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Live Stream || White House Briefing – February 20, 2014

The briefing has concluded . . . and srdem65’s report is up!

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  1. srdem, reporting from behind a potted palm in the back of the briefing room.
    No new briefs.
    Now back to the Repubs protecting rich people and not being very nice to the President. The President is going to propose a budget where the little people get screwed over, rich people get taken to the cleaners, so that MrO can spend freely on his favorite projects and special friends.
    On to the Ukraine. Indicates that the Prez is planning to “hold accountable” the bad guys there, and there is a “range of options” availustable.
    Said “range of options” four times. So, there must be confusion in the WhiteHouse.
    What drivel; says the Ukraine must insure a peaceful protest. The Ukes are not like docile Americans, but close to revolution by any means.
    Reports from the meeting with the Black Grievance Committee, where nothing specific was discussed. sure.
    Back to the Ukraine….what strategic interests does the US have there? answer….basic human rights being trampled. And, desire to have governments that reflect the wishes of it’s people….unlike our government that ignores the will of the people on Obamacare, immigration, and any other thing they shove down our throats.
    National Security of the US…is there any reason for concern for what’s going on in the Ukraine. answer; well, no
    President is considering “range of options” against the Ukraine.
    Good grief, the President thinks “talks and conversations” will stop the fighting.
    How many paid for Obamacare. Good and bad news..CA exceeds their expectations. Website finally functions well now, yada yada more benefits, lower costs. Oh o, our goal….to sign up as many people as possible. Epic fail. He’s now lying about Obamacare’s “benefits”, high quality health insurance.
    CBO; how are you going to get to the public with 30sec spots when the public learns there are big problems with minimum wage and jobs loss. Oh good grief, Dems everywhere have “Laser like focus” on good jobs… they program these press guys before they take the podium like robots?
    (raising the minimum wage is a pay-off for the unions whose contracts are tied to the federal minimum wage…if it goes up, so does their wages)
    What’s he’s going to tell the Democrat Govs? dunno. He’ll be meeting with several different Govs in the next few days. He’s really looking forward to meeting with a bi-partisan Govs (hard to believe). Repub Dems are supporting Dem wasteful programs (no they’re not).
    Here we go…pre-K schooling again, inftrastructure again, more opportunities.
    Back to the Ukraine again. President has “options”. Ask about “sanctions”, they’re worried about unentended consequences so they’re not going that route.
    “we’re” trying to get an end to the violence and more “conservations”.
    What about Putin sending troops to the Ukraine? What? US and Russia both want an end to the violence. Shared interests, …
    Another Ukraine question; how about the protesters taking Uke police as prisoners. oh o, “we’ve been very clear”….the Uke leader is responsible. More mush about having “talks” with people shooting at each other and throwing molotov cocktails.
    Back to bashing Repubs. Claims the President is waiting for a “comprimise” budget from the Repubs. He’s willing to change entitlement programs, except the food stamp program, free phones, section 8 housing, Medicaid, and everyother program that doesn’t rule out senior citizens, and rich people.
    Immigration reform; no position on a discharge petition set out by the Dems in the Senate. They’re throwing the whole mess back to the Congressional Repubs. Q. Why not move on this discharge position? are you afraid of backlash? uh, well, no
    The President and FEMA have a “range of options” looking for results.
    Why are we constantly caught off guard by Putin’s actions, is Putin large and in charge in the world?
    Syria again, not in Russia’s interests to have chaos and violence there, either.

    • This is a lot like working here. I dropped out early.
      I had to fight the urge to slap what’shisname upside the head for his mealy-mouth responses to legimate questions.

      • It would be selfish of us to expect you to attend the Whole thing Every day. We appreciate your reports when possible. You hung in there longer than any of us were able to!

        Wonder what the other reporters think about Keith having his own bunch of news groupies… lol..

        • Dittos Artcat !

          I always thought Keith’s blog should be required reading for the WHPC as a sampling of the public’s perception of them. srdem nailed it with “professional chair sitters” :D

      • I just got knocked off because I was posting to fast.
        Bottom line of my last comment, they should walk out on him, if he cops an attitude and does not answer the question.
        The reporters need to work as a team here, and if one person gets blown off by Carney, the next reporter needs to ask the same question.

        • You are right that they should follow up each other’s questions, but this isn’t a real journalist’s group. Some of them are looking for spin to make the O’s agenda or programs look good, while others are just looking for the truth about current events.
          For the most part, the chair-sitters seem to ignore the anti-Repub attacks at the podium.
          When the issue of, say, what the President said about the events in the Ukraine is just fluffed away with words that mean nothing, the next question should be of the same genre, but sadly, it’s not.

          Whoever is at the podium is adept at skirting real answers to legitimate questions. The professional chair-sitters obviously expect no less and no more than they’re given.

          What is really irritating is when the guy at the podium claims no knowlege of what every MSM headline is currently screaming. If I know, and you know about it, why doesn’t he?