BS! I am tired of working 50+ hour weeks to feed other people to lazy to work.

    Biden said “paying taxes is patriotic”. That was a gaff. I think the word me meant was “moronic.” I don’t feel like a patriot. I feel like a sucker. I worked 50 hours a week and only got paid for 30. That’s not patriotism, that’s getting suckered.

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