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Grimes Refuses to Invite Obama to Campaign with Her

Wow. What a presidential-size diss.

Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes, who’s vying to unseat GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, doesn’t want any part of Barack Obama.

“This race is on that’s about putting the people of this state first, and I speak for myself, and don’t need any surrogate to do that.”

Oh really? Bill Clinton is in Kentucky TODAY raising money for her.

Because when it comes to a choice between a current president who’s a family man but who’s polling badly and a former president who who waged a one-man war on women but is wildly popular, Kentucky’s female Senate Democratic candidate chooses the latter.

10 thoughts on “Grimes Refuses to Invite Obama to Campaign with Her”

    1. Mitch McConnell came through for his friend Harry Reid and helped him defeat Sharon Angle. Wanna make any bets that Reid will return the favor?

  1. The Republican establishment (McConnell) is beating the conservative primary challenger handily (Matt Bevln), but is supposedly in a dogfight with Grimes. They had better watch what they’re doing, or they are not going to retake the US Senate. What’s the matter with those people?

    1. If McConnell was winning handily he wouldn’t have sicced Brad Dayspring, communications director for the NRSC (aka Team Mitch), on Matt Bevin. This guy is a disaster. He doesn’t care if he destroys another Republican, because it’s all about power and money to the Washington bean counters. These Rovians are cutthroat when it comes to conservative challengers, but they cower in the corner against the radical left. They’re going to end up poisoning whichever Republican wins the Kentucky race, and that Grimes lady will probably waltz right in. Mark my words, the RINOs will blame the Tea Party when McConnell loses.

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