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WH Throws in the Towel on Obamacare Signups

“We may not get to seven, but we’re gonna get to five or six,” Vice President Biden admits, talking about the millions of people who were supposed to be signed up for Obamacare by March 31.

But about 20-30 percent of those “five or six” will have “signed up” but not paid – meaning they’re not signed up. So really we’re talking as low as 3.5 – 4 million, or just over half what was predicted.

And we can assume the original 7 million figure was picked as a lowball number the administration expected to say it had exceeded amid glorious fanfare.

Another bad day for Obamacare. At least global warming’s having a good year.

Biden looks a little sheepish. Or maybe just a little sleepish.

24 thoughts on “WH Throws in the Towel on Obamacare Signups”

  1. Another perspective:
    We borrowed @ a trillion dollars, threw the entire healthcare industry into chaos, cost untold millions of citizens their jobs, and forced a massive change in Congress just so we could force the population of Maryland to buy health insurance.
    A President lost his trust and credibility with the public, a whole class of political leaders have either dropped out of the public arena or will be ousted by an irate public, certain news media has been forced to spin the truth and facts about Obamacare , and the rolling disaster isn’t anywhere near over yet.

    1. Well stated @srdem65.
      I want Biden to speak only of the people layed off from their jobs, lost their insurance, etc.
      They worked hard for the insurance they had, before this O Mess kicked in.
      Better yet instead of Biden, I want O to explain his own Mess, instead using Biden to discuss it.

  2. This administration continues to show ineptness……….I realize Biden is softening the blow for when Obamacare does meet up to the numbers projected by Sebellius. However, the fact is the numbers that this administration provide are not real. We are now going into March and we still have no idea how many people are paying for Obamacare. Any insurance business could tell you daily of activities such as customers in application, policies paid, policies not paid and percentage of policies deliquent,etc. The only reason it isn’t published is nothing but politics of protecting the administration and the people who put this failed program into law. The IRS and DOJ being the tool of political power like it is unbelievable. Watching the testimony of Catherine Engelbrecht in front of Congress shows how far a heavy Govt acts when you are perceived a threat to this administration.

    1. lol. Yeah, you tell them, MrO, bend the world to your will….lol.

      The Dems are so blindied by the camera lights they don’t see how ridiculous they look and sound as they stand shivering in a snowstorm railing about glo-bull warming.

      1. srdem – Prezzi Obama told us, as a candidate, he was going to extend his hand, until “they” unclenched their fist. He was going to try what was NEVER(!) tried before. Talking. Diplomacy. GENIUS.

        Reading through his sophomoric campaign promises regarding foreign policies … a bunch of elite-speak-word-jumbles.

  3. Don’t worry V.P. Biden, just think of the millions of Americans that are waking up every Morning with affordable health insurance…We thank you and we’re confident that millions more will sign up soon. Keep up the good work and thank you for being on the side of All Americans….

    1. Why would you thank VPBiden? He didn’t write the law, he didn’t vote for the law, and he didn’t sign the law. Not only that, he is exempt from all the mandates of the law that ordinary people must obey under threat of a tax/fine.
      As for the millions who you think now have “affordable” health insurance, how about the millions that lost their current insurance and the others who lost their jobs because of Obamacare. It’s hard to imagine that they wake up every morning praising Obamacare or anyone who promotes this mess.
      It would be wonderful if he really was on the “side of All Americans”, but he seems to be on the side of the Mexicans, too. Or were you referring to the All American sports team?

      1. It’s super-awesome that we are now subsidizing the healthcare of those who can’t afford it. Or some that *could* but really want to use the money for other things – like drugs, tatoos, partying, fancy phones, and cars. I mean, they have a RIGHT to that stuff!

        And, what makes it really cool, is that when you don’t have to pay crap for something, you totally use that resource wisely. You’re not going to crowd the ER for non-emergencies (driving up the cost, which you don’t pay anyway), because now you are INSURED. You’re going to get a doctor, and certainly not over-use that free resource That’s what those super-smart people from Harvard have told us. They have studies and everything.

    2. ediebebopp, do you think “your” half-breed pseudo fake president gives a rat’s rear end about you?? If you think so, you are totally delusional.

      Semper Fi

    3. If you are going to thank anyone, please appropriately thank those who are subsidizing a good portion of these plans. Thanks go to the taxpayers who have even more of their hard-earned money stripped from them by people in Congress who could care less how much money comes out of our pockets, as long as none come out of theirs.

      On the side of all Americans, blah.

  4. Acc to the WSJ, Feb 14, “some backers” are for a new tier of plans–dubbed Copper–with lower coverage and higher out of pocket. Why this sounds like the “bad plans” they used to hate. One spokesperson said he didn’t think making people pay premiums plus 50% of costs could reasonably be defined as decent coverage. How can they offer even cheesier coverage and still incl all the bells and whistles our overlords think we need? This is not a done deal yet–but the idea, I guess, is to just cajole people into SOMETHING and get their dough. By the way–the name “Copper”–I think TIN would be better.

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  6. ABC the all Barack news channel
    CBSchief Barack Station
    NBC New Barack channel.
    CNN constant no news channel
    MSNBC major station of new Barack channel

    1. Try watching Al Jazeera America. They report the news the way it used to be reported, not the fairy tale way the local newscasters report it.

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