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Quote of the Day || February 26, 2014

“The best way to get kids to stop eating fattening foods is to give them an alternative they’re sure to like. That’s why we’re installing cigarette machines in elementary schools.”

– Michelle Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

5 Responses to Quote of the Day || February 26, 2014

  1. Oh snap ! I left a message on Jake Tapper’s blog about her pushing “diet food” ads will be okay. Haven’t the artificial sweetners come under fire for not being all that healthy? Especially the diet drinks which are linked to …. making you more hungry !

    I also recommended they end the Let’s Move nonsense and put that money back in the snap program to feed the hungry kids first.

    I just noticed the comments are now closed (and disappeared) on that article. Was hoping to see some agreement. :)

  2. Is it a coincidence that we have less smokers now and a higher rate of obesity? Doesn’t nicotine curb your appetite? Give CO a few years and they’ll have one of the highest rates of obesity, as well as a shortage of snack foods.