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Michelle to Launch New Let’s Move Stuff

Uh oh. This doesn’t look good.

First Lady Michelle Obama is set to make a bunch of announcements as she celebrates the fourth anniversary of the Let’s Move program.

Here’s her schedule, followed by the latest peppy video. I’d love Let’s Move if it were a rah rah program that didn’t try to insert government into your cookie jar. Kids are definitely too fat.

But of course, this wouldn’t be an Obama-driven project without the government in the back seat along for the ride.

BTW, where are all the thought police with regard to Let’s Move? You know, Fat is beautiful; There’s too much emphasis on body image, and so forth? Michelle gets a pass.

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Washington, DC * 11:00 AM ET – First Lady Michelle Obama will join United States Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack for an announcement on school wellness and to highlight the incredible progress being made in school health environments across the country.

Miami, FL * 4:30 PM ET– Following the Let’s Move! School Wellness Event, the First Lady will travel to Miami, Florida.  While in Miami, she will visit a local parks and recreation center to make a major announcement about healthy out-of-school time.

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Washington, DC * 11:00 AM ET—The First Lady will make an announcement regarding proposals to help parents and other consumers make healthier choices.

Later that afternoon, the First Lady will travel to Bowie, Maryland for an announcement with a local child care facility. Since 2011, nearly 12,000 child care providers have committed to providing healthy environments and encouraging healthy habits among our nation’s preschoolers through Let’s Move! Child Care. These child care providers are increasing physical activity, limiting screen time, serving healthier food and beverages, and supporting breastfeeding mothers.

Following her event at a local child care facility, the First Lady will join Jenna Bush Hager for an interview with the Today Show.  This interview will air the following day. 

Let’s hope none of these announcements involve inducing starvation in schoolchildren.

41 Responses to Michelle to Launch New Let’s Move Stuff

  1. WHY does she have to travel to Florida to make the stupid announcement? Why, to use up more of the taxpayers money, of course. She’s a GRIFTER, IT’S WHAT THEY DO!!

  2. Please remember “Let’s Move” was funded by CUTS the SNAP program to the tune of $4.5 billion.

    They took food out of the mouths of the poor to fund the FLOTUS’s favorite charity!

  3. The thought police? Not gone. That awful priggish MeMe person was just on Fox a few days ago, I forget which show. Also at V-Day, a couple of those kind of plain, skinny lawyer moms who hate cupcakes in school. And Mika has some book out on her food obsessions–she is speaking at GWU, my alma mater, which I guess ran out of speakers.

    • Yes, Michelle is definitely obsessed with food. I picked up on that in 2009 even before she started Let’s Groove.

      She talked about food in an neurotic, obsessive way. If you’ve ever been close to someone with a eating disorder, you can pick right up on it.

      Unfortunately, we all have to pay for her neurosis.

      • I read in one of the tell-all books written 2-3 years ago that MOOchelle pours over magazines that review haute cuisine in the DC/NYC area. Her goal is to dine at every 5-Star restaurant on the lists. She keeps score and checks them off after each orgiastic dining experience.
        I think her obsession with food is a substitue for the lack of atention from the opposite sex. She was the proverbial ugly duckling and had, from what I have read, only one ‘boyfriend’ – the sanitation dept worker from Chicago.

        • Wow. Remember when she would talk about her love affair with french fries? She also talked about making her girls eat all their vegetables or else they were sent directly to bed something that her mother had done to her. That was in 2009 at an outdoor event with Vilsack at the White House.

          • Remember when she and Barack showed up at one of the DC inner city grammar schools – TWO days after the first Inauguration?
            She told the little second graders that they ‘escaped’ the WH to come visit them. Was it b/c the children were Black? They were escaping from the clutches of the White man’s House?
            Then she went into ecstasy with praise for the WH French fries. They were the very best – and the good thing was – they could order them in the middle of the night – the WH kitchen is open 24/7.
            What the heck kind of message is that? We ‘escaped’. Like zoo animals? But the food at the zoo is great? We just don’t like the zoo-keepers? Sheesh.

