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The Obama Morning News || February 25, 2014

8 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || February 25, 2014”

  1. Surely, I can’t be the only one who needs an organizational chart with extensive footnotes to understand who and what caused this disaster of a law we call Obamacare. The players involved, the organizations or business interests, and the actual writing of this mess all prove that no one expected this to be a success.

    The complete government takeover of our healthcare system is usually the story with tales of woe, but the unique and unprecedented specter of our elected officials trying to force or entice the public to buy something the government is selling is proof that the ACA is a bad law.
    The Examiner story of a WhiteHouse in “disarray” before the rollout of the ACA leaves the impression that they didn’t know what was coming with the poor rollout of the website, or that they didn’t care what happened. My take is that the WhiteHouse assumed that millions would flock to the federal website for the chance to finally get that health insurance and that all of the state-run sites would be a success, so why worry when everything’s in hand.

  2. The new party line–NYT, Krugman, et al–is that no one can find Obamacare hard luck stories–it’s peachy. Strangely, I see them every nite. One I did not get, though, was on Megyn–the woman was paying $1200 a month, it went to $500–but she had a $6K cap and cancer–she was afraid of the bills coming in up to the $6K–but she had an extra $500–so I didn’t quite get her adamant cries that this was NOT working for her, etc.

    1. Although her $6k out of pocket would be offset by the premium savings, hospitals, clinics and doctors are not willing to wait for payment while your savings accumulate.

        1. But you may be right–she may run into an oncologist who wants the whole $6K upfront to make sure he or she gets it…That is going on. Still, even at $1200, she prob had copays… To me this wasn’t a great example…

  3. Sorry, Jeb. The Bush name is not the only issue you have. Your infatuation with a big fat bloated federal leviathan, nationalized education, and illegal aliens contributes mightily to your “issues”.

    1. And what was giving Hillary Clinton a ‘freedom award’ all about? What you have listed shows that the Bushes are part of the one-party system.

      On a positive though small note, Susan, the Republicans did a small on-line poll of their membership in our county regarding 2016, and three names came on top: Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, and Rand Paul. Paul Ryan was nowhere to be found, and needless to say neither was Jeb Bush or Chris Christie.

  4. By the way, the MoJoe gang was all fluffed up over Bobby Jindal coming out of the govs’ meeting and saying Obama was waving the white flag of surrender on doing anything about the economy and settling for a tweak of min wage instead (if they can get it). Mika was frowning and frowning.

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