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Let’s Move Focus Group

21 thoughts on “Let’s Move Focus Group”

  1. I watched the first half of the video, then my head hit the keyboard.
    Why oh why,oh why, oh why does our President’s wife insist on being part of this kind of stupid, stupid, stupid activity?

    A five year old child starts singing and she chair dances, snapping her fingers to a non-existant beat. I always believed her to be stupid, but now I wonder at her mental awareness.

    1. Butt, butt srdem, she’s so edgy, cool and adorbs :D

      Those kids were actors, like the ones in that (?) commercial with the adorable children everyone thought were real kids. I’m sure Ferrell worked for free though. Still what did that 2+ minutes cost us to produce ?

  2. So glad I haven’t had breakfast yet, Keith. Think I will skip it after that early morning barf alert.
    Will definitely not be having any ‘shtrawberries”.
    And what’s with the finger-snapping? Sounds more like she’s cracking a whip!
    She gets more ‘dominatrix’ looking every day. Cruel and unusual punishment for the little kidlets.

    1. She keeps a list of 5-Star restaurants next to her bed. First thing she studies when she wakes up in the morning and the last thing before she goes beddy-bye at night. Looks like she’s workin’ hard to check ’em all off.

    2. I noticed the crinkling forehead for the first time. Is this a regular occurrence? And how about her saying “git” instead of get?

      I don’t think the kids had any idea of who Will Farrell is.

      All in all, it was not funny or useful.

  3. A guest on MJ this morning, Steve Stoute, wrote a book and produced a VH1 documentary (airing tonight): “The Tanning of America or How Hip Hop Created a Culture that Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy”;
    Hip hop is not just music – it’s a magical elixer designed to unite all cultures across the globe and create a a new economy.

    Our kids are being indoctrinated into an amoral culture of rap/hip-hop/ gangstas/ drugs/’ and sex. And Michelle Obama is leading the charge!

    Let’s Move is not about nutrition – it’s about indoctrination and selling Black culture to our skool children. What a tag team! He’s selling our country down the drain, and she is dumbing down the children and turning them into gansta-rappers. G-d helps us all!

    1. Though I am also disgusted in how the first lady has been portraying herself, rap & hip hop don’t have the monopoly on drugs & sex in music. The whole industry has been down the drain for quite some time.

    2. Bill Haley said something just like that when “Rock Around The Clock” hit the radio and become a hit song among young people..
      Rock and roll is here to stay, Motown speaks to America, the Beatles united the world in music, and now …hip-hop..blah blah.

    1. You’re braver than me, Julie. I refuse to watch the foolish antics of the schtruggling single mother. My guess is the regime will use these videos of Mooch to torture us in the re-education camps if their coup is successful.

  4. Keith, I really don’t want to watch this. I don’t want to give her the satisfaction. The people who commented earlier each had a proper comment.
    Does he even mention to her that she is making a fool out of herself.?That it would be nice, if not for the Country, for the girls to act properly

  5. What happened to MOOCHelle’s face? The recent pictures of her look like she is a dead Michael Jackson reincarnated except black instead of white.

  6. Will has long stopped being funny. He is aiding the the slow dismantling of this country by the America hating Obamas. Matt Damon,George Clooney,Will Farrell and the majority of Hollywood left wingers want to help Barack to fundamentally change this country.I don’t think it is smart to give them this platform. It is not funny in the slightest,it’s sad.

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