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Sunday Open Thread || February 23, 2014

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  1. In a further act of division…….now our Army is bigoted in how we award Medal of Honor recipients. President Obama has announced a list of 24 soldiers that should have received a MOH but were excluded due to their race. I am sure all 24 recipients served their country with great Honor and Distinction. During D-Day or Operation Overlord it was decided that only a four soldiers receive the Medal Of Honor. In fact, the last living recipient (Walter D. Ehlers) passed away a few days ago at the age of 92. There were around 73,000 US Soldiers that landed in this operation with 6,603 US Casualties during D-Day and yet we are being told that a soldier was excluded from receiving a MOH because of ethnicity. This soldier received a Distinguished Service Cross (the 2nd highest award). There is no doubt Private Joe Gandara is an American Hero.

    I wonder if how many Medal of Honors winners were denied access to the WWII Memorial during the government shutdown.,0,5919747.story#axzz2u8H9mIup

    1. I don’t think it’s bigoted to look for those against whom bigotry might have occurred. For the past 12 years, the Pentagon has looked at more than 6,500 Jewish or Hispanic servicemembers’ records in an effort to carry out the mandates of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2002. These people fought in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

        1. We are not privy to the investigations. When the Congress tells the military to review for prejudice, they are going to find it. A Distinguished Service Cross is not a throwaway Medal by any means.

          Major Dick Winters of the 506th PIR (Band of Brothers) received his for leading an assault on three German guns that were bombarding the Normandy beach. Former Attorney General Elliot Richardson, who refused to fire Archibald Cox during Watergate was one the men they saved that day when those guns were shredding people on that beach. Many people believed he deserved to be a MOH recipient in addition to his Distinguished Service Cross.

          Prejudice and Bigotry everywhere………if it did in the 507th (precursor to the 82nd airborne), then this particular Private would not have been in the unit fighting along with his company nor received the Distinguished Cross at all. He will now be amongst 12 WWII soldiers to have both the MOH and Distinguished Service Cross.

          I am waiting for them to court martial General Washington because he was a slave owner……..

          1. Which makes me wonder when the investigation was complete and how long this administration has sat on the report to use it for political purposes. My guess Podesta and his ideas are kicking in. Do a google search regarding this topic CNN,NPR, PBS, LA Times, Ny Times,NBC are in lockstep with full coverage articles.

            Medals should never be Political……..

  2. On a lighter note, Canada and Sweden are battling it out for Olympic hockey gold. Canada is currently leading 1 – 0 in the middle of the second period. Hey swedishlady, are you watching?

      1. In Sweden’s defense, they weren’t playing with a full roster.

        Center Nicklas Backstrom was thrown out of the game 2 hours before puck drop for testing positive for a banned substance.

        Zyrtec-D, to be specific, and no, I’m not joking, that IS a banned substance. Backstrom has been taking that for seven years for his allergies, and he also took it during the Vancouver Games without incident.

        Poor guy evidently took one too many allergy pills, and that left Sweden with a huge hole at center.

        Give Carey Price credit for stopping every shot he faced, but for the record, Sweden was a man short the entire game.

  3. Swedihlady, I am watching a few mins of the game between Sweden and Canada. it is 1-0 at this point. I am not going to watch the whole game. I find it exhausting trying to keep my eye on the puk, or pin, (the little black thing). Watched a few mins for you.

    1. It’s puck. Canadians laughed our butts off a few years ago when FOX was showing NHL games. They highlighted the puck in red, so it would be easier for Americans to follow on the ice. I used to have a cat who would watch the puck, pat the television screen and try to catch the puck. True story!

  4. Please pull up article about the Five Follies.
    It has to do with all the regulations that are being pushed upon us.
    Has to do with the climate change, directing EPA to develop more MGP regulations for Med & Heavy Trucks, plus more.

