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Romney to Campaign with Christie

Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney will attend a fundraiser Thursday with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a signal from Romney that he’s down with Christie despite not choosing him as a running mate and Christie’s embrace of President Obama in the days before the 2012 election.

The fundraiser is not for Christie, it’s for the Republican Governors’ Association. But the joint appearance of Romney and Christie suggests Christie is continuing to position himself as the “reasonable, moderate, I-can-work-with-Democrats” alternative to true conservatives in the upcoming 2016 primary battle.

Romney keeps insisting he’s not running himself, but somehow he’s not going away quietly, appearing several times recently on TV to discuss himself. It appears the “severe conservative” hopes to have some say about who is on the GOP ticket, perhaps hoping to ensure it’s inhabited by moderates.

10 Responses to Romney to Campaign with Christie

  1. I am so afraid that 2016 is going to come down to who I can hold my nose to vote for. Which is sad, given that there are some decent, true conservatives out there.

    While I may not agree with someone on all matters, I hope and pray that someone is willing to step into the fray that will espouse at least the majority of things we conservatives and libertarians believe in.

    • Promised myself after Romney that I’d never hold my nose while voting again, and I won’t. In my opinion, the primaries of 2014 will tell the future of the Republican party. If the RINOs are successful, Christie or Jeb Bush will be their 2016 nominee and the Republican party will lose its voting base. If the conservatives are successful, we’ll have one of those decent, true conservatives as our nominee and maybe the country can begin to heal.

    • Susan speaks for me, but I’d just like to say that it must heart the RINOs already to hear talk of people holding their noses and voting for them. It has worked so often for them in the past and it encourages them to go after the conservatives. “Oh, well, in the end they’ll always vote for me over a Democrat. Nothing to worry about.”