In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


The Obama Morning News || February 21, 2014

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    1. You beat me to the punch.
      I have never been jealous of people who have more than I do.
      I do not complain of them having more.
      The O himself is well connected, how can they fuss about other people?
      His wife is well connected, otherwise who in the blank would have invited her on the Tonight Show!

      1. Obama and MO, of course, going back to their college days, but the first people who came to my mind were the Clintons. Sen. Fulbright kept an eye on the boy from Hope. Both families have had “Someone to Watch over Me”.

    2. Oh that’s rich! Obama was completely ‘unconnected’ and poor as a church mouse until he started working for the US govt. where he was able to get his wife a $317K ‘job’, sold $5M dollars worth of books, and got himself ‘connected’ to every major donor on the planet.
      Such hypocrisy!

      1. Also someone having more money can scratch at ya if that person is someone you see every day–in your own family–who sneaks in spoilers on House of Cards (can’t get disks until July–but streamers have it now), comments about how they cleaning lady came early, stories of fabulous days at the spa, and just general irritating comments that begin, “I know you don’t get HBO, but….”

  1. The Obama Family Income History:
    ◾2000: $240,000
    ◾2001: $272,759
    ◾2002: $259,394
    ◾2003: $238,327
    ◾2004: $207,647
    ◾2005: $1,655,106
    ◾2006: $983,826
    ◾2007: $4,139,965
    ◾2008: $2,656,902
    ◾2009: $5,505,409
    ◾2010: $1,728,096
    ◾2011: $789,674
    ◾2012: $662,076

    Total: $19,225,070

  2. I read about “Obamas dwindling influence” with great interest .
    Finally, a compromise of sorts is reached in the violent conflict in Ukraine. It was Germany and Poland that acted as mediators. The presidents power will be limited ( according to the old Constitution ) and there will be a new election soon. Excellent, we can all take a breath of relief.
    By the way, Janukovytj was overstepping the Constitution in Ukraine and people acted against him. ( Well the conflict was about much else too, but still…) Isn´t there another president that is overstepping the Constitution nearby ?

      1. Thank s Julie, it was a sweet victory ( we like to beat Finland !) but in a way it deprives the audience from a really feisty final. I would have loved to see US-Russia or US-Canada. I guess many find it boring that little Sweden is in the final, but, well, my husband disagrees there.
        I saw the figureskating final and I understand the controversy about the Russian gold. Although Adelina was absolutely great , I think that the South Corean girl and Italian Carolina was..better. My favourite was Carolina, beautiful, elegant, oh, the pirouettes. The two American skaters were fantastic too. I have heard experts say that this was the best final ever, the skating was on a skyhigh level.

        1. From the Swedish mysteries I read, I have deduced that many ethnic Finns live in the north of Sweden. Is that correct?

          I enjoyed all the ice skating and have no quibbles with the judges’ decisions, but every Winter Olympics one can predict that there will be skating controversies and the competitions end up being politicized. The only competition I did not enjoy or agree with was the single men’s. I just don’t think a gold or silver medal should be given for falling down twice or more. The skater from Japan won gold even though he fell down twice, but Yulia Lipnitskaya was out of contention for falling down in the women’s skate.

          1. Yes, many ethnic Finns live here, it used to be so that many of the drunkards ended up here but not so much now. We have always had a very good relationship with the Finns, there are many “Finland -Swedes” among them with Swedish as native language. There has been some controversy about that now when Finland has risen to independence and wealth. The FS´s are often successful and regarded as some kind of an “aristocracy” and the Finns don´t like it, They do not want Swedish as a second language. They prefer their own absolutely impossible , clattering non-Scandinavic language, ( excuse me, dear Finns ).

    1. Obama is such an embarrassment! The last time he spoke to the Ukraine Prez was two years ago. Repeated calls from Hagel and the Pentagon were ignored. And Biden is in charge.
      From Mexico, Obama issued a dire warning that ‘the line must not be crossed’. Except he neglected to define what that ‘line’ is.

      After Obama’s ‘near-death’ experience with his Syrian ‘red line’, he refuses to have anything to do with international affairs. It’s much easier to use a pen and a phone to run his business here in the US.

  3. Unlike the maxim that the “moving finger writes, then moves on……” the number of people buying Obamacare or just enrolling changes with the speaker. As the numbers rise and fall with every Dem announcent, it’s fair to assume that they just don’t know, or don’t care to admit what is the real number of insured.

    Whatever the true number, it screams that the law is being ignored by the general public. Another nullification of a liberal attempt to control the public should mean that serious consideration should be given to repealing the whole thing by bi-partisan votes in Congress.
    What a mess the Dems have given us.

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