    1. Lee,
      I had to run into town early this morning and just getting back to my favorite blog and what to my wondering eyes do I see? A shout out to lil ol me? Thank you.
      I rarely post links to my lil Corner on the world but as you’ve already read I do believe last week was one for the record books.
      While many by now may have heard of Clyburn’s daughter and a couple of Soros loyal universities trying to get the government camel’s nose under the tent of the First Amendment in news rooms all across America, I doubt very many know that if the EPA gets it’s way they won’t even be able to buy a wood burning stove or furnace to heat their home!
      Or that there are actual scientists and physicists that though they don’t doubt that man may be having some effect upon the climate, such effect is nowhere near the catastrophic predictions that each and every model has been proven wrong so far and vehemently disagree with the left’s push to wreck our own economy to achieve their one world agenda.
      Or that a former United States Supreme Court Justice has such little understanding of the words and papers of our Founders when they were debating the Constitution and the Bill of Rights the he is actually suggesting the 2nd Amendment be changed to cover only Americans serving in an active “militia” IE today’s national guard.
      I just turned 53 young years at the end of January and up until the past few years I’d always thought that I would retire in peace and bore the grandkids with grandpa’s ol stories from the farm and the “hard days”.
      Last week showed me that if we do not stand up and put a stop to this now, there are some very, very hard days ahead for all of us.
      I know it’s a long piece but I just couldn’t get it edited down and still illustrate the full gravity of what the left is doing.
      Here’s the link if anyone is interested.

      Don’t worry,it’s still just my little labor of love so I’m not out trolling for dollars or anything, and out of respect for Keith and his work here, I’ve asked permission on the occasional link posting and will only do so in matters such as this.

      A frequent commentator on the Corner that goes by the moniker of “A Nonny Moose” has put up quite a respons. For anyone who loves this country and the Constitution it was founded upon I think you’ll find yourself nodding your head in agreement with his thoughts as well.

      1. The length of the article needs no explaining. I tried to make comment, but could not get in.
        I feel like I am doing more research and reading than years ago in school.
        The comment you just made about being in your 50’s and what you had not expected. I am a year younger and keep worrying about my children’s future.

      2. Oh, the Judge Stevens ‘opinion’! It goes against over 200 years of interpretation of the Second Amendment. I just read about it for the first time this morning, but I’m sure the recent attempts by the government to buy up as much ammunition as it possibly can and to get all the guns they can through registration or confiscation is not a separate action.

        1. A friend of mine said just this morning. Place had been sold out of bullets. This morning there was one case. Only allowed to buy one box.
          The only other times there are limits on how many items you can buy is at a super TV sales, etc., or when their is a bad storm, etc coming ASAP.
          WHY is the government hording all of this ammo? I want the Reps and up to explain it to the citizens of this Country, WHY? They work for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Well done. I did a first read and will return for a second. Thanks for this.

        Each time I have gone over to “your corner” it has been time well spent. You might enjoy some of the work of thedipolomad2.0 also,

    1. Agree, gracepmc. Her whiny, painful voice gets on my last nerve. You’d think someone was pinching her when she talks. The RINOs have big plans for Ayotte’s future in politics. She fits all their basic qualifications: she can pretend to be a conservative and espouse Tea Party values in order to gain support from Sarah Palin; and she can dump those values and join the establishment Good Ol’ Boys club as soon as she is sworn into office. That’s just the kind of gal the GOP is looking for in their fight to preserve the status quo in the Republican party.

      1. Ayotte and that Rodgers woman who gave the GOP response to the SOTU. What a pair! Sponsored by McCain/Graham and Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy, respectively. Will horrors never cease?

        1. If they don’t cease in November of this year, I doubt that they will. Only a clearly conservative victory will end the RINO leadership.

  5. Durbin says we need to put the country back to work — and somehow immigration will help that. OTH, Pelosi says we can now enjoy our time and we are now free to spend more time with family, pursue our artitistic dreams etc. Of course no one pointed that out, let alone explain how immigration will help get Americans back to work.

    I am confus – ed.

