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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, February 25, 2014

11:30 am || Meets with Speaker Boehner
3:05 pm || Delivers remarks on manufacturing innovation institutes; The East Room
6:05 pm || Delivers remarks at the National Organizing Summit; Washington
7:10 pm || Delivers remarks and answers questions at an Organizing for Action dinner; Washington

All times Eastern
Live of White House briefing at 12:45 pm

20 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, February 25, 2014

  1. 11:30 am || Meets with Speaker Boehner

    Sounds ominous. Boehner bought some property in Florida recently, maybe they’re working out golf dates and times.

      • 1. Gracepmc said it all: Boehner hands over gavel as a gift.
        I think he may have done that already, and maybe he is handing over his Common sense at this meeting.
        2.Manf. Innovation: That is scary. We don’t need anything new started by O.
        3. The Natl. Orginizing Schedule. I do not want to discuss that topic.
        4. Action Dinner: Doesn’t O have any late night studies to do at his desk. Instead he is at a DINNER to raise money.
        Why don’t he announce the money he is raising will go to all the people screwed by O Care.

  2. Chutzpah! The only sitting potus to ever have his own personal 501(c)4 tax-exempt social welfare slush fund while in office is holding a campaign fundraiser to primarily enrich himself and the greedy wife after they flee from the scene of their crimes.
    Wonder if Boehner will be required to donate to OFA before their mtg.

    • Well said, Girly1. Then he has the audacity to empower his flunkies in the IRS to persecute and harass any conservative, religious, or constitutional group that attempts to organize their own 501(c)4. Nonprofit status for the king and his loyalists, but not for the proles.

      • It’s outrageous. It took him 73 days from the first day of his second term to have that thing up and running! The Mafia King is running a criminal enterprise and woe betide anyone who steps in his way.