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The Obama Morning News || February 20, 2014

Biden: We might miss ACA deadline . . . Reuters
The coming Obama enrollment crash . . . National Journal
Obama may escalate U.S. role in Syria . . . Yahoo News
Obama faces dilemma in Ukraine . . . The Hill
Right scorns new Obama red line . . . Newsmax
Supreme Court weighs executive action . . . New York Times
DHS scraps license collection plan . . . Bloomberg
Kerry seeks partial Israel settlement freeze . . . AFP
Ryan is Clinton’s strongest Ohio rival . . . The Hill
Crist: Obama hug made me a Dem
. . . Washington Post
Historians begin to gild Obama . . . PJ Media

9 Responses to The Obama Morning News || February 20, 2014

  1. The coming Obama enrollment crash..

    “A full count of actual enrollment will be available when that system is finished, the White House has said.”

    Literally and figuratively the last sentence in the article sums up the article and all the others. Well, there ya have it. No one knows or will know zip, nada and zilch until he’s out of office. If you thought the current Obama administration is outrageous, expensive, disastrous and lacking any national or foreign policy – the post-Obama administration is gonna be a doozy. It will make Chernobyl and Fukushima seem like spilt milk and we’ll be cleaning up the mess for decades!

    • Spot on, Sadie. This time he is kicking the can down the road…to outer Mongolia.
      Just heard a local news report that Covered California is exceeding all expectations, especially with young enrollees, and the first month payments are rolling in by the bus load.
      What they are not considering is the ‘free riders’ – those who pay only the first month in order to bypass the ‘fine’. If you are young and healthy, why not?
      One thing Obama can’t stop are all the horror stories coming out re hospitals closing, doctor shortages, cancelled surgeries, denials of treatment and high cost drugs, and some exchanges with only ‘urgent care’ docs on their approved list.
      The ‘Big Lie’ will be manifested over and over and over.

      • Mongolia is on the planet. They can’t kick the can to Mars!
        Stupidity and hubris is an pre-existing condition, too!!!

        Insurance Pools for ‘High-Risk’ (pre-existing medical conditions) are running out of money.

        From its start in summer 2010, the program was thought of as a temporary bridge for those who are uninsured. The plan, however, was for the pools to last until 2014, when Obamacare will prevent insurers from rejecting people who are already sick, enabling them to buy plans through the private market. Analysts have consistently doubted whether the $5 billion allocated by Congress for the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan — as the program is called — would be sufficient.

  2. Even if the numbers of the actual paying customers of Obamacare are accurate, then it means we spent almost a trillion dollars to force 6 million people to sign up for health insurance. If 50% of the “new” customers are of the group that lost their existing insurance, then the ratio of dollar to enrollee is even higher.
    How can this be considered a boasting point?

    As the opinion piece in the National Journal is repeating the Dem’s talking points about the ACA, nothing claimed there should be taken as fact. The writer goes so far into Dem thinking that he claims the Repubs will use the facts to their advantage in the upcoming elections.

  3. The historians can polish him all they want. SOME people will discuss the true facts for a lifetime. The other people, I am hoping will wake up!
    I would love to see the First woman Pres. in my lifetime, however if she were to proceed in this matter. Yes I would critize and speak of what she should be doing, or what she did wrong.
    Keith, off subject I just heard the Ukraine Olympic Athletes are hanging, wearing black flags.

  4. On FP, elsewhere Ben Affleck to deliver expert testimony on the Congo.

    To the Obama Administration, Affleck is an expert on the Congo. And George Clooney is an expert on the Sudan. Hopefully there will be no need to discuss redlines in either of these countries