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The Obama Morning News || February 19, 2014

ACA challenges just starting . . . Wall Street Journal
Obamacare forcing hospital closings . . . Daily Caller
Sebelius: No job loss from Obamacare . . . Politico
GOP measure outlines Obama overreach . . . Fox News
Greens tell Obama Keystone unforgivable . . . The Hill
Truckers concerned about Obama rules . . . Fox News
Obama’s Syria problem grows . . . Associated Press
Walker  aides under investigation
. . . Washington Post
Dems change tune on Obama . . . The Hill
Liberals attack Obama on trade . . . New York Times
Huckabee heads to Iowa . . . Politico
Buchanan: Open border killed GOP majority. . . Newsmax
Obama apologizes to art historian . . . Examiner
Cruz: Obama hostile to marriage . . . Newsmax

16 Responses to The Obama Morning News || February 19, 2014

  1. Exploding head reading Obama’s apology to the Art professor when he
    declared a degree in manufacturing would be more useful than one in
    Art History. The same Obama who made an exception to have a film
    showing of a movie about men with degrees in Art history what a
    hypocrite and liar it was Clooney that got special treatment not the
    subject matter of the movie.

    • Impeccable timing, no? Just hours before the movie screening. Everything was a reward for the $15M fundraiser Clooney held at his Hollywood home. He even broke his pledge about no more WH movie premieres (although this one is already out).

      Funny how he has time to sit down and pen a personal letter to the offended Art History teacher, but doesn’t have time to write a letter of apology to all those who have lost their h/c insurance. It’s all about priorities.

    • And I do not believe a word of the “I had art history in high school” crap. Just like he told people to stop going to Las Vegas, he’s so totally clueless without the teleprompter.

  2. Sebelius is flat out wrong! There were people layed off just before O Mess came down upon us or just afterwards. It is hard for these people to come out in public and discuss: Hey, I was layed off! That is something people do not annouce normally in a public way. People keep that to themselves and move on.
    Many small company’s layed off workers because of the cost.
    Ahead of us we have the nightmare of the $10.00 min. wage.
    Do the math: How much is a fast food meal going to cost?

  3. Selliing Obamacare Door to Door

    Armed with maps and Samsung tablets, 41 canvassers from Planned Parenthood went searching for the uninsured in Broward County, FLA., The search yielded a whopping 25 sign-ups after knocking on 2623 doors.
    ***No mention of how many voter registrations were amassed.

  4. That predictable Sperling drone was on MJ touting the min wage increase. His tack: The CBO is not say 500,000 jobs would be lost–they said it would be zero to a million. I guess he votes for zero. It seems to me, all wages will have to go up, this will be absorbed and people will not be vaulting into the lower middle class…and the govt is telling business what to pay. My kid is almost min wage–and she treasures every merit increase–it means something.