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Death by Obamacare

A woman, 49, was diagnosed in 2005 with Carcinoid, a terminal cancer that nevertheless responds well to therapy and with which people can live for years.

She was doing as well as she could – living a tough life, but living. She had an expensive Blue Cross/Blue Shield health plan she needed because it covered the drugs and the doctors who kept her alive.

Until November, that is. Her son picks up the story in the Wall Street Journal:

And then, because our lawmakers and president thought they could do better, she had nothing. Her old plan, now considered illegal under the new health law, had been canceled.

Because the exchange website in her state (Virginia) was not working, she went directly to insurers’ websites and telephoned them, one by one, over dozens of hours. As a medical-office manager, she had decades of experience navigating the enormous problems of even our pre-ObamaCare system. But nothing could have prepared her for the bureaucratic morass she now had to traverse.

When finally she found a plan that looked like it would cover her Sandostatin and other cancer treatments, she called the insurer, Humana, HUM -3.24% to confirm that it would do so. The enrollment agent said that after she met her deductible, all treatments and medications—including those for her cancer—would be covered at 100%.

Then on Feb. 12, just before going into (yet another) surgery, she was informed by Humana that it would not, in fact, cover her Sandostatin, or other cancer-related medications. The cost of the Sandostatin alone, since Jan. 1, was $14,000, and the company was refusing to pay.

There is something deeply and incontestably perverse about a law that so distorts and undermines the free activity of individuals that they can no longer buy and sell the goods and services that keep them alive. ObamaCare made my mother’s old plan illegal, and it forced her to buy a new plan that would accelerate her disease and death.

I’ve bolded the penultimate sentence of this excerpt because it states what is truly evil about Obamacare.

Yes, evil.

The government, on a massive scale, is not just regulating commerce, it’s structuring commerce. It’s telling us that we have to buy something, and then what we can and can’t buy.

But central planning is bound to lead to enormous unintended – and intended, but not preferred by consumers – consequences. That’s what we learned from the Soviets. Or apparently, didn’t learn.

If Obamacare remains with us, it will not just ruin our health care system. That’s only the beginning. It will accustom us to enormous government intrusion in our lives, so that when in a few years another inspirational left winger comes along promising us some other glorious promised land, we’ll be more willing to accept it – and it will be easier for him or her to justify – because the government already is so intertwined in our lives.

That’s what’s happened over the last 100 years, as entitlement programs were established and then allowed to grow like cancers themselves, while we got used to having half our income stolen from us to pay for it.

We’re entitled. We want. We’ll get. And one day, the bill will come due. The bill always comes due. And then what program will save us? None will.

17 Responses to Death by Obamacare

  1. What was it MrsSillybus said – some must live and some must die- ?
    That’s the attitude, the mind set of the progressives who are using this law as a stepping stone to rule America from the top down.
    They’re not stupid. They know that millions have already lost their full-time jobs, that millions will go without the means or access to healthcare, and they know that hidden inside those thousands of pages is the beginning of the end of our republic government.

    We’re all sorry that this woman is deathly ill and can’t afford to buy something that will keep her alive. We’re sorry that the drug company that manufactures the life-saving drug has put a high price on her life so they can stay profitable. We’re sorry that her insurance company is concerned with their profit/loss schedule and find insuring someone like her to not be in their best financial interest.

    We can’t force our legislators to do the right thing, all we can do is hopefully vote them out of office and trust that someone new will do what’s right for America.

    • Amen, srdem. It’s time to throw all the Democrats and 99% of the Republicans out of office. Doesn’t matter what political party they’re in, the current crop of politicos have failed to hold this president accountable, and protect our civil society. The American people are under attack by our government and the political ruling class as well as the propagandized press just don’t seem to care.

  2. When John Roberts’ or a Republican Establishment Congress person’s loved one dies as a result of Obamacare someone might stand up. And by then it will be too late.

    Failure to act is a sin of omission. The longer they refuse to act the more culpable Republicans are in the damages of Obamacare.

  3. I read this sad, sad story earlier today and as the day unfolded more and more info emerged showing that Sebilious, her aides, spokespersons, and the entire White House have been lying and covering for way more than a year.
    We are in big trouble in this country when the press allows this, Soros backs it with money, politicians are either weak, power-hungry or greedy for more dollars for themselves and their districts.
    We are on the way to a Third World situation that could come sooner than later.
    I pray and cry and pray and cry.
    Maybe we should look at Kiev and Caracas. They are fighting back against oppression that we are surely facing.

    • And I did not include that stupid, stupid, stupid Chuck Hagel and the destruction of our military, the finest ever…..could not even follow that incoherent speech he gave yesterday/
      Of course, I do realize that Obama chose a dumb. life-long liberal Republican to do his dirty work…he could only accomplish this with a dumb one.

  4. Even more unconscionable than these acts of democide: that they can legally go after her estate after she’s dead if she can’t somehow come up with 14 large while she’s (ahem) dying of cancer.

    The healthcare bureaucracy that’s taking hold, if left unchecked, is going to end up a more effective method of mass slaughter then every gas chamber in Nazi Germany.

    Tell me I’m wrong.

    • You’re not wrong. They kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. The regime sends this poor woman to a faster grave by killing her spirit to live, and then they take every penny or thing of value she owns to settle the debt. Keith is right. Obamacare is truly evil.

  5. Ahhhh Keith,,,,I wish you were wrong about all this….but you are completely right. As I told my husband of 33 years…..what a horrible time to get old.

  6. I share your anger, Keith. Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society has finally metastasized. Obamacare is terminal and should be terminated or exterminated (whichever way you want to look at it).
    Obama is lying; people are dying. This monster never would have passed if the truth were known. He would not be occupying the WH today. The gravity of the situation is immeasurable.

    This poor woman lost her life-saving BiueCross policy and her life-saving drug b/c Obama suckered young, dumb women into voting for him with promises of free contraceptives, free mammograms, free wellness checks; free colonoscopies, etc. Inexpensive giveaways that could be obtained for a fraction of the cost at low-cost clinics. Ironic, eh?

    On October 1, 2013 we all became wards of the State. It should be declared a National Day of Mourning from that date forward. Contrary to Joe Biden’s words, it is Obama who has put all of us in chains.
    Michelle, the Masochist, is also picking up the gauntlet with her latest assault on schools – only water, unflavored low-fat milk, and fruit juice in elementary and middle school. Forget about the Hawaiian Punch and choc. milk.

    There is a black cloud hanging over this county. RIP, Amerika!



  7. What was just as bad were some of the comments in the WSJ. So many said that this was her fault, or that she’s rich and can afford the drugs, or she should have known the policy didn’t cover them. Horrible judgmental comments with no sympathy at all. We are truly becoming a divided country and that’s just as sad as the loss of our health industry.