          • Couldn’t begin to tell you, Anonna. I have read so much stuff from reliable sources on the Obamas over the last few years. All I can say is this one really sticks in my memory. Will try to search it out and post it if I can find it.

      • Janice, how about a video of nothing but Mooch shoving food into her mouth? The only thing is, you’d have to include a “graphic content” warning for those viewers with sensitive stomachs.

  4. I raised two sons that had all their friends at my house.
    They played running around the whole time. Yes I had snacks for them.
    They also played on baseball, basketball, footballl teams, & swimming in the summer. I do not need anyone’s F. Lady to teach me how to raise or feed my children. Is she sitting on bleachers everyday outside watching her girls play a sport? Wiping the sweat from her forehead.
    As far as the snacks were concerned, I had the common sense to put some of the snacks in a different unknown spot so the kids didn’t eat more than needed. How many of you would love her to come to your house and take over parenting for you?

    • I sure as heck wouldn’t want her taking over. I still can’t get over the replacement of decent sandwiches with chicken nuggets. It’s all about control.

  5. Good for her. We’ll all be waiting anxiously for the announcements.
    They must be profound or of great import if they can’t simply be placed in a press release.
    Just imagine, if it wasn’t for her sticking her nose and the Feds into the school lunch program, innocent children would still be eating mac&cheese or fish sticks for lunch.
    During the SOTU, her husband actually gave her a shout-out for single-handedly reducing the rate of obesity in children throughout the US. Now, she’s on a quest to further reduce obesity with a new push of her FatKidsBehinds programs and new programs.
    We are just lucky that Barack married Michelle.


  6. Lee, if you can watch this video you’ll see what I was referring to when I posted the other day in the “Jimmy Kimmel rips Obamacare” thread. You’ll see Jimmy Fallon dressed as a woman dancing with Michelle and you’ll see them hula hooping and running potato sack races in the WH.

    Meanwhile, I’d like to know why Michelle is allowed to give nutrition and exercise advise without any formal or medical training. Her healthy lunch campaign nearly destroyed the school lunch program. Then she told us we weren’t drinking enough water. “Drink just one more glass of water a day and you can make a real difference for your health, your energy, and the way you feel,” Obama said. “So Drink Up and see for yourself.”

    I’m still waiting for her to tell us to eat our chocolate, that it’s healthy for our heart. But all I hear is crickets…

    • what happens when kids are bullied for this or start starving themselves on purpose.

      I’m all for her doing this, as long as she isn’t forcing anyone to do it.

    • Agree, AZ Granny. She is practicing medicine without a license. Too much water can resut in medical prolems, as well as anything with aspertame.
      Years ago, I had migraine headaches. My doc asked me if I drank diet soda. I did – 5-6 per day. He told me to stop using all products with aspertame. I did…and the migraines disappeared overnight.
      Not saying this is a cure-all, but it worked for me.

  7. 1) I wonder how many “takes” it took to record the video?

    2) I think if she were dressed as a Maine Lobster, people would pay more attention. She could have thrown drawn butter at the camera for extra excitement!

  8. Has this woman ever had a creative or original thought?

    Which of the fast food places will she stop by after these taxing “rxercises”? Taxing for us any way

  9. I will support her “Let’s Move Out” program. She can have Air Force 2 as part of the settlement…………she will have to upgrade it too meet all those executive order regulations.

  10. I think this is her audition be become the Uber-Oprah. I can’t decide if Michelle Antoinette is going to go for the straight foward power and place in history as a female AfAm senator or if show biz and the mental-lite life of Her Very Own Talk Show will win out.

    She’s one very bad actress. Watching her wave her hands, shake her snakey hair, and emote — she looks like a cardboard cut out in a badly fitting dress.

  11. Ack. NO NO NO. I do not need her to tell me how to raise my kids. I’m managing to do very well w/o her sage advice (my kids are older than her’s, I’ve been doing this longer).

    here certainly are “populations” that could use her advice, but that would be a touchy subject.