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John Kerry’s Flat Earth Society

Who, exactly, is running The Flat Earth Society? is the question asked by atmospheric scientists Richard McNider and John Christy in today’s Wall Street Journal.

The original flat earthers were the dominant scientific theorists who were as certain as they could be that you could sail right off the face of the earth. Those opposing them were a minority who risked ridicule questioning what was deemed obvious.

Kerry Obama
Kerry and Obama solve the dilemma of whether you should shake hands or hug.

Get my drift?

Secretary of State John Kerry, with the kind arrogance that no doubt endears him to President Obama and many of his top aides, stated this week that the “Flat Earth Society” opposing our president’s will on global warming would not get their way and, what’s more, they suck:

“We should not allow a tiny minority of shoddy scientists and science and extreme ideologues to compete with scientific fact,” Kerry sneered during a stop in Indonesia this week because “Climate change can now be considered another weapon of mass destruction, perhaps the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.”

This Kerry says as he lets the Iranians acquire actual weapons of mass destruction and strikes a deal with the Russians that will permit Bashar Assad to maintain his.


Anyway, McNider and Christy offer up tangible facts that suggest Kerry can stop pissing in his pants about global warming right away.

They believe, as do most scientists who are global warming skeptics, that there is some warming that has been caused by human activity. They question, however, how much of a danger this is and whether we need to revamp our economy, given that the warming has been not much and not nearly what the John Kerry Flat Earth Society – hereon to be referred to as JKFES, or just JokeFest – predicted.

It seems JokeFest has been completely mistaken in its near term predictions about warming. As an economics professor of mine used to say before drawing a graph for us, consider the following:

Global warming predictions

Essentially, the red line is what JokeFest said global warming would be. The blue and green lines show the actual warming. As you can see, if you have considered the previous, we have had less than HALF the warming predicted.

What’s more, if you take as your starting point the average temperature from 1979 through the mid 90s instead of the 1979 level of zero, the warming has been even less compared to what was predicted.

From the article:

What is not a known fact is by how much the Earth’s atmosphere will warm in response to this added carbon dioxide. The warming numbers most commonly advanced are created by climate computer models built almost entirely by scientists who believe in catastrophic global warming. We might forgive these modelers if their forecasts had not been so consistently and spectacularly wrong.

And as I noted yesterday, these mistakes could come back to kill us in the flimsy cars Obama and the JokeSters have planned for our future.

I’ve noted how, as the evidence piles up that the earth isn’t warming much at all, the JokeSters have become exponentially shriller. It’s because they know that, like the flat earthers, their theory is in danger of contravention by observed facts, like Columbus sailing the ocean blue.

28 Responses to John Kerry’s Flat Earth Society

  1. Never mentioned is the 22,000 year wobble in the tilt of the earths axis .
    As we wobble the plane of the earth to the sun slowly changes. Causing the weather to change. Thus it has been always.

    • They also never mention that half of the US was covered with glacial ice 10,000 years ago.
      ?? The massive volcano eruption, Crakatoa, is believed to have tilted the axis of the earth, as do great earthquakes from time to time.
      The only thing constant about Earth is that it is never constant.

  2. I still think the earth is round, but I also think all the cities, mines, plants, people, factories, etc are like an irritating case of psoriasis–every so often the whole magiilla slips a plate and sloughs some of it off. Is it getting hotter? Maybe itchier.

  3. From time to time, I see reports about other planets warming and cooling. We need to find out what kind of cars are being driven on those planets and not drive those. Problem solved.


    He can’t, Keith. He has his marching orders: “Take attention off this administrations countless scandals any way you can.”

    You have to admire him. He’s doing a bang-up job, with the help of a (currently) compliant press. That may change soon.

  5. Well, I never! I happen to be one of the founding members of the Happy Valley Senior Center’s Flat Earth Society.
    All that hockeypuck about some Eye-talian landing on the shores of North America is just a phony legend that the native people dreamed up to entice Europeans to immigrate here with all their silver, gold and other goodies. Of course, they didn’t know about the muskets, plague or measels, but that’s another story.

    The earth is flat, flat as a taxpayer’s wallet. Just look around, do you see a curved horizon….no…all you see is flat ground and sea.

    BTW, we’re having an open membership drive next month. Seems more than a few of us are leaving this earthly toil so that our membership roll is shrinking..
    I’ll have more details later.

  6. Science is not my forte, but I read the link from the WSJ and what I got from it was that the two authors were sticking to the scientific method and found that the proponents of global warming were not. The latter were dickering with the facts and twisting them to suit their own “settled” theory. As for John Kerry, I think his motives are based on politics and business like Just Call Me Al’s are. The liberals have a lot of money resting on the theory of the causes and extent of global warming, Obama’s green industry stimulus money for just one example.

    I’ve written this before, but I’ve always wondered if Y2-K was not the biggest scam ever perpetrated, but global warming theory is supplanting it in my mind today.

    • I also read that Warren Buffet’s co bought Heinz–so Mrs. Got-Rocks got more Rocks, I presume–but they aren’t using up water on tomatoes anymore. What relevance this has I have no idea.

    • It’s the Goldilocks principle.
      This planet is between a hot one, Venus and a cold one, Mars.
      This one is just right for carbon based life forms.
      You are correct on the sunspots.

  7. Kerry, your a waste of space. Instead of flying around and talking about b.s., get your ass over to the Ukraine and do your job.
    Is it 5pm yet?

  8. Well climate change, like con artists, are always going to come and go. Wow. I just stated climate change and obama all in the same sentence. Imagine that.

  9. Secretary Kerry, please…you’re Secretary of State, not the Administrator of the EPA. You want to talk about global warming, fine, move your office over to Federal Triangle, and get the heck out of Foggy Bottom.

  10. The carbon/fossil fuel market is a mature market and just not open to the corruption and billions that can be made from the “green” economy driven by crony capitalism and government subsidies.
    Follow the money people, follow the money. Soros, Gore, all of em are making money of the hypocritical hysteria they are promoting.
    I used to believe the type of outright, blatant lying that Kerry and Obama have decided to embark on would never work, but then came November 2012 and I just wrap my arms around myself and quiver in the corner most days.