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Michelle Appears on Jimmy Fallon

I mean, if she’s going to drop to this level, they could have at least made it funny.

Also, not sure – are kids supposed to be watching two men in drag?

Politico assembled a video of some of the best late night political moments, including Michelle’s previous appearance with Jimmy Fallon playing dress up.

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    1. They adored Chavez too. Remember how the MSM chuckled at his “it smells like sulfur” in here at the UN?

      Good times, good times.

      It would behoove the MSM to take a look at Venezuela.

        1. Eight year olds might do it, since Michelle says that 26 year olds are “knuckleheads”.

          I’d say “ew” is a pretty good name for the segments. You can bet it won’t be getting an award.

          Speaking of which, Mr. Obama just lost two bets with Canada on Olympic Hockey matches. What’s the over/under on how late he’ll be on paying off this time?

      1. Was this a dig at Palin ?

        “I’m Sarah, and if you’re wondering, that’s ‘S-A-R-A,’ with no ‘H,’ because ‘Hs’ are Ew!,” Fallon, sporting a purple summer dress, shouted.

        ha.ha.not Guess I’m too sensitive to Sarah bashing when FLOTUS gets a free ride.

  1. Not sure kids should be watching 2 men in drag?
    Anybody happen to catch the report on Weasel Zippers yesterday via: Campus Reform about a school sponsored “Sex Games” tour at UC Berkeley, where elementary school children were treated to the spectacle of a man dressed as a giant penis and games like Pin The Tail on the Anus, at the Insertive Condom Toss? And much much more I am sure.
    What a horrific spectacle we have become as a nation.

  2. Thanks for posting last night’s fiasco, Keith.
    Received a challenge from Srdem65 yesterday to fill in for her in reporting this fiasco. Miraculously, the DVR blew a gasket and refused to record, lol. (Sorry, srdem)

    My only comment after watching the video is EW! I knew there was a reason for not watching Fallon.

    Snippets from the Daily Mail:

    The pair discussed the Winter Games in Sochi, but when Fallon asked if Mrs Obama would like to try some of the sports, she said they all looked ‘dangerous’, adding: ‘I just want to watch.’

    ***Instilling ‘fear’ into kids! Sports are dangerous. More reasons for them to sign up for Obamacare.

    She added that if the campaign got enough of a response the President and Vice-President may post pictures of how they move too.

    ****Gawd help us all! She’s turning the Oval Office into a peep show! Watch the PINO, FLINO, and VPLINO doing the bumps and grinds!
    And please send a campaign donation!

    The First Lady also used her slot on the show to promote Obamacare, telling Fallon that young people ‘were knuckleheads’ who think they are invincible, and said they needed to get health insurance.
    She reminded viewers that those under 26 can stay on their parents’ healthcare, and said after 26 they could find coverage from as little as $50 a month.

    ***We’ll see if the young people are still ‘knuckleheads’ after they discover she is propagating a lie – $50.00/mo. Did she mention deductibles? False advertising is a criminal offense.

    Read more:

    1. Girly1 Thanks for watching so I don’t have too :)

      Reading the articles is bad enough, looks like she whined about living in the WH again, something about her daughters not having a normal life ? And the girls not wanting anything to do with them?

      We usually leave Malia and Sasha alone, why does SHE-MO keep bringing them up in such a negative light ?

      TV insiders are predicting a ratings fall for Tonight Show when the new smell wears off …. lol.

  3. When Leno leaned over toward the emperor on that fateful night, the death knell was sounded. Leno still had time to go on his contract. I admire Leno’s guts for doing what he did. The thin skinned king (no capitol k for this guy) couldn’t take the heat (my guess).

    Semper Fi

  4. All I have to say is “EWEE!!!!”

    What was it the girl said to Jerry on Seinfield when he informed her he was a comedian and therefore more important than she was. “But Jerry, you just aren’t funny”
    Doesn’t Mrs. Obama have anything more clever and mature to do?

  5. If that’s the best Fallon can do he won’t last a year. I didn’t understand half of what was said, and what I did understand was stupid. Our high school drama club does better skits than that one.

  6. Whoever watched deserves a “fortitude award.” Sorry, I wasn’t up to the task. Anyway while flipping through channels last night between commercials, I stumbled across Arsenio Hall, who had Ru Paul and a drag queen on stage doing something that was supposed to be entertaining. I opted for the commercials, which limited my need for eye bleach.

  7. FLOTUS MichelleObama joined the War on Women last night during her appearance on the Tonight Show. Joining in a skit with two men dressed in drag that implied young women are bubbleheaded fools, MrsO reduced her image as their champion she once claimed when a mentoring program was instituted at her behest.

    Not content with maligning anonymous women, she then went on to bolster the joke that women are not good drivers by implying that her own daughter might be a danger to DC when she learns how to drive.

    Later, in a hamfisted and insulting manner, she described young people as “knuckleheads” and believed that they cut themselves or dance on barstools proving they need to buy health insurance.

    It’s not funny to ridicule young women, nor is it wise to describe one of the core group of voters who put her husband in the WhiteHouse as knuckleheads. Her remarks about her children’s lives as WhiteHouse residents reflected her own feelings about living there; she claims her children desire “normal” lives but will only have that when they “are out of here” (meaning the WhiteHouse)

    As for her remarks about the ongoing Olympics, she claimed she watched “every night”, but couldn’t imagine herself doing anything on “snow and ice” even though she had just returned from a vacation in Aspen.
    I dare anyone to deny that this is the most clueless, stupidest FLOTUS in modern history and an embarrassment to herself and us.

    1. ” I dare anyone to deny that this is the most clueless, stupidest FLOTUS in modern history and an embarrassment to herself and us.”

      No denial from me. In fact, she complements her husband’s foibles. The two of them are a pair that beat a three-of-a-kind !

    2. She desires that her daughter’s have ‘normal’ lives? Is it normal to spend two weeks in Hawaii every Christmas? To have spring breaks that include both a beach and a capping weekend on a mountain top out west?

      Is is normal to have the kids fly to NY for a shopping trip? Or have a “trip of a life-time” African safari, that is well beyond the economic means of most. Even their schooling is elite. Not normal.

      They spout such bs, and no one bats an eye. Please, tell me again how your daughters just want to be “normal.”

      Normal is no vacation because income is down and insurance premiums are up. Normal is – electricity prices are up so no dinners out.

      Normal would be not behaving like you are royal family.

    3. Like the girls have a normal life by shutting down beaches and ski slopes, not to mention being held in fortresses wherever they travel. Wonder how Sidwell Friends manages their “normalcy” at school ? Do SS’s sit in the class and lunch room with them ? Oh wait, that’s not even a “normal” school. At least Carter sent Amy to public school.

      I never heard the Clintons whine about Chelsea’s losing her childhood, just told the press and comedians back off when they went after her personal looks. Despite Bill and Hillary’s unusal marriage, they both put Chelsea first and loved her very much, and never dissed her in public like BO and MO do their girls.

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