    Ayotte stayed true to form — ineffectual. Embarrassingly so.

    1. The Dems need “reform” is the most transparent act of hypocrisy I’ve seen in years.

      They want the millions of new Dem voters to offset the lower birthrate from the high percentage of abortions among the African American community and the lower birth rate among the liberal elite.

      AND the Dems biggest contributors the trial lawyers and the unions see a gold mine. The former in God knows how may race and civil rights based lawsuits, the latter in all the dues money from organizing every service employee in the country.

      It will only make the overall economy worse and the total suffering by all greater but that doesn’t matter to them.

      1. We know the Democrats for what they are, but it would take RINO support to get amnesty through Congress, and that’s what worries and upsets me.

    2. If we kicked the illegal aliens out of the nation it would free up millions of jobs.

      But having somehow climbed into our home illegally through the back window, they now have a right to the jobs they stole.

      Crazy world.

  6. Chris Wallace grills Scott Walker on charges of private email abuse for which he was not charged and which has been investigated for three years by a Democrat. Walker addresses directly and responds well.

    The Democrat Governor who was also there (forgot who) sits idly by while Wallace grills Walker.

    Go Chris! He even admits there is no charge and continues to address this anyway — “public wants to know”, “some unaware”.

    Fair and Balanced Wallace.

    1. Public wants to know about a lot of things, Benghazi, IRS, etc.

      I didn’t watch, but was Wallace playing Devil’s Advocate or just being an ahole? Emailgate? Walker’s being Palinized over silly stuff. Much bigger fish to catch in the O’administration.

      1. I thought Wallace was going along with “Palinization”. It was unnecessary.

        But this is what I get for violating my own guidelines re. FNS — either don’t watch it all, or just tune in for the panel.

  7. It’s time for Arizonans to put that protective helmet on again as our legislature passed a law that either,
    1. protects the individual’s religious freedom
    2. discriminates against the LBGT community.
    Maybe both, who knows.
    This new law was in response to the courts forcing individuals to perform a business service that would offend their own religious beliefs.
    It’s certainly going to be appealed, maybe that is the point, dunno what our legislature had in mind. This might not be the right law, or the right time, but those guys and gals in our state capital aren’t afraid of anyone and are willing to put their political heads on the line (once again) for what they believe is right.

    1. Please explain. You stated the new law id in response to the courts forcing individuals to perform a business service that would offend their own religious beliefs. What is the new law?
      Why is anyone getting away with forcing people to perform as you stated in the first place.

      1. A bakery owned and operated by a Christian couple refused to bake a wedding cake for a homosexual couple. The gays sued, the court told the bakers they couldn’t discriminate so they MUST bake a wedding cake for the gays.
        Another case; a professional photo/video individual refused to cover a gay wedding, so the gay couple sued. Again a different court told the Christian man that he MUST do the job.
        The AZ law allows a business to refuse on religious grounds anything that violates their beliefs.

        While this is all aimed or seems to be aimed at Christians, it also allows Jews and Muslims to refuse to cater a pork bbq or to do or perform some other business act that violates their beliefs, too.
        It’s more complicated, but that’s how I see it.

        1. The LGBT community is wielding unbelievable power over the religious community.
          Leviticus chapter 20, vs 13, tells what God thinks of the movement that is taking place today under the liberal administration we are forced to abide with.

          1. They are wielding unbelievable power everywhere. I’ve been watching the Olympics, and NBC has been blatantly pushing their ‘rights’ whenever it can from the appearance of “Johnny Weird” on figure skating to Bob Costas and his political editorializing. Last night, though, the new president of the IOC handed him his hat.

          2. How could I forget to mention David Wise, the 23 year old American who won the half pipe ski event. He is married and has a baby or toddler, and NBC referred to his ‘alternate life style’.

        2. Thanks Srdem5. I totaly misunderstood. I did not put 2 and 2 together and matched it with the to examples you gave.
          I must have been practicing the new math they are shoving down the throats of children with the common core? sarc…

  8. On another site, the question has been raised as to Obama’s arrogance in bypassing congress to get his way.
    With the upcoming election, does he have confidence in the fact that there will be enough fraud to allow him to keep his power over congress ?
    This is critical to the lefts’ agenda to finish the debacle that they are perpetrating on this Country.
    The constant demonizing of the Tea Party’s attempts to turn the ship around before we hit the rocks is obvious.

    Your thoughts ?

    1. I want everyone in the Democratic party in Congress to explain why they are eating it?
      I am waiting on the heros to STAND UP AND SPEAK FOR THE PEOPLE.
      There are heros all the time now and in the past. They give up something for the better of all.
      I want them all to READ THE STUPID O MESS, all together, different News media can take turn filming them. It would at least make the point they had no idea what they were voting on. It would as well teach a hard lesson for them to stop shoving anything and everything into one bill.
      One other thing, I would like both parties in Congress to explain how they understand their children’s future is at risk as well, with our Constitution being trashed.

    2. The fraudster knows he is facing an uphill battle in November which is why the ‘get-out-the-vote ACORN affiliates and Obamacare navigators are doing double duty – combining voter registration with ACA sign-ups. There is a box for voter registration on the ACA website, for pete’s sake!

      His arrogance knows no bounds. He has no qualms about by-passing Congress. It’s a game of catch-me-if-you-can. He knows the R’s are spineless and if they ever decide to take action, it will be a cold day in hades and he will be long gone.

      His minimum wage hike slogan “Ten-ten in 2016” is directly mainly to hispanics, IMO, He is concentrating on Texas and the fertile field of hispanics – the largest bloc of unregistered voters.

      The 21 posthumous MOH awards to the unsung minority heroes – he’s working feverishly to woo Latinos.

      It’s only February – we’re in for many more ‘surprises’/end runs around Congress before this is over in November.

      1. Oh yes, you are correct. (last paragraph).
        The battle is just beginning.
        If he sees his power being drained for the last years of his regime, he is going to invoke everything he has to stop the conservative movement that knows what is going on.

  9. From ‘macro-economics’ to ‘micro-aggression’ on skool campus:

    UCLA Professor accused of racist ‘micro-aggression’ for correcting spelling. punctuation and grammar on dissertations of Black students:

    Black students at the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies accuse Professor of creating a racially hostile environment through his aggressive grammar and spelling corrections on their dissertation proposals. Ironic, eh? The Graduate School of EDUCATION!?!

    By ‘highlighting’ spelling and punctuation errors, the professor is contributing to an “unsafe environment for students of color”.

    “Subtle verbal and nonverbal insults directed toward non-whites, often done automatically and unconsciously. They are layered insults based on one’s race, gender, class, sexuality, language, immigration status, phenotype, accent, or surname.”

        1. I recall some lefty whining that there aren’t many Black athletes in the winter games of the Olympics. sigh.
          As if the sub-Sahara countries have a lot of snowy mountains and ice covered lakes to practice skiing and skating.

          Now, the MSM is agast that Russia has more “medals” than the US. That’s not racist in itself, but making healthy competition between athletes of many nations a political issue is just wrong, on every level.

          1. Oh dear, have we been at the tea trolley this early…..not that there’s anything wrong with that.

            I imagine she could fly down the ramp faster than the other skiers, but would probably drop like a big rock rather than fly through the air.
            Come to think of it, the tea trolley sounds inviting now.

          2. Just made another trip to the tea trolley, srdem. If she doesn’t make it to So Korea, I predict a solo performance of Rachmaninoff’s Third Piano Concerto at the Kennedy Center with the NY Phil.l

          3. You don’t see many “black” professional hockey players either. If any.

            Come to think of, there was one lovely black female figure skater and one handsome black male speed skater.

            But they more than make up for it in the Summer Olympics and every major marathon in the worrrrrld, where the Kenyans dominate. And the NFL and NBA.

    1. Safeway used to be a big name in SoCal years ago. Today, they are mainly in Hispanic areas – and not doing well. Lots of competition and lower prices in the ever-growing Mexican marketplace.

      1. They have a fleet of trucks here in the Valley of the Sun and disabled people like me can order our food. I sure hope some fancypants venture cap firm does not eliminate that. But of course…

    2. Obama speechified at an Intel plant under construction here in AZ a couple of years ago. Keith covered it, all the employees were told to stay home from work that day – without pay. Now it’s reported that the plant won’t open after all. Supposedly they have hired workers and placed them at the old plant.

      No matter the factory, warehouse or construction site, Obama always manages to sound the death knell for those businesses.

  10. Crap! Link was to an article that gave results of a study showing the average time of sex in Washington D.C. was 2 minutes & a few seconds, ranking it 45th. in the U.S.
    Apologies for the mistake.

  11. Dear Leader is not worried about his foreign policy epic failures for one minute. Nope, not for a second,.
    According to FNS, HE called Putin yesterday and they spoke for an hour. WH officials called it ‘positive’. In fact, he is planning a possible mtg with Putin this summer….to make a trade deal. LOLOLOL.
    Forty acres and a mule for Edward Snowden?

    The guy is sooo clueless!

      1. Putin has humiliated him every step of the way for the last 5 years.
        He is groveling for a (campaign) photo op next summer.
        And yes, Mr. Gumby will be overly flexible – whatever Putin wants, Putin gets. Can hardly wait for the bloviating to begin.

  12. Diff subj. Just read about the funeral home scam–a faraway so-called funeral home emails you about your dead friend (no name)–and asks you to link to get the funeral details. The warning was in the AZ Repubic. Ten mins later–there was one in my email!!

  13. Not sure if anyone mentioned Christine O’Donnell’s piece in the New York Post that Drudge is linking to. Wow. What a travesty. The IRS is using a taxpayer protection law to keep information about the IG investigation into a tax employee’s improper access to her tax records. The same law that didn’t protect her from him.

    Something tells me the RINOs may be responsible for the leaking of her tax records, rather than the regime. Karl Rove was angry as heck that Christine was running against the establishment shoe-in he was promoting, Mike Castle. He tried to destroy her character throughout the entire primary and he almost had a cow when she beat the RINO placeholder.

  14. Rice admits misues in Benghazi aftermath, but says she has no regrets. White House did not intend to mislead the public in the aftermath of the 2012 Benghazi Terror attack, but some information released soon after the incident was inaccurate. Has no regrets.
    To the family of the victems, I regret that this rambling by Rice was done. The only thing that should be stated: Where was everyone at?
    Why wasn’t help sent ASAP, and the list goes on.


    Keith and all,

    I hope you’ll watch these two short videos regarding our Seall Team Six being killed. Congress is holding a hearing on February 27… And if we the people do not weigh in…we are getting the government we deserve.

    Call your Congreesman…pass this on…and demand accountability …for those who dedicated and gave their lives for our FREEDOM.

    Keith, I hope you’ll cover the Congressional hearings on Extortion 17 in a BIG way. It appears the Seal Team 6 was set up and sacrificed. It was TREASONOUS.

  16. Great news! Politics in Irving, TX have taken a turn for the better…finally. Dylan Westie filed to run for Mayor of irving. He’s having some difficulty getting on the ballot since he is a West Highland White Terrier. If the city is going to the dogs, then why not have a registered son of a bitch (AKC RN04869502) instead of politicos with SOB-attitudes? You can read all about Dylan’s campaign and his platform at the website noted above. Be sure to clip on the item in “Snips and Clips” to read the articles from the New York Daily News, Boston Globe and Dallas Morning News.

  17. There is an interesting short piece cited at Instapundit on the mideval but highly effective tactics of Ukrainian protesters against state forces. It also notes the inclusion of all behind the scenes and the temporary coalition of forces pro nationalism anti Russian.

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