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We’re Still Telling Obamacare Lies

With all the stunning lies that were told in the selling of Obamacare – you know, you like your proctologist, you can keep him, and so forth – you’d think that now President Obama would be scrupulously adhering to the facts, a stickler for accuracy, a reformed paragon of honesty, and an irreproachable source of reliable information. Right?


He’s still throwing around fake facts. A new lie, that is – this one cooked up for a dinner Thursday in Washington with the Democratic governors.

“We’ve got close to 7 million Americans who have access to health care for the first time because of Medicaid expansion” brought about by Obamacare, said Obama.

Not true, said the National Review, which admittedly is pretty conservative.

Oh wait a second, that’s not the National Review. That’s the Washington Post!

My bad.

First of all, in its “Four Pinocchios” rating – the highest – of Obama’s statement, the Post suggests that Obama is starting out by rounding 6.3 up to 7.

The most recent report gives a top-line figure of 6.3 million people deemed eligible from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, which is presumably where Obama got his 7 million figure.

Remember fourth grade and rounding numbers? Well, okay, Obama spent the fourth grade in Indonesia. Maybe they have a different formula for rounding numbers.

In bestowing it’s judgement, the Post notes that independent analyses suggest that the true number of people is way, way lower:

He seems to be falling into the same trap as other Democrats, and some reporters, by assuming that everyone in the Medicaid list is getting health insurance for the first time because of the Affordable Care Act. But that number is nowhere close to 7 million. It could be as low as 1.1 million . . .  or as high as 2.6 million.

With his 7 million number, in addition to 700,000 thousand people who don’t exist – the rounding up – Obama is including people who have already had Medicaid but are just re-enrolling – what’s known as “normal churn” – as well as people “coming out of the woodwork” who were already eligible but just got interested because of the publicity surrounding Obamacare.

The former are not getting Medicaid for the first time and were eligible anyway, as were the latter group of new signups.

You could argue that Obamacare indirectly caused the “woodwork” population to get covered. But the problem is, nobody really knows how many of those people there are, and there are far cheaper and less intrusive ways to get people to enroll in Medicaid than revamping the nation’s health care system. And these people are not benefitting from Medicaid expansion, as Obama says, just new information.

What’s more, as the Post notes, no matter how you slice it, it does not add up to 7 million. The Post asserts:

It is dismaying that given all of the attention to this issue, the president apparently does not realize that the administration’s data are woefully inadequate for boastful assertions of this type.

No, he knows. What’s dismaying is that he’s still not trying to be honest about Obamacare.

24 thoughts on “We’re Still Telling Obamacare Lies”

  1. Plus it’s not “access to health care,” it’s “someone to pay for health care somewhere down the line.” And you’re right–the numbers are cooked, roasted, braised, and fricasseed.

  2. What’s even more dismaying is the millions of voters who will believe whatever PR (could be Patent Ridiculousness) Obama and the White House find “shovel ready” — and who will rate any countering facts as “extreme” or even “racist”.

    What’s the quote about those so blind they will not see?

  3. Obama’s lies about the Obamacare enrollment figures trickle down to the democratic-led state level. Maryland’s Lt. Gov is proclaiming that the state has exceeded its enrollment predictions. What he didn’t say is the original figure of 260,000 has been lowered to 160,000, claiming the 260,000 number was based on “faulty data”. So, the enrolling of 190,000 sounds like a smashing victory – – except that only 33,000 have signed up for private plans. The rest have signed up for Medicaid. Yay us!

    1. Yes, Obama attended fourth grade in Indonesia. There, all children attend school in a government issued uniform and carry a Koran under their arm as they walk to school. From the Indonesian government (famous for killing of hundreds of thousands of Chinese) to the seller in the local hawker stalls, these people lie, lie, lie. It is in their (his) DNA. I have lived there and seen it all first hand. Lying simply is their way of life and a child’s values are pretty set by age six, well before the 4th grade.

  4. Reminds me of the stimulus promises. All those “shovel ready jobs” were not so shovel ready. Hardy har har…

    And then there were the millions of jobs that will be created, that turned in jobs saved or created, that turned into a final tally of 1.4 to 3.6 million saved or created jobs that cost taxpayers anywhere from $228K to $586K per job.

    Obamacare isn’t the first thing this sorry excuse for a president has lied to the American people about, and it won’t be the last.

    1. What amazes me is that he thinks that he can get away with it.
      What is it with him ?
      Arrogance ?
      Audacity ?
      Ignorance ?
      The drive for control no matter what ?

      The swagger that he still has when he is giving his ‘remarks’ to various groups are shallow and the same rhetoric we have been listening to for the last five years.

      I think at this point that this is all an act, based on the fact that he feels that he will never be impeached because he is the first black president.

      The ideology of the individual should always trump skin color, and the nationality.

      The adherence to the Constitution is what we need to use in selecting those of us who aspire to lead US.

      Once a lie has circled the globe, the truth is just getting it’s shoes on.

      1. Agree we need leaders who honor their oath of office. Unfortunately, honorable men (and women) are few and far between nowadays.

        “Honorable: Honest, without hypocrisy or deceit; fair.”

        1. And the men and women that are speaking out against the regime are victimized and demonized even by the GOP.
          The flags that they are putting up against the direction this regime is taking us to are essentially being dismissed as so much ‘noise’ from the right wing that is inconsequential to the movement that the left needs to proceed in order to achieve the goal that they are intent on forcing upon this Country.

  5. I just listened to Hagel’s discussion of cutting funds for MIlitary.
    Reduction of Troops
    Personal & Families hit by salary decrease, commisary $, Healthcare.
    These men and woman risk their lives for the benefits the service has. They are, I am sure on a budget and their finances cut.
    Everyone loosing jobs because of O Crap, people loosing insurance,
    new insurance plans more explensive.

  6. Aside from the serial lying, just where are America’s poorest of the poor – the 17M uninsured Americans that we have been waiting for since Oct. 1, 2013? Should we send out a search party? Should we offer a reward for each and every one of them? Or should we give them a deadline say June 1. If they don’t call home – we cancel Obamacare and put the baby back in the bath water.

  7. “Four Pinocchios” rating – the highest..
    WaPo needs to add more Pinocchios to the rating system – we still have more than a 1,000 days to go.

    Not much mentioned, but the states that elected for expansion of Medicaid are going to bleed money like a hemophiliac sooner than later, as if underfunded pensions and promises wasn’t enough for a tourniquet.

    1. Medicaid doctors are also getting a raise equal to that of Medicare docs – 73%. Medicaid will always be subsidized with FED funds. 100% for the next 3 years’ 95% until 2018; and 90% from 2018 until the end of time. Also, states that opt out of Medicaid will still receive FED funds. Suddenly it’s beginning to look a lot like single payer.

      1. In my opinion, they’ll force us to single payer once the regime crashes the economy, which won’t be much longer the way these people are spending money. I’m thinking it’ll happen around election time, especially if he loses control of the Senate